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37) I have a copy of The Boys Own Annual with the fold out picture of 'Goal' The book unfortunately in pieces, but was able to save this picture. How can I post a photo of it on this site? Thanks, David.
David Stringer, Shoreham-by-Sea, U.K., May 20, 2017,
Webmaster's Comment: Thank you for your message, David. A message that I am reading late, alas! All you need to do is send an e-mail to me at & attach the image. The work 'Goal' is covered on site on this page.

36) Hi, I'm trying to get in touch with Sally Lloyd. I'm Alan Murrell's granddaughter & my parents have a painting by Francis Muller of the rescue that I think Sally described in a post on another site. Do you have her contact information? Thanks so much for your help!
Linda Whelihan, Jan. 20, 2017,
Webmaster's Comment: The webmaster is reading this message for the first time in Oct. 2018 - sorry about that! I have written to Sally Lloyd at the e-mail address that I have for her. Which dates from almost 13 years ago. Unfortunately my message could not be delivered. Sally was in touch in 2005 & 2006 re Captain Hamilton Murrell as referred to on this page.

35) There is a post on Facebook today showing members of the Highland Light Infantry Association with the painting of the 'Sinking of The Birkenhead' at Birkenhead Town Hall in March 2014. Could this be the original?
Ian Cameron, Birkenhead, U.K., Oct. 27, 2014,
Webmaster's Comment: The webmaster is so very late in commenting re this message (2018), that the Facebook reference seems to no longer exist. The webmaster was in touch, years ago, with Colin B. Innes, late of the Black Watch re the original of the painting. It is unlikely that the work Ian referred to was the original, for reasons explained in this paragraph. The Hemy work 'Wreck of the Birkenhead' is covered on this & the following 2 pages.

34) I note on the web page is the name 'Buffalo Pictorial Company'. Can anyone tell me where I can get any information on this company? Thank you, Don.
Don, Vineland, Ontario, Canada, Oct. 14, 2014,
Webmaster's Comment: Don is referring, I think, to the reference to the company in this tiny paragraph on this page. The publication does seem to have been 'neglected' by everyone. A 'Google' search for the company produces very little data, not even a Wikipedia article. There are some 'Google books' data 'snippets' only, dating from 1900 to as late as 1907, which include a reference to the company as 'publishers of high-class artogravures'. With an address of 1050 Niagara Street, Buffalo, N. Y. It would seem to have been granted a charter in 1900. But nothing else that I can find. I wonder why only 'snippets' are available from publications that date from so very long ago?

33) I have a signed print from Hemy which I think is the master copy. The first one that he signed for approval for further printing. I also have a painting by Peter Bilas of the Birkenhead steaming into False Bay near Simonstown on the day before she was wrecked. I also have a port hole from the Birkenhead that has been signed on the inside glass by one of the ship's officers' wives (diamond ring).
Gavin Clackworthy, Cape Town, South Africa, Sep. 10, 2014,
Webmaster's Comment: The webmaster is sorry that he only now, in 2018, has read this interesting message. Which relates to perhaps the most famous Thomas Hemy work of all - The Wreck of the Birkenhead'. Which work is covered on this and the following 2 pages. For those interested in the whole subject, Gavin, you have a treasure trove indeed!

32) Just a few words of hello. My great grandfather was Wilfred Hemy, Thomas's brother. Did you know that Bing Crosby recorded a song set to Henri Frederick's music?
Julian Hardiment, England, Jul. 12, 2014,
Webmaster's Comment: Glad that you were in touch, Julian. I was aware that Henri Frederick Hemy was a most famous & accomplished musician, but was not aware of the Bing Crosby connection. Such data as I have available about Henri Frederick Hemy, the artist's father, is here.

31) I have a framed 'Every Soul Was Saved' print that is framed in wood, with the title lithographed or painted on it. (In the same way that Edward Hicks' "Peaceable Kingdom" is painted on the frame). Anyone know about the frame? Had 1902 newspaper as backing.
P. Drake, North Carolina, U.S.A., Jan. 3, 2014,
Webmaster's Comment: Hopefully site visitors will be able to answer your question. Every Soul Was Saved is covered on site in this & the following two pages.

30) Thank you for the excellent service you provide. I have a question; I have in my possession what seems to be a David Bendann's original. I don't know the name of the painting, it's a small village/farm, I am guessing Baltimore, a few cabins, a man riding a bicycle along a fence, & a goat on the inside. The painting is not glossy as a litho would be, you can feel the texture, the 'dry paint' feeling. Furthermore, it does have the certificate of authenticity taped to the back. Based on the info I have given you, do you think you can help me identify the painting & provide me additional information about it? I would really appreciate. I can also send you a picture if you need it. Thank you in advance for your kind attention to this matter. Respectfully.
Rick Decena, California, U.S.A., Oct. 15, 2013,
Webmaster's Comment: The webmaster is sorry that he only now, in 2018, responds to this & to later messages thru #37. Thanks for your message, Rick. Alas, I am not an artist nor am I in any way part of the art world. I simply do not have the skills necessary to address your question. Hopefully others will come to your rescue.

29) I am Thomas Hemy's great-granddaughter. I would be glad to hear from anyone who can tell me where the original of the famous Wreck of the Birkenhead painting is. See Wikipedia. My son saw a smaller copy of this painting at Liverpool Art Gallery, apparently painted by the artist for that gallery. But where is the original? I contacted the Black Watch Museum in Perth, Scotland, but they did not know where it is. They have a small original of one of the other Birkenhead paintings by Thomas Hemy. Thanks if you can help. Di
Di Hemy, Cape Town, South Africa, Jul. 07, 2013,
Webmaster's Comment: It would be wonderful indeed to know whether the Hemy artwork Wreck of the Birkenhead is still in existence today & if so where it is located. Questions that this website has been asking for over a decade. In the meantime .... do read about the shipwreck! The subject of three site pages, the first of which is here.
But .... It is my understanding that the small original painting 'of one of the other Birkenhead paintings by Thomas Hemy', held by the Black Watch Museum, is this painting, which is, in fact, the work of Lance Calkin. However I am also advised that 'The Birkenhead Brewery' near Gansbaai (where the Birkenhead went down) also think they have the original of that artwork - they use that picture on one of their bottles (Birkenhead Pilsner). Here. There is much confusion!

28) Thank you for including the beautiful images--so open to a sense of contemplation.
Stone Sniks, Apl. 13, 2013, No e-mail address provided. Rather a link to a commercial website in Indonesia.
Webmaster's Comment: Thanks for your words.

27) Hi there. I have 2 framed prints of Thomas M. Hemy 16'' x 20''. The first print is 'A STIFF BREEZE' Series 500 number 1 & the second print is 'A FRIENDLY HAIL' Series 500 number 3. Both prints are from Raphael Tuck & Sons London, Paris and New York designed in England and printed at the Fine Art works in Saxony. If this is of any interest to you and the site I could email photographs. Jenny.
Jenny Campbell, Scotland, Apl. 5, 2013, KATERANKIN@AOL.COM
Webmaster's Comment: Do you indeed! It would seem that both works are new Thomas Hemy works - new to the webmaster at least. Jenny has since provided images of the prints, which are beautiful, indeed. Thanks, Jenny! Both prints are now presented on site page 73.

26) Hello. We have a print of The Burning of the Kent, however, it is much larger than 6x9 inches. It is about 2 x 3 feet and is framed. I am unable to find a reference to a print that large. I would appreciate any guidance. It was in a home that we purchased. Thank you.
Linda Conner, New York State, U.S.A., Apl. 1, 2013,
Webmaster's Comment: Thank you so much, Linda, for being in touch. It does not surprise me to hear that large prints of Hemy's work were published, but, that said, your print is of an unusually large size. I include on site whatever I can find about a particular work & the 6 x 9 inch size referred to how the work was reproduced in 'Bibby's Annual' for 1911. Most published prints are much much smaller than yours, which surely will prove to be a rare & valuable print indeed. Thomas Hemy's work 'The Burning of the Kent', is covered on site here.

25) Hello. I have a print of a picture by T. M. Hemy, called More Precious than Gold. I can't find a reference to this picture anywhere and thought you might be able to help me. Thanks.
Elaine, U.K., Mar. 21, 2013,
Webmaster's Comment: I would be delighted to help you, Elaine, were I able to do so. But a 'Hemy' print of that name has not before come to my attention. If you care to provide me with an image of the print, we will get the print included on site. Hopefully site visitors will then be able to see the image & have an opportunity to tell us whatever they know about the work. Images of the print have since been received & can be seen here.

24) Hi, very interested in your site about the Anglo-Californian. I am the author of The Naval VCs which you quote from. I am currently in the process of producing a revised and expanded edition and would like to access a couple of your images - the photo of the Anglo-Californian and then the Keith Byass painting of the action. If you could send me copies as j-peg attachments, I would be most grateful, Stephen
Stephen Snelling, Norwich, Norfolk, U.K., Jan. 29, 2013, - Stephen's website reference
Webmaster's Comment: I am most happy to help you, Stephen, in any way that I can. And have now been in contact with you directly. I trust that my message was safely received? The story of Captain Parslow & 'Anglo-Californian' are covered on this site page re Thomas Hemy's artwork Unconquerable. And a detailed listing re 'Anglo-Californian', built in 1912 by Short Brothers of Sunderland, can be found on my sister Sunderland site here.

23) Thank you for all your excellent research on the Birkenhead which I came across when researching my own book. This includes a short section on the Birkenhead Drill. Your account is authoritative and admirable.
Frank McConnell, Swanley, Sevenoaks, Kent, U.K., Dec. 31, 2012, - Frank's website reference
Webmaster's Comment: Thank you for your kind most words, Frank. Thomas Hemy's work 'The Wreck of the Birkenhead', is covered on site here & on the following two pages (20 & 21). I wish you every success with your upcoming book & would be most happy to advise site visitors in due course of its publication title.

22) Hi there Peter! Just to clarify on the completion of the mural in Bettes Gold Coin....when I first wrote you I was in the final stages of working on all three of the murals and on a tight deadline so they could be sealed before the tavern opened & started serving food and drink. I was planning to come back after the new business settled in to refine the figures ... especially the ones in the boat. They are not finished. They are only delineated so that I can recall the characters as they appeared in photos of the original, very damaged mural. I hope I will be able to complete these figures as softer, more masterful detailing would be much closer to what the original artist painted. At the time I thought it would only be a matter of weeks before I would be allowed to complete them. Maybe someday I can work on them again. I do hear people seem to enjoy them anyway but for a restorer it is work left unfinished. Thank you so much for your time and attention to this.
Marsha Crawford (Yeshe), California, U.S.A., Oct. 19, 2012, - Marsha's website reference
Webmaster's Comment: Thanks for the update, Marsha. You can read about the murals that Marsha is referring to lower on this page, i.e. here.

21) I have a print of the 'Man of War (Britannia)' signed Thomas M. Hemy in the bottom right hand corner of the print and in pencil on the canvas outside the print at the bottom right in pencil. At the top right, just above the print, a small handwritten pencil note says `London published June 1st 1897 by Reynolds & Co, 32 St. James Street, copyright registered'
Rose Stockwell, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, U.K., Jun. 6, 2012,
Webmaster's Comment: Thank you for your message, Rose. A small image of the print of Thomas Hemy's artwork can be seen on site here.

20) Peter, congrats on finding the Hemy! I have gotten no closer to solving the mystery of the silver plaque. Again, great to hear "Every Soul Was Saved" does have a fitting home. All the best.
Tom Broome, New Castle, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., May 31, 2012,
Webmaster's Comment: Thomas Hemy's brilliant work Every Soul was Saved, is extensively covered on site. The first of 3 pages about the artwork & about the heroic rescue of  hundreds of passengers of the Danmark by Missouri can be seen here. And a large image of the artwork can be seen here.

19) Hi, I saw your article on the 'Burning of the Kent'. As someone who works for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office I can confirm that the original does indeed reside at the FCO in King Charles Street, London. It is situated in the corridor outside the Locarno State Rooms. The plaque under the painting states that it was donated by the artist in 1931. It is a very impressive painting and I would guess the size is around 8 ft x 6ft. It's possible that if you contacted the FCO Historian's Dept. they might consider photographing it for you.
Andrew Cable, Kent, England, Apl. 17, 2012,
Webmaster's Comment: Thomas Hemy's work 'Burning of the Kent' or 'The Burning of the Kent' is featured on this site page. A splendid work indeed. Thank you, Andrew, for confirming the location of the original painting. I will follow your kind suggestion about contacting the FCO Historian's Department.

18) Hang on to anything from Thomas Hemy, they are very hard to find and very dear to many. Cheers Everyone!
Dan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Apl. 15, 2012, Dan's website reference
Webmaster's Comment: Thanks for your sensible advice, Dan. It would seem that Dan lives in Toronto, as does the webmaster. Small world!

17) Hi. My G/Grandfather Michael Healy of the 43rd regiment of foot was one of the survivors of HMS Birkenhead. I attended the 160th memorial service held at Danger Point Lighthouse at Gansbaai, SA, on 26th Feb 2012. Are there any other direct descendents who would like to make contact.
Michael Venables, Mar. 16, 2012,
Webmaster's Comment: I do hope, Michael, that other descendents have and will make contact with you. The 2012 service must have been an emotional experience indeed for you and others. Michael is referring, of course, to the loss of the MV Birkenhead, a troopship which famously sank off the coast of Africa on Feb. 26, 1852 with the loss of about 431 lives. The expression 'women and children first' originated with that sinking. The subject is covered extensively on site here & in the following 2 pages.

16) I just purchased an engraving or print of every soul was saved and found this site when researching info for this piece, if you you have any questions or want more info, or give me any info on it please let me know, its also signed in pencil by hemy!! thanks
Brian Carvill, Feb. 22, 2012,
Webmaster's Comment: 'Every Soul Was Saved' is a splendid Thomas Hemy work indeed, and is covered on site on this page, & also on the two successive pages, here & here. It is, I think, quite extensively covered on site.

15) hi there....It looks like i just finished restoring a hemy ! please call me asap. (Webmaster - the telephone number provided is no longer correct so I have removed it) - thank you
Marsha Crawford (Yeshe), California, U.S.A., Aug. 26, 2011, - Yeshe's website reference
Webmaster's Comment: Alas, I am almost a year late in attending to Yeshe's kind message. But I can tell you a little more now I have been able to make contact with 'Yeshe' - of California based 'Pangea Pacific Studios'.
A number of folks have been in touch, over the years, about three murals that are painted on the walls of a restaurant in Mariposa, California, a historic town close to San Francisco, known as the gateway to Yosemite National Park. The murals are in the 'Lost Coin' restaurant (or is it Bett's Gold Coin Sports Tavern?), & date, I read from the 1870s to 1890s. I am advised that there used to be seven of them but now there are three only, which three have over the decades been damaged  in many ways - & restored - even if that involved their being painted over with house paint! And Marsha Crawford or 'Yeshe'? Marsha is an artist, restorer & preservationist & is the artist who was commissioned to restore the three remaining murals. The murals are very big - an enormous job & a labour of love. Yeshe indicated in her guestbook message above that the restoration was complete. But she tells me on the telephone that such restoration is not, in fact, yet complete but hopefully will be so in the future. And the Thomas Hemy connection? Some folks believe that Thomas Hemy painted the murals though the name of 'Con Vega' (Cornelius Everett Vejar), an artist who  painted other murals in the area, is also mentioned. Research continues to try to establish the true name of the mural artist, who Marsha advises, was an extremely competent artist indeed. An article about the murals appeared in the Mariposa 'Sierra Sun Times' newspaper on Oct. 24, 2011 & that extensive article can be seen here. Are the murals by Thomas Hemy? You should know that the webmaster is not an artist & does not have the skills necessary to address such a matter. But that said, I have seen many images of Hemy's works & it would be my view, such as it is, that the works appear not to be in the style of Thomas Hemy. But ... the subject matter of one of the murals looks to be surely based upon Hemy's famous 1887 work 'Women and Children First', covered on site here, probably painted after viewing a contemporary published print of Hemy's work. More when I know more.

14) my gt gt gt uncles son is col seton long way off I know but i am proud of him and the soldiers and sailors with him , adam
Adam Paxton, London, England, Jun. 10, 2011,
Webmaster's Comment: I am glad to hear that you are proud of your illustrious ancestor, Adam. Adam refers to Colonel Seton, who was in command of the troops aboard the MV Birkenhead, a troopship which famously sank off the coast of Africa on Feb. 26, 1852 with a truly amazing loss of life. The expression 'women and children first' originated with that sinking. The subject is covered extensively on site here & in the following two pages.

13) Hello my friend, the unknown painting on your site is the Meuller painting. The article, from the 80's?, was in The Yankee mag. I'll try to get you the exact issue. Any luck w/ the hemey painting? I can't find any info on it after the early 1930's. When it was in Balto. Md. Talk to you soon............T
Tom Broome, Newcastle, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., May 25, 2011,
Webmaster's Comment: Tom has been in touch, many times over the years, with the webmaster. This reply, in Aug. 2012, is long overdue - my apologies to all. The painting that Tom refers to, by Lewis Muller, or maybe by 'Meuller', can be seen here.

12) Hi, I was amazed to find prints of 'Islands of Romance' of Inishmaan on the Aran Islands where I live. Never seen anything like them before. Was wondering if you knew if it would be possible to request permission to do reprints. I am quite certain that the present day people of Inishmaan would love to acquire them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards,
Geraldine McElroy, Inishmaan, Aran Islands, Feb. 4, 2011,
Webmaster's Comment: I do not recall, in all the years that the site has existed, anybody commenting before about those particular site pages & content. Which is available here - 1, 2 & (related material) here 3. The webmaster does not, of course, own copyright in the 'Thomas Hemy' images or article texts & accordingly I am not in a position to either grant or deny their further use. I suspect however that Thomas Hemy, were he alive today, would appreciate Geraldine's interest & would welcome their wider distribution almost 100 years after they were originally published. I have written directly to Geraldine.

11) I rescued a beautiful, haunting print of Women and Children First, by Hemy from an old second hand shop .... lower left hand says, Painting by Thomas Hemy, lower right hand says, Printed from original. Its 14X24. Where was it printed?
Diane Davies, Catskill, New York, U.S.A., Jan. 11, 2011,
Webmaster's Comment: You are most fortunate to have found such a large print, Diane. But .. I am not sure that I know the answer to your question. Usually the name of the publisher would be stated, but that data would not help answer your question as to where it was actually printed. My inclination would be to suggest that London or Paris would have been the most likely places. I will keep your question in mind - maybe a proper answer will emerge in the future.

10) I'm looking for a long lost friend Tas Richardson. Last he said he was living in Olds, Alberta. If this is the right Tas please have him contact me @ this email address. Much appreciated. Thanks
Betty Barter, Sintaluta, Saskatchewan, Canada, Oct. 16, 2010,
Webmaster's Comment: My e-mail contact with Tas Richardson was in the summer of 2003, seven years ago now, & his e-mail address has clearly changed in the interval. But I came into contact, all those years ago, with Tas via e-Bay. I have written to his e-Bay moniker to alert him to your request. - I wonder whether they made contact??

9) Hi Peter. Thought that you might be interested in this article taken from the Guardian newspaper last week. Hopefully Thomas's painting will go a little way to help secure the World Cup for England.
Tony Hemy, Southampton, U.K., Sep. 24, 2010,
Webmaster's Comment: So good to hear from you again, Tony! Let us hope that Thomas Hemy's painting does indeed help, in some way, to decide the matter in England's favour. In fact, the subject is not new to me. I received an urgent message from the Sports Department at the Guardian, close before publication date, requesting an image that they might use with the story. I quickly gave them the best images that I had on file & told them specifically where they came from. I see, however, that they were able to obtain an image that was publishable, copyright-wise, directly from the 'Stadium of Light', something that I could not, of course, provide. After all of the years, Tony, I still do not have a good image of the work 'in situ' in the Stadium of Light.  

8) Hi, I was very interested to discover your excellent account about Captain Parslow VC. I would be interested to have a chat at some point as I'm in the process of updating my book on The Naval VCs for a new edition and wonder if you might be able to help out with some pictures. Look forward to hearing from you.
Stephen Snelling, Norwich, U.K., Sep. 3, 2010,
Webmaster's Comment: I am honoured to think, Stephen, that there is a way in which I could be of assistance to you. Since your volume provided much of the data about Captain Parslow which is included on this page. If there is anyway I can help, I would be delighted to do so. To site visitors generally - do read the story at the link - Captain Parslow was a brave man indeed, as was his son of the same name. 

7) Hi I have a print from the Boys Own Paper. Here is the information. Any information about this print will be helpful. Reads on print:-
Bottom left – “The Boy’s Own Paper” Center – “Lith. in Holland by Emrik & Binger 379 Strand, London” Print Named ”I’ll Not Desert Him!” “from the painting by Thomas M Henry” Bottom Left – “4 Bouverie Street, London E.C.” Signed “Thomas M Hemy” within print.
Thank you for your help! Victoria
Victoria Martin, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., Aug. 1, 2010,
Webmaster's Comment: Victoria, I am well familiar with that print & recall how pleased I was, a number of years ago, when after some years of searching, I found out the story behind the print. That story is a most interesting one & is set out in some detail on this page.

6) Hi ... I have come across a large etching that is hand signed Tom M Hemy in pencil on the right and signed in pencil on the left what looks like (S WOOLISCOPH RHEA?? SE ) .. something like that. It is of lots of men standing around a castle with a clock on it and someone giving a speech holding a paper ... a good condition etching .... not in a frame .
If you want me to send you photos of it .... please e-mail me. Many thanks. Cheers, Nigel
Nigel Morgan, New Zealand, May 13, 2010,
Webmaster's Comment: Nigel, I am most happy to accept your kind offer, just now seen in late July 2010. Your etching would be most welcome for inclusion in the site.

5) A death notice and obituary report dated 16 June 1888 is available to send regarding Henri F. Hemy. If interested please reply to my email address.
Grenville Davies, Hartlepool, U.K., May 4, 2010,
Webmaster's Comment: Grenville, I would be most pleased to find a space on site for that information. I will write to you directly. Grenville's data has now been received & is here. Now with two versions of the text - without and with capital letters.

4) Hello Mr. Searle! I have two watercolours by Thomas Hemy apparently without titles, one of a seaside village scene (Newlyn in Cornwall a friend has suggested) there is a girl sitting on the step of a cottage and a black kitten playing in the road. The second is of a sailing ship of the period. If you are interested, I could send you photos by e-mail. These two paintings were given to my Great Grandfather Rusell to settle a debt. I hope this is of interest. Best regards. Sigrid Duly
Sigrid Duly, Folkestone, Kent, U.K., Apl. 25, 2010,
Webmaster's Comment: Sigrid, thank you so much for your kind offer, just now seen in late July 2010. Your two watercolours would be most welcome for inclusion in the site. 

3) Thank you for your wonderful information on Hemy and the Danmark. My husband's ggrandfather and ggrandmother along with 6 of their children were among the passengers rescued. Ingeborg Holdahl in her later years and who was four when they were rescued wrote a memoire about their rescue and train ride to Gilman Township, Wisconsin. You can read about their rescue, at page 2, on the University of Wisconsin website available next
We hope you are still looking for the Hemy and Muller paintings. We would love to know where they are. Thanks again for a wonderful visit to your site.
Shirley Holdahl, White Bear Lake, Minnesota, U.S.A., Jan. 15, 2010,
Webmaster's Comment: Shirley, a much delayed response, now I see you words in late July 2010. I am so glad that you found the Danmark material to be of interest. Thomas Hemy's painting of the Danmark/Missouri scene, is surely, one of his best works - visible here, on the first of three pages devoted to the subject. There is no further word about the locations of the original works of art. Thank you, also, for the link to Ingeborg Holdahl's words of so long ago.

2) I have the engraved silver presentation plaque that was originally attached to the painting of the S. S. Missouri rescuing the passengers and crew of the Danmark. I've been trying to track down the painting for a long time.
Thomas H. Broome, Newcastle, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., Wed. Nov. 02, 2005.
Thomas's 2005 e-mail was
Webmaster's Comment: Thomas, the silver presentation plaque that you have in your possession (now visible at the very bottom of this page) is truly a puzzle as these words were written in Jan. 2006. It had seemed most likely to be from the Lewis Muller painting of the Danmark/Missouri disaster, which painting (horizontal in format) was in the possession of the Murrell family in England but was shipped in the late 1950s to Alan Murrell (a famous public defender, since deceased) of Baltimore. BUT it is not - which fact is confirmed by Sally Lloyd of Wales & her sister, who both remember the Muller painting & its plaque very well. (Sally is the great grand daughter of Captain Hamilton Murrell). So the whereabouts today (Jan. 2006) of the Thomas Hemy work is still unknown & the same can be said of the Lewis Muller work also. But, Sally & her sister state that an old (in the 1950s) book on sea rescues or disasters, of title unknown, had an image of the Muller work. We will both continue, Tom, I am sure, to try to find that volume & to resolve exactly what you have. And further establish where both of the paintings are today & locate an image at least of the Lewis Muller painting. Possibly others, who read these words, can help in the search?

1) So glad to now have an operating guestbook for site visitors!
Peter Searle, (Homepage), Toronto, Canada, Thu. Oct. 23, 2009

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