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A second 'whaleback' page, that hopefully will, in the future, contain some good sizes images, generally of 'whaleback' vessels not specifically identified. The first 'whaleback' page is here.

Should any site visitor have images for inclusion on this page, the webmaster would love to hear from you. Just 6 images, so far.

1) The first image is of a "PHOSTINT" CARD postcard by Detroit Publishing Co. # 6652. 'Blockade of boats Sault Ste Marie, Michigan.' Do you know what event is depicted? The vessel at right would seem to be the E. B. Bartlett. her two, being unpowered barges, bear numbers on their sterns, but I am unable to decipher the actual numbers.

However, from an expired e-Bay item, a card postmarked in 1909, I learn that many of the ships in the image have been identified ... 'from left to right: Bulgaria, Wallula, Barge 118, Barge 103, & E. B. Bartlett', of course.

2) An 'Underwood & Underwood Publishers' stereo card.

The image at left is one of a pair of images on an 'Underwood & Underwood Publishers' stereo card No. (68) - 7994.

The rear of the card advises that the image is of 'Poe Lock', 800 ft. long, at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan - looking west towards Lake Superior. The Michigan shore is at left & the Canadian side is at right, visible through the steel girders of the Canadian Pacific R.R. bridge. The Sault Ste. Marie rapids are, we are advised, just off at the right, this side of the bridge.

The two whalebacks shown, a steamer & an unpowered whaleback barge, are not identified by name. But this site states that the steamer is James B. Colgate.

The complete card can be seen here.

3) A wonderful image of a whaleback barge, ex the U.S. Library of Congress image archives. The image appears on this page thanks to Mark Richardson, who saw the image & kindly advised the webmaster of its existence.

4) A wonderful postcard image of whaleback barges & whaleback steamers at Detroit, Michigan. The barge at front left would seem to be Baravia ex Barge 109, built by American Steel Barge Company in 1891 for Pittsburgh Steamship Company of Cleveland, Ohio. A larger version of the image can be seen here.

5) In Weitzel Lock, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

Below, a wonderful image of a whaleback barge in Weitzel Lock at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. I show most of the available image which is also ex the U.S. Library of Congress archives.

So far as I can determine, the name of the whaleback barge is not known though one can read the word Duluth on her stern. Now the many commercial sources that market the image seem, to me at least, to imply that the whaleback barge is named Mariska. Not so! Mariska is the name of the steamer at image left, as you can read on her stern & in the enlargement. But, a most beautiful image.

6) A fine c1910 postcard image of whaleback steamers loading ore at the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad Iron Docks at Escanaba, Michigan - long a shipping point for iron ore, lumber & copper. A larger version of the image can be seen here.

May I suggest that you navigate the site via the index on page 001.PRIOR PAGE / NEXT PAGE

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