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In these pages I will advise such data as I have located about the shipbuilders of the City of Sunderland, U.K. A work in progress indeed! A 'best efforts' today, based upon the limited & generally incomplete references the webmaster has so far read. Many shipbuilders still to be added in (would you believe close to 400!). Why ever did I start all this?

Corrections in any of the material which follows, however tiny, would be most welcome. And additions, of course! Even the list of shipbuilder names is difficult! I am trying to list them in alpha sequence by exact business name, or by surname if an individual.

At the end of the section on each shipbuilder, I have commenced a list of the vessels built by that shipbuilder. Very much, also, a work in progress! I will add more vessels as I locate them. The lists are already, however, become very long indeed. In that regard, 'Where Ships Are Born' lists the numbers & tonnage of ships launched on the River Wear for each year from 1835 to 1952. It would seem, if my mathematics is good, that there were 9,811 2/3 vessels over those years. The 2/3 is not the webmaster's typing error! The volume reports 41 2/3 vessels launched in 1947. Amazingly, there appears to be no reference in the book to the 2/3 or to the story behind that fraction. There must be one, I suspect. Do you happen to know what it is?

Now we know, thanks to Robert Hunter, the story about the '2/3 ship', which relates to Helix/Armilla, as you can read here.

How many ships were built at Sunderland overall? It is most difficult to answer that question, but I think it is about 12,700. In early Sep. 2020, the number of vessels referenced or named in these pages, topped 10,000 for the first time. 10,300 on Mar. 30, 2023. A work in progress to try to better list them all & to establish a more refined total build number.

In early Jan. 2007, we had 117 vessels detail (to varying degree) listed in these pages. And 135 were listed at the end of Jan. 2007. 164, 200 & 225 at the ends of Feb., Mar. & Apl. 2007. 269 at the end of May, 2007. Fast forward ... 1909 at Mar. 31, 2014, 1910 at Apl. 30, 2014 & 1911 at October 31, 2014. 1913 at Feb. 28, 2015, 1916 at Apl. 30, 2015 & 1918 at May 31, 2015. 1919 at Jun. 30, 2015, 1922 at Jul. 31, 2015, 1925 at Aug. 31, 2015, 1926 at May 31, 2016, 1928 at Oct. 31, 2016, 1929 at Feb. 28, 2017, 1930 at Mar. 31, 2017, 1931 at May 31, 2017. 1938 at Jul. 31, 2017, 1944 at Aug. 31, 2017, 1952 at Sep. 30, 2017, 1953 at Oct. 31, 2017, 1954 at Mar. 31, 2018, 1957 at Apl. 30, 2018, 1959 at May 31, 2018, 1962 at Feb. 28, 2019, 1977 at Mar. 31, 2019. 2001 at Apl. 30, 2019. 2027 at May 31, 2019. 2034 at Jun. 30, 2019. 2041 at Jul. 31, 2019. 2057 at Aug. 31, 2019. 2072 at Sep. 30, 2019. 2087 at Oct. 31, 2019. 2102 at Nov. 30, 2019. 2117 at Dec. 31, 2019. 2134 at Jan. 31, 2020. 2145 at Feb. 29, 2020. 2149 at Mar. 31, 2020. 2176 at Apl. 30, 2020. 2194 at May 31, 2020. 2208 at Jun. 30, 2020. 2218 at Jul. 31, 2020, 2221 at Aug. 31, 2020, 2283 at Sep. 30, 2021, 2322 at Oct. 31, 2021, 2359 at Nov. 30, 2021, 2390 at Dec. 31, 2021, 2400 on Jan. 16, 2022, 2410 at Jan. 31, 2022, 2435 at Feb. 28, 2022, 2480 at Mar. 31, 2022, 2584 at Jul. 31, 2022, 2623 at Sep. 30, 2022, 2645 at Oct. 31, 2022, 2670 & 2693 at the ends of Nov. & Dec. 2022, 2700 on Jan. 10, 2023, 2761 at Mar. 31, 2023, 2779 at Apl. 30, 2023, 2800 on May 27, 2023.  We reached 2850 in Sep. 2023 & 2900 in Dec. 2023. We are making progress. Just maybe a few more when you drop by. But a long way indeed to yet go! Still just a tiny percentage (about 18.8%) of the total (about 12,700) are listed.

A few of the listings are modest indeed. When I started these pages, I often created an entry when I found but a single reference to that particular vessel. To later be expanded. I do not do that any longer, but there are still a few with such limited, often negligible, data. In time, hopefully, such listings will be properly expanded. And become more comprehensive.

Copyright? I may include in these pages data and/or images that are still in copyright, a matter which is most difficult for the webmaster to track. I try to indicate the sources wherever practical. If you are the copyright owner of any of the material included in these pages, & would wish it removed, please be in touch & I will gladly remove it. But probably with some regret! And probably I would wish to try to replace the material from a source which is acceptable. You can contact me here.

Many of the images that are referenced within the site are from eBay. Now call me stubborn if you wish, but I am now declining to reference eBay images which have across them what I would call 'excessive' or 'objectionable' logos. I choose not to identify the 'offenders'. In my view, rightly or wrongly, NOBODY wishes to view such images & the sooner eBay vendors collectively discontinue the practice the better. And those vendor pages which attempt to restrict downloading of eBay listing images, such as those who use the services of '' for that purpose, are similarly misguided. My view, again rightly or wrongly, is that by including on site links to eBay images, & there are many hundreds of such links, this site is effectively promoting & enhancing the sale of the applicable item - which is not my purpose but is likely the actual result. Not to be commended or condemned. Just the reality. No purchaser of an eBay auction item should, in my view, ever expect that listing images, generally of modest size, displayed to & available to the whole wide world, are somehow sacrosanct. And that by purchasing the related item they have rights to the eBay listing images. They do not!


So you (& I) can easily find them. In alphabetic sequence, of course.
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


AA A.1., Aarne 105858, Abaco, Abbas 132628, Abbey Holme 63204, Abbotsford built 1835, Abbotsford built 1840 2607, Abchurch, Abdiel, Abdullah 81610, Abeer Delta 186220, Abeona built 1826, Abeona built 1852, Aber, Abercorn, Abereden, Aberfoyle, Abergeldie, Abha Zahabia, Abington, Aboukir built 1846, Aboukir built 1906, Aboukir built 1907, Abraham and Sarah, Abrota, Abyssinia 83, Abyssinian 24347, Acacia 21875, Acadia, Acapulco, Acasta, Acaster, Acastus, Accidental Star 47666, Accord, Achilles built 1840, Achilles built 1850, Achilles built 1854, Achilles 51181 built 1865, Achillet, Achsah, Aco, Acorn built 1827, Acorn built 1876 73136, Acqua Blu, Acrux, Activity built 1846, Actuaria, Acuario, Ada, Ada Bella, Adahbella, Adalia, Adamandios, Adamandios Georgandis, Adamantine 76140, Ada Mary, Adana 135192, Addison built 1824, Addison built 1850, Addison Brown, Adele built 1842, Adele built 1845, Adelfotis, Adelina Patti, Adelphi Couppa, Adelsö, Aden, Adine, Adjutant 186052, Administrator, Admiraal de Ruijter, Admiraal de Ruyter, Admiral built 1840, Admiral built 1854, Admiral built 1962, Admiral Fitzroy, Admiral Fraser, Admiral L'Hermite, Admiral Nelson 106635, Adolf, Adolf Deppe 104257, Adolphus, Adone 73735, Adonis, Adria 68495, Adriatic Bulker IMO 8118114, Adriatico, Adrien, Aduatiek 95832, Advance built 1841, Advance built 1865, Advance IMO 7341867 built 1974, Advena built 1845, Adventure, Adventurer built 1930, Adventurer built 1960, Advice, Advocate built 1835,
AE Aeakos, Aeas 185988, Aegean Bulker IMO 8118140, Aegean Sun 300877, Aegeus, Aegis Beauty, Aegis Bounty, Aegis Courage, Aegis Epic, Aegis Saga, Aenos built 1910 123970, Aenos built 1920, Aerial built 1836, Aerial built 1839, Aert Van Der Neer, Afghanistan, Afon Towy, Afovos 337226, Africa, African, Africa Palm, Afrika, Aftadelfos, Agadir 124092, Agamemnon, Agda 70592, Age, Agelos Michael, Agenoria built 1818, Agenoria built 1850 13934, Agenoria built 1862, Aghia Marina, Aghia Thalassini, Aghios Dimitrios, Aghios Nicolaos 181362, Agia Anna 186319, Agia Efimia 337226, Agia Efymia 337226, Agia Skepi IMO 6822010, Agility, Agincourt 83, Agios Andreas, Agios Antonios, Agios Constantinos 185988, Agios Giorgis, Agios Nikolas, Agios Spyridon, Agis Asteriadis, Agnes Holt, Agnes King, Agnete, Agnete Torm, Agni, Agostino M., Agricola 14695,
AI Aid built 1840, Aid built 1847, Aid also built 1847, Aid built 1855, Aimwell, Ainamo 98046, Aino Nurminen, Aira, Airlie, Akarnania 358784, Akaroa, Akbar built 1851, Akera, Akershus built 1874, Akrogiali, Akropolis, Alacrity built 1844 5444, Alacrity built 1856, Alar, Alastor, Alauda, Alba, Albany, Albatross built 1837, Albatross built 1853, Albatross built 1854, Albert, Albert and Edward, Albert the Good 47676, Alberto Fassio, Albion built 1820, Albion also built 1820, Albion built 1836, Albion built 1852 24752, Albistan, Alboran, Albyn, Alcamo, Alcides, Alcobaça IMO 5009295, Alcyone, Alcyone Fortune 180156, Alderman, Alderman Pirie, Alderman Thompson built 1837, Alderman Thompson 24663 built 1840, Alderpool, Aldington Court built 1929, Aldington Court built 1944, Alecos, Alegria, Alejandria 63579, Alekos K. 301186, Alenquer IMO 5009829, Alert built 1825, Alert built 1843, Alexa, Alexander built 1811, Alexander built 1841, Alexander and William, Alexandra built 1863, Alexandra built 1874, Alexandra 305426 built 1964, Alexandria, Alexandros built 1872, Alexandros built 1960, Alexandros B 302890, Alexis Athans 181770, Alfa, Alfaraj, Alfonso Senra, Alfred Calvert, Alfred Hawley, Alfred Kreglinger, Algarve, Algoma, Al Hafizu 339243, Aliadrikni IMO 7218644, Aliakmon, Alice built 1849, Alice 2134 built 1850, Alice built 1856, Alice built 1860, Alice & Ann, Alice Marie built 1920 144924, Alice Thompson, Alicia, Alikrator, Al Johffa IMO 7124702, Alkaid, Allan C. 184499, Allendale, Alliance built 1815, Alliance built 1845, Alliance built 1855, Allison 5357, Allonby built 1882, Allonby built 1883 or 1884, Allport, Alma 11754 built 1855, Alma also built 1855, Alma built 1941, Almen, Almenara, Almond Branch, Al Nabila, Alnwick Castle, Alpac Africa, Alpha built 1847, Alpha built 1855, Alpheta, Alpine Crag, Alppila, Al Riyadh 162474, Alsatia, Als Strength, Alstertor 146146, Alston, Altai, Altkirch, Alto 114426, Al Turab, Aluco, Alumbagh 47375, Alvah, Alva Star 185914, Alvington, Alwardi 5, Alyth,
AM Amadine, Amalia, Amana, Amara, Amaranth built 1846, Amaranth built 1848, Amaryllis, Amaryllis, Amazon, Ambassador built 1851, Ambassador built 1852, Ambassador built 1945, Amberley Castle, Amberton built 1928, Amberton built 1959, Amberwitch 44638, Ambient 119201, Ambrizete IMO 5013935, Amelia Mary, Amelia Thompson built 1833, Amelia Thompson built 1850, Amer Asha, Amerika, Amersham 123155, Amethyst built 1825, Amethyst built 1863, Ami, Amigos, Amiral L'Hermite, Amir Joy IMO 8018924, Amistà, Amity built 1782, Amity built 1845 Amity 4620 built 1854, Amity built 1869, Amore 344169, Amphion built 1907, Amphion built 1978, Amra, Amulet, Amur, Amyl, Amy Robsart, Amy Serena, Anacreon, Anastasia V 169264, Anastas Mikoyan 123011, Anastassia 120528, Anastassios 165463, Anastassios A. Syrmas, Anastassios Pateras, Anat 307625, Anavissos IMO 7000011, Ancestor, Ancient Mariner 26192, Ancona, Andelle 146229, Anders Dedekam, Andrada, Andreas Panou 165785, André Chénier, André Masset, Andre Marti 142753, Andrew T. 148561, Andrew White, Andria, Andromachi, Andromeda, Andros, Andwi built 1947, Andulo IMO 5501697, Anella, Anemi, Anemone, An Fu Jiang IMO 7614733, Angel, Angel Gabriel 185914, Angelic Power IMO 5105685, Angeliki, Angelina, Angelino, Angiolina 106064, Angler, Anglesea Lass, Anglet, Anglia 555, Anglian Coast 164270, Anglicania, Anglo-African built 1900, Anglo-African built 1929, Anglo-Australian built 1927, Anglo-Brazilian, Anglo-Californian, Anglo-Canadian built 1901, Anglo-Canadian built 1928, Anglo-Chilean built 1916, Anglo-Chilian built 1898, Anglo-Egyptian, Anglo-Indian built 1858, Anglo-Indian built 1925, Anglo Indian or Anglo-Indian built 1938, Anglo-Mexican, Anglo-Peruvian built 1905, Anglo-Peruvian built 1926, Anglos 141876, Anglo Saxon built 1854, Anglo-Saxon built 1854, Anglo-Saxon built 1929, Aniello, Anker, An Kuo, Ann built 1803, Ann built 1818, Ann built 1830, Ann also built 1830, Ann built 1838, Ann built 1842, Ann also built 1842, Ann built 1844, Ann built 1845, Ann 22562, also built 1845, Ann built 1848, Ann built 1853, Ann built 1861 28344, Anna built 1845, Anna built 1846 4302, Anna 27240 built 1859, Ann Adamson, Anna Dracopoulos IMO 7341867, Annajm, Anna L., Annalisa, Annan, Ann and Mary, Ann and Sarah, Anna Sofia 44467, Ann Carr, Anne built 1832, Anne also built 1832, Anne built 1833, Anne built 1846, Anne built 1848, Anne built 1853, Anne built 1856, Anne built 1857, Anne built 1951, Anne Cropper, Anne Cropton, Annefield, Anne Forster, Anneliese, Ann Eliza built 1841, Ann Eliza built 1851, Ann Elizabeth, Ann Elliot, Anne Longton, Annette Fritzen, Annie Archbell, Annie Comrie, Annie Forster, Annie Scott, Annie Thomas, Anniversary, Ann Louisa, Ann Mills built 1843, Ann Mills built 1862, Ann Mitchell, Ann Proud, Anns built 1826, Anns built 1847, Ann Stainton, Annunciation Day, Anoula A., An Shun 343155, Ant, An Tai 343155, Antar built 1920, Antar built 1941, Anten, Anteo built 1890, Anteo built 1894, Antequera, Anthi, Anthia, Antias built 1845, Antias built 1855, Antibes, Anticosti, Antigoon 95669, Antigosa, Antinoe built 1894, Antinoe built 1902 115657, Antioch, Antium, Antofagasta, Antoinette 101847, Antonakis, Antoni 26105, Antonina 81498, Antonio, Antonio Garcia, Antonios, Antonios D. 162534, Antonios Ventouris 149973, Antonis, Antonis G. Lemos 132627, Anunciada, Anyuan 9 337303,
AO Apocalypsis, Apolline, Appleton, Apsleyhall, Aquila built 1827, Aquila built 1861, Aquila built 1871, Aquilae, Aquiline, Aquitania, Arab built 1837, Arab built 1840, Arabella built 1953 185982, Arabia 182394, Arabian Merchant 302840, Arabier, Arab Steed, Aragonese, Araguil, Aranguren, Arataia 81498, Araunah, Arc, Arcadian Chivalry IMO 7305423, Arcadian Fame IMO 7124702, Arcadian Freedom IMO 7304259, Arcadian Glory IMO 7112395, Arcadian Pride IMO 7218644, Archanda, Archer, Archon Serafim, Arcot, Arctic 184361, Arctic Hero, Arcturus, Arcwear, Ardenhall 138929, Ardingly 184351, Ardmarie 300173, Ardrowan, Ardtara 185003, Ardville, Arendal, Arethusa, Argo built 1864, Argo built 1873, Argo 81610 built 1880, Argolikos, Argolis IMO 7000011, Argonaftis, Argonaut, Argus 94377, Argyll built 1901, Argyll built 1939, Argyra, Ariadne Christine, Ariadne Pandelis, Arica, Aries 44499 built 1862, Aries 301186 built 1960, Arietta, Arina, Arion 149973, Ariosto, Aris 168008, Aris K., Aristides 163845, Ariston, Ark, Arkadia, Arkansas, Arkay, Arlington Court 302950, Arma 180215, Armas IMO 7000011, Armilla, Armonia II 162534, Armonikos 186875, Armora, Armstrong, Arna, Arnewood, Arno, Arnotdale, Arraiolos IMO 5025225, Arranmead, Arranmoor built 1904, Arranmoor built 1915, Arrow, Artemisia built 1847, Artemisia built 1862, Artemisia built 1920, Artemon, Arthur Serena 81436, Arthur Wright, Artiba 180215, Artisan, Art Union, Art-Union, Arturo Serena 81436, Artygia, Arundel 187486, Arve built 1833, Arve built 1840, Arya Bod, Aryl 185921, Arzila 124097, Asakaze Maru, Asean Pride IMO 7304259, Asean Progress IMO 7304259, Asenath, Ash 68998, Ashford 52771, Ashlea, Ashley, Ashley Down, Ashmore built 1851 26658, Ashmore built 1896, Ashoka Jayanti, Ashwin 142753, Ashworth, Asia built 1835, Asia built 1845, Asia 181080 built 1947, Asian Liner 358686, Asiatic, Asiatic Prince built 1888, Aslaug Haaland, Aslaug Røgenæs, Asp 102841, Aspasia 24997 built 1846, Aspasia 114660 built 1904, Aspasio, Aspen built 1897, Aspen built 1936, Asphodel 45003, Asplund 87348, Aspyr 301067, Assam, Assios 304458, Assosh 90308, Asta, Astarea 187538, Astarte 186879, Asters, Asther 302890, Astir, Astoria built 1885, Astoria built 1902, Astrality, Astrid, Asturienne, Astyanax IMO 5222914, Atalanti, Athanassia IMO 7340708, Athelcrest 166291, Athelduke 182472, Athelknight 182449, Athelstan, Athen, Athens 3405, Atheras 337226, Athina, Athinai, Athole, Atkin, Atkinson, Atland, Atlantic, Atlantic City, Atlantico, Atlanticway, Atlas built 1838, Atlas 43757 built 1861, Atlas built 1929, Atomena, Attaliah, Atys,
AU Auckland built 1836, Auckland built 1838 6201, Audax 141876, Augusta Elsa, Augusta Jessie, Auguste Elsa, August Moon 169172, Augusto, Auk 183008, Aunt Lizzie, Aurania built 1899, Aurania built 1950, Auricula, Aurifera, Aurora built 1843, Aurora built 1855, Aurora built 1871, Aurora built 1961, Aurora P, Australasia, Australind built 1961 302840, Australind built 1978 IMO 7422817, Austria 95832, Automatia, Autumn, Autumnus, Auxiliar, Avance IMO 7341867, Avanguardia, Avanti, Aviemoor, Avisbay, Avisbank, Avisfaith 302890, Avisglen, Avisvale, Avon 27517, Avon River, Axe, Aylestone, Aymeric, Ayr, Ayres Quay 2691, Ayton built 1876, Azalea, Azoff, Azorian, Azteca,


BA Babitonga IMO 7329508, Bacchante, Badagry, Badagry Palm, Baden, Badjestan 149451, Badminton, Baffin Bay, Bagdale, Bagnoli 106064, Bahamas Gem 162534, Bahia, Bahia Blanca, Bahia Castillo, Baikal, Bainsizza, Balaklava, Baldur, Balear, Ballarat 417, Ballochmyle, Ballyholme Bay, Ballylagan 185551, Ballyrobert 184351, Ballywalter 186220, Balmacarra, Balmoral built 1854, Balmoral built 1953 185921, Baltic Vanguard, Baltic Venture, Baltraffic, Banca, Banderas, Banffshire, Bangkok Trader, Bangor Bay 183186, Bankhall, Bankside 6476, Bankstone, Bann, Bantria, Barbara built 1830, Barbara built 1841, Barbara built 1877, Barbara built 1923, Barbara built 1962, Barbara Gordon, Barbara Marie built 1923, Barbaras, Barbro Bratt, Baria, Barkand, Barkla IMO 6613160, Barlby, Barnard Castle, Barnby, Barola, Baron Aberdare, Baron Ardrossan, Baron Blantyre, Baron Cathcart, Baron Elphinstone 163845, Baron Kelvin, Baron Kinnaird 180215, Baron Pentland 181362, Baron Selborne, Baronsmore built 1860, Baron Wemyss 181365, Barracoo, Barrington Court, Barrister, Bartley, Basil built 1945, Basil built 1948, Basileia, Basilisk, Basingcreek, Basuto, Batavia, Batiscan, Batsford, Battersea 184403, Bavington, Bawean, Baxtergate built 1925, Baxtergate built 1944, Bayard, Bayonnais, Bazan,
BE Bea Bellido, Beacon, Beatitude built in 1839, Beatitude built in 1848, Beatrice built 1855, Beatrice built 1858 20747, Beatrix, Beaufront, Beaver, Beaverbank, Becheville, Beechbank, Beechmore, Beecroft, Beethoven, Begoña No. 1, Begoña No. 2, Begoña No. 3, Begoña VI, Behera 87348, Belas, Belem, Belford, Belgian Prince 111307, Belgica, Belisama, Belize, Belkas 124092, Belle built 1863, Belle IMO 7340693 built 1974, Belle Alliance, Belle of France, Belle Justine, Belle Rose IMO 7340693, Belloc IMO 7614771, Bellona, Belsay Castle, Beltana 60951, Belvidera built 1860, Belvina, Benarty 115657, Benavon built 1905 123011, Benavon built 1949, Bencliff, Ben Corlic, Bencruachan, Benedict, Beneficent, Bengala, Bengalese, Bengal Star, Benhiant 305426, Benhope, Beni Saf, Benjamin Greene, Benlawers 118706, Ben Ledi 65459, Benledi 118699, Benlomond built 1911 129407, Benlomond built 1914, Ben More 28439, Bennachie, Ben Nevis 65441, Benrinnes 135099, Benton, Bentuther, Benvannoch built 1944, Benvannoch also built 1944, Benvenue 118697, Berane, Berdinkha, Berean, Beresina, Berezina, Berga, Berkshire, Bermudian 120477, Bernard, Bernicia built 1848, Bernicia also built 1848, Berwell Adventure, Berwick Law, Bertha built 1862, Bertha built 1867, Berwind 98838, Beskidy 169231, Bessie, Bessie Wittich, Bestwood 181884, Beteigeuze, Beth, Bethany, Bethesda 18017, Betswood, Beukelsdijk, Bewley, Beykoz 122861, B. G. Baker 104257, Bharatjal 162474,
BI Biafra, Bibury 169013, Bickley, Biddick 47719, Bilbeis 124097, Bille built 1876, Bille 90315 built 1884, Billiter Buildings, Billiter House, Billiter Square, Billiter Street, Bin Lootah IMO 7207425, Bint El Sheikh 186319, Birch, Birchbank built 1973, Birchfield, Birchgrove 13789, Birch Grove 13789, Bir Hakeim, Birkenau IMO 5072149, Bithon, Bitten, Bittern 23696, Björn, Björnvik, Blackaller, Black Boy, Black Diamond 24519 built 1855, Black Diamond built 1881 in Canada, Blacket, Black Friar, Blackfriar, Blackit, Black Nymph, Blackpool, Blackwall Point 184423, Blackwell, Blackwell Point 184423, Blackwood 44510, Blairbeg, Blakemoor, Blanefield, Blankvann, Bleamoor, Blenda, Blenheim built 1818, Blenheim built 1853, Blessing 25720, Blida, Blommersdijk, Bloomfield 169015, Blötberg, Bluebell, Blue Cross, Blue Dolphin, Blue Jacket built 1883, Blue Pearl, Bluewater 169002, Blus, Blyth, Blythmoor,
BO Boadicea built 1845 25930, Boadicea built 1852, Boadicia, Boatswain, Boblodock, Bodin, Bodmin Moor 183246, Bogen, Bohème IMO 5047429, Boldon, Bolina, Bolma, Bombala 114660, Bona, Bon-Accord, Bonanza, Bondicar, Bong San, Boniface, Bonifacio, Booker Venture 301377, Borba, Bordabarri 181365, Bordagain, Bordazuri, Borde 185921, Border Chieftain 5214, Borderer, Border Lass, Border Reiver 186846, Border Terrier, Boreas built 1822, Boreas built 1828, Boreas built 1925, Bore V, Borg built 1888 94377, Borg also built 1888, Borgfred, Borgsten, Borneo, Bortonius, Boryslaw, Bosnia, Bosphorus built 1841, Bosphorus built 1851, Boston City 98838, Bosworth, Boston L, Bougainville, Bougaroni, Bounty, Bounty III, Bourgogne, Boverton, Bowcombe 168412, Bowes, Boyne, Brabant 68549, Brack, Bracondale, Bradford City, Braemar 186016, Braemar Castle, Braeside, Braga, Bragança, Braganza, Brahan Castle, Bramber 169259, Branch built 1848 2707, Branch built 1858, Brandanger, Brandon built 1838, Brandon built 1917, Brandywine Packet, Branksome 181832, Branscombe, Bransfield, Brantingham, Brask, Bravo, Brazen Eagle, Bredon, Breeze, Bremsnes, Brenda, Brenner, Brent, Brentford 183301, Brent Knoll 183301, Brentwood 118470, Brescia, Breskens 108354, Briansk, Brick Decimo 186016, Brick Dodicesimo 187486, Bride built 1851, Bride built 1870, Bride built 1873, Bride of Abydos, Bridgepool 301542, Bridgeport, Brier Holme, Brierley Hill built 1847, Brigadier, Bright Fan, Brighton built 1928, Brighton built 1960, Bright Sea IMO 7341867, Brighu, Brigitta, Bris, Brilliant, Brilliant Zhejiang, Brinkburn, Briseis, Brita, Britannia built 1838, Britannia built 1840, Britannia built 1847, Britannia built 1851, Britannia built 1854, Britannia built 1883, Britannia built 1894, British Advocate 146629, British Ambassador 147595, British Beech, British Builder, British Cavalier 169033, British Chancellor 146197, British Coast, British Councillor 146562, British Craftsman, British Defender, British Diplomat, British Drummer, British Duke 110150, British Empire built 1848, British Empire built 1869, British Envoy, British Fern 181663, British Fortune, British Genius, British Glory 160364, British Liberty, British Lord, British Major, British Marquis 125685, British Marshal, British Monarch 185003, British Navigator, British Oak, British Prince, British Princess 180928, British Prudence 167217, British Queen built 1839, British Reliance 183186, British Renown 160397, British Rose, British Rover, British Standard, British Tar built 1824, British Tar built 1845, British Tar built 1853, British Vision, British Warrior, British Willow, Britkon, Britsum, Brixham built 1885, Brixton 180913, Broad Oak, Brockett, Brockleymoor, Bromsgrove, Brooklyn, Broomhall, Broomside, Brother 339243, Brother and Sister, Brothers built 1829, Brothers built 1854, Brothers and Sisters, Brown, Browning IMO 7614733, Bruce M. 163484, Brucoli, Brunette, Brunetto 180913, Brunsnis, Brunswick Wharf 184499, Bryansk, Bryde-Anna 27240, Brynhild, B. T. Robinson 95669,
BU Bubona, Bucentaur, Bucintoro, Buena Ventura II, Bugloss, Bulgaria, Bulk I 184576, Bullfinch, Bunuan, Burbo Bank, Burhaven 148561, Burlington, Burmese Prince, Burnholme, Burrells, Burutu Palm, Burwah, Bushranger, Bussum, Busy, Butanga, Bute, Butetown, Bylgia, Bytom, Bywater, Byyb, Bzyb,


CA C. A. Bade, Cabinet, Cabo Palos, Cactus built 1846, Cactus built 1856, Cadiz, Cadmus, Caduceus, Cadwgan, Caernarvon, Caesarea, Cairnavon built 1905, Cairnesk built 1926, Cairnesk built 1959 300142, Cairnglen built 1926, Cairnglen built 1959 300145, Cairngorm, Cairngowan built 1883 88733, Cairngowan built 1911, Cairnisla, Cairnmona built 1918, Cairnnevis, Cairnross 104251 built 1894, Cairnross built 1921, Cairntorr built 1904, Cairnvalona, Cairo, Caithness built 1902, Caithness built 1918, Caithness built 1935, Caldera, Caldy Light, Caledonia built 1815, Caledonia built 1874, Caledonia built 1889, Caledonie, Calgarth 108354, California, Caliros, Calliance, Calliope, Callunah 90308, Calphurnia, Caltex Calcutta, Caltex Kenya, Caltex Tanganyika, Calumet, Calypso IV, Cama, Camberley, Camboinhas, Cambria, Cambrian Chieftain, Cambridge, Cambrian Duchess 142364, Camden, Camellia built 1858, Camellia built 1913, Cameo, Camerata 149451, Camilla built 1840, Camilla built 1844, Camillus, Camperdown 23436 built 1847, Camperdown built 1890 98046, Campion, Campo Basso, Campos, Canaan, Canadian Prospector, Canaradzo, Canberra, Canby, Candace, Canning, Canopus, Cantabro, Canterbury Star 302559, Canton built 1834, Canton built 1957, Cape Breton, Capelcastle, Capelmead, Capelpark, Capella built 1872, Capella built 1936, Cape Ora, Capetan Chronis 181696, Capetan Giannis IMO 6822010, Capetan Leonidas 309960, Captain Lygnos, Capetan Manolis built 1924, Capetan Manolis built 1934 163476, Capetan Minas, Cape Wrath, Capirona, Capitaine Cook III IMO 7025621, Capitaine Louis Malbert, Capital 12208, Capitol, Capo San Marco, Caprera, Captain, Captain Cook, Captain J. M. Donaldson, Captain Lemos, Captain Theo IMO 5047429, Caractacus 2222, Caradoc, Carausius, Caravan, Carbella, Cardiff Hall built 1895 99150, Cardiff Hall built 1912, Caribbean Memories 301377, Carica Milica, Carl, Carla, Carley, Carlisle, Carlisle City, Carlo Garre, Carlos Tartiere, Carlton built 1924, Carlton built 1964, Carmela 109701, Carmella 109701, Carmelo 68940, Carmen built 1869, Carmen built 1930, Carmen built 1953 IMO 5047429, Carnatic, Carnation, Carnia, Caroline built 1838, Caroline built 1844, Caroline built 1848, Caroline Coventry, Caroline Frances, Caroline Hemsoth, Caron P. E. 187807, Carrel 339136, Carrianna Peony IMO 8018924, Carrs built 1838, Carrs built 1839, Cartaretta, Cartenée, Carteretta, Carterside 140288, Carterswell, Carthusian, Carvoeiro 81498, Cashmere built 1850, Cashmere built 1868, Cassandra, Cassibelaunus 26545, Castello, Cast Fulmar, Castillo Almansa, Castillo Bellver, Castillo Gibralfaro, Castillo Guadalest, Castillo Monforte 135130, Castillo Oropesa, Castle, Castle Eden, Castleford built 1883, Castle Holme 72923, Castle Peak, Castor, Catalina built 1861, Catalina built 1868, Catalunya, Cate B, Caterina Sevastopulo, Caterina P, Catharina Oldendorff IMO 7341893, Catharine, Cathay Trader, Catherine built 1830, Catherine built 1841, Catherine built 1855, Catherine and Ann, Catherine and Hannah, Catherine Jenkins, Catherine Morrison, Catrine, Caucasian, Cavaliere Michele Russo, Caymont,
CE Cecil 95665, Cedarbank, Cedar Branch built 1910 123970, Cedar Hill IMO 7213230, Cedartree built 1913, Cedartree built 1928, Cefnbryn 138929, Celaeno, Celandine, Celerity, Celerol, Celestial Empire, Celia, Celine, Celtic Monarch 300173, Celtic Prince, Celtic Princess, Celtic Race, Cengio, Centaurus 168058, Cento, Centurion 97525, Cereal, Cerealia, Ceres 23750, Cervino, Ceylan Sailor 301067, Ceylon built 1865, Ceylon built 1866, Chacma, Chagford, Chala, Challenger, Champion 5964 built 1835, Champion built 1839, Champlain, Chance built 1841, Chance built 1845, Chancellor, Chandenagore, Chandernagore, Change, Chang Shun 6, Chania II 181632, Chanticleer built 1857, Chanticleer built 1862, Chapman, Char Cheng, Char Chun, Charente 44638 built 1862, Charente also built 1862, Chariclia 102841, Chariot, Charlaw, Charles Howard, Charles Racine, Charles Richard, Charles Steels, Charlotte built 1841, Charlotte built 1856, Charlotte built 1868, Charlotte of Derby, Charlton Mira 187693, Charlton Venus, Charrington 81498, Chasehill, Chaseley, Chaturanga, Chef Mécanicien Durand, Cheltenham, Chelwood 306163, Chelydra, Chepica, Chepstow Castle, Cheriton, Cherry Crystal, Cherry Duke, Cherryleaf 185988, Cherry Orient, Cherrywood, Chertsey, Cheshire, Chetvertyi Krabolov 118699, Chevalier, Cheviot 186914, Cheviot Range, Chevy Chase, Chian Star IMO 7422764, Chiarina, Chicago City 98836, Chieftain built 1838, Chieftain built 1851, Chi Hing, Chi Hwa, Chili, Chillingham Castle, Chimborazo, China Fir, China Progress, China Prospect, Chincha, Ching-too 63567, Chios Aeinaftis 304348, Chios Sailor, Chios Sky 337303, Chios Unity, Chios Voyager, Chipchase, Chiswick, Chiyo Maru, Choice built 1845, Choice built 1849, Chowdean, Chowringhee, Chriluck 180027, Chris, Christakis 168300, Christian Charlotte, Christina, Christina J., Christopher Columbus, Christos 114660, Chryseis built 1856, Chryseis built 1959 300142, Chrysoforos IMO 5072149, Chrysopolis, Chrysovalandou, Chryssoula, Chulmleigh built 1938, Chulmleigh built 1946, Chung Thai
CI Cicero, Ciciliana 181770, Ciltvaira, Cinco Hermanos, Cipro, Circassian built 1839, Circassian built 1872, Ciro Palomba 162534, Cisil, Cistus, Città di Milano, City of Adelaide built 1864, City of Adelaide built 1920, City of Amiens, City of Auckland 60964, City of Bristol, City of Delhi, City of Dublin, City of Durham built 1855, City of Durham 29960 built 1865, City of Exeter IMO 7341726, City of Halifax, City of Hamburg 81436, City of Kandy, City of Leeds, City of London 43979, City of Manchester, City of Oporto 62655, City of Peterborough 24574, City of Rochester, City of Windsor, C. J. Textor, Claire IMO 8118114, Clairellen, Clan Alpine, Clan Buchanan, Clan Chattan, Clan Colquhoun, Clan Forbes, Clan Keith 136654, Clan Lamont, Clan Lindsay, Clan Macbean 141876, Clan Macfarlane, Clan Mackay, Clan MacLeod 68086, Clan Macrae, Clan Matheson 137858, Clan Murdoch 180865, Clan Murray built 1897, Clan Murray built 1946, Clan Ranald, Clan Shaw built 1896, Clan Shaw built 1902, Clan Sinclair, Clan Urquhart, Clapton built 1911 129164, Clapton built 1914, Clara built 1853, Clara built 1864, Clara built 1872, Clara built 1890 96551, Clara Jane, Clara Lamb, Clare Lilley, Clarence, Clarendon, Claret 5248, Clarinda, Clarissa built 1845, Clarissa built 1867, Clarkavon, Clarkeden, Claro 2740 , Claudia, Claudia Kogel IMO 7124702, Claudine 44467, Clausina, Claveresk, Claverley built 1900 112723, Claverley built 1907, Clayton, Cleadon built 1839, Cleadon built 1856, Cleadon built 1871, Clearton, Clearway, Cleaver, Clematis, Clement, Clementia, Cleopas, Cleopatra built 1837, Cleopatra built 1951, Cleta, Cleveland Range 108689, Clifford, Cliff Quay, Cliffside, Clifton, Cliftonhall, Clifton Hall, Clinker, Clinton K., Clio built 1839, Clio built 1845 24525, Cloncurry, Clonlee, Cludenlaunched 1973 IMO 7306348 , Cluden built 1978 IMO 7611559, Clyde built 1818, Clyde Envoy, Clydemede, Clymene,
CO Coastal Creek, Coban, Cobrero, Coconica, Cogent, Coldharbour 168300, Coldstream built 1839, Coldstream built 1850 23727, Coldstream 45385 built 1862, Coldstream built 1945 180528, Coleford 181884, Colima, Colinda, Collin 339243, Collingham, Coloane, Colombia 68801 built 1877, Colonist built 1847, Colonist built 1889, Colonna, Colony, Colorado, Colorcrete, Colossus IMO 7306348, Columba, Columbia built 1870, Columbine, Colwyn 168412, Comet built 1833, Comet built 1845, Comeric, Commandante Castilho 81498, Commander, Commerce built 1830, Commerce built 1840, Commercial, Commodore built 1840, Commodore built 1842, Commodore Napier, Compass Spirit IMO 5047429, Compeer, Comus, Conciliator, Concord, Concordia built 1844, Concordia built 1866, Concordia built 1891, Concordia built 1929, Concordia Lago 302620, Concrete, Condor, Confidence, Congar 181129, Congo, Congou, Coniscliffe, Coniston Water 128483, Connie Craig, Conquering Hero, Conqueror, Conservative, Conservator, Consort, Constance built 1847, Constance built 1848, Constance built 1852 26399, Constance built 1863, Constance and Amelia, Constant built 1839, Constant built 1843, Constantine, Constantinos Samaras 99133, Consuelo, Conte di Misurata 125685, Content, Contest built 1867 58065, Contest built 1880 81610 , Conway Castle, Coogee, HMS Cook, Coombe Hill, Copenhagen, Coppename, Coquetdale built 1856, Coquetdale built 1923, Cora, Corabella, Coralia III 160366, Coralie Horlock, Coral Nymph, Coral Queen, Coramba, Corbank built 1913 135270, Corbrae built 1912 135130, Corbridge built 1928 149973, Corburn 105880, Corchester 149801, Corcrest, Cordigliera, Cordillera, Corean, Corfell 163532, Corfirth 163476, Corfleet 163484, Corflow, Corfu Island IMO 6904492, Corglen 129164, Corhampton built 1933 163398, Corhampton built 1959, Corhaven 163384, Corinda, Coringa, Corinna, Corinth built 1872, Corinthic 169108, Corisande, Corlock 135192, Cormead 169666, Corminster 160366, Cormorant IMO 7213230, Cormount 180027, Cormull 168300, Cornelius built 1837, Cornelius built 1841, Cornhill, Cornopia, Cornubia built 1850, Cornubia 18145 built 1857, Cornucopia, Cornwood built 1940 168008, Corona, Coronado 68518, Coronation, Coroniadis, Corra Linn, Corredora 29269, Corrientes built 1920, Corrientes built 1943, Corsea 146178, Cortes built 1872, Cortes built 1966, Corton 135192, Cosmonaut 344169, Cosmic 185965, Cosmopolita, Cosmopolyta, Cosmos, Cosmos Merchant, Cosmostar IMO 7213230, Cosmos Traders, Cosmo Trader 169257, Cossack, Costaflora, Costas, Costicos 165776, Cotfield 23163, Counsellor, Countess, Countess of Bective built 1843, Countess of Bective built 1853, Countess of Durham built 1840, Countess Vane, Countess Warwick, County of Denbigh, County of Pembroke, Courier built 1836, Courier built 1866, Cove built 1836, Cove built 1840, Coventry City, Cowan, Craftsman, Craggan Hill, Cragmoor, Craigallan 98046, Cramond built 1919, Cramond 305426 built 1964, Cramlington, Cranfield, Credo, Creek Transport, Cremon, Creole Prince, Crescent built 1829, Cressington Court, Cresswell Packet, Cressy, Crest IMO 7000011, Crestbank, Crested Eagle, Crested Wave, Crest Hill 334552, Crest of the Wave, Cretehawser, Crighton, Crocus built 1844, Crocus 2522 built 1849, Crofton, Croma, Cromwell, Cronstadt 123025, Cronulla, Crowborough Hill 180170, Crown built 1844, Crown built 1854, Croxdale, Cruiser, Crusader built 1838, Crystal built 1958, Crystal built 1973 IMO 7306348, Csárda, Csikós,
CU Cuba, Cubana built 1834, Cubana built 1839, Cubana built 1860 (Pile), Cubano, Culgoa, Culloden, Cumbria 62876, Cumbrian, Curaca, Curlew built 1847, Curlew built 1857, Custodian, Cycle, Cyclops, Cyclopus 302950, Cydonia built 1866, Cydonia built 1927, Cygnet, Cymodocee, Cymric Vale 108689, Cynthia built 1824, Cynthia built 1859, Cyprian Prince built 1919, Cyprus Trader 306260, Cyrene built 1867, Cyrene built 1873, Cyrus, Cy-Threesome, Czar 79155, Czarina built 1851, Czarina built 1883 87137


DA D. McB Park, Dabaibe, Dacca 68539, Dacebank, Dacia 56907, Dae San IMO 7614733, Dafila 68501, Dagenham, Dagfred IMO 5072149, Daghestan built 1900, Daghestan built 1912, Daghestan built 1941, Dagmar, Dahlia, Dah Tung, Daikoku Maru 68501, Daisy, Dalarö, Dale 162534, Daleby 180091, Dalemead, Dalemoor, Dalewood built 1931 162534, Dalmacija, Dalmatia, Dalmazia, Dalston, Damas 124092, Dampfem, Danaë built 1873, Danae built 1945, Danapris, Danesdale H. 181122, Danesh, Daneshmand, Dan Fodio, Dangote Star IMO 7422764, Daniella IMO 6828193, Daphne built 1854, Daphne built 1918, Daphnella, Dapo Trader 186914, D'Arcy, Daring, Darlington, Darius, Dart, Dartford, Dartmoor, Dartwood, Dashtestan, Dashwood, Dauphine, Dauson 23508, Dawson, David Burn, David Dawson, David Witton, Daybeam, Daylight 17190 built 1857, Daylight built 1870,
DE Dea 344169, Dealbrook 184361, Dea Mazzella, Deauville, Decapolis, Deddington, Deed 169113, Deerfoot built 1862, Deerfoot built 1865, Deerpool 180093, Deer Sound, Defence, Defender built 1836, Defender built 1850, Defender built 1955, Defiance, Dekade, Delano, Delaware built 1857, Delaware built 1929, Delight Glory IMO 7341893, Delmonico, Delos 160315, Delphin 123155, Delphoi, Delscey, Delta built 1839, Delta built 1944, Demeterton, Demis, Denewood built 1943, Denis, Denis Papin, Denizhanlar 180865, Densu River, Deptford built 1853 or 1854, Deptford 29243 built 1860, Deptford built 1951 184540, Deptford Packet, Derbyshire, Deronda, Derwent built 1858, Derwent built 1847, Derwent built 1879, Derwentfield 168669, Derwent River 168669, De Sheng IMO 7611559, Desiderius Siedler, Despina C 186916, Despina Lemos, Despoina, Despoula K., Deucalion, Deutscher Kaiser, Deva, Devon built 1864 47736, Devon also built 1864, Devon City, Devonian, Devon Moor 183246, Devonport, Dewdrop, Dexterous, D. G. Papalios, Dhoolia,
DI Diadem built 1842, Diadem built 1860, Diamantis 137266, Diamond built 1828, Diamondo built 1944 165867, Diamondo built 1958, Diamond Star, Diana built 1802, Diana built 1908, Dido, Diego, Dignus, Diligent built 1888, Dimitrakis, Dimitrios A. IMO 5229780, Dimitrios Chandris, Dimitris P., Dimitros, Dingle Bank, Dingle Bay, Dinorah, Diplomat, Discovery, Divonne, Djena, Djibouti,
DO Docteur Laveran, Dolbadern Castle, Dolphin built 1840, Dolphin built 1845, Dom Franceso de Almeida, Domina, Dominion Miller, Dona Anita, Dona Edie, Dona Evgenia, Dona Feliciana, Dona Katerina, Dona Margarita, Dona Mira 187693, Dona Myrto, Dona Telesfora, Dora built 1873 68424, Dora 344169 built 1971, Dora Ann 67635, Dorcas, Dordogne, Dori 106064, Dorine Papalios IMO 5117793, Dorington Court built 1957, Doris built 1873, Doris built 1949, Dorita 88733, Doro 169113, Dorthe Oldendorff IMO 7109037, Dorothea, Dorothy built 1837, Dorothy built 1852, Dorothy built 1856, Dorothy built 1857, Dorothy built 1860 28774, Dorothy built 1861, Dorothy Ann, Dorothy Gales, Dorothy Thompson, Douro 81498, Dova Lisboa, Dove, Dovedale, Dovenby, Dover Castle, Dover Hill, Dragon, Dragon Hill, Drakensberg Castle, Drakensburg Castle, Drepano, Driving Mist, Druid, Druidstone 109963, Drumalis, Drumcliffe, Drumcondra, Drumcruil 113424, Drumgeith,
DU Duba, Dublin, Dubrava, Duchess, Duchess of Kent, Duchess of Northumberland 4276 built 1834, Duchess of Northumberland built 1854, Duchess of Sutherland, Duchess of York 99150, Duesbery, Duffield, Duke, Duke of Athens, Duke of Clarence, Duke of York, Dumfries, Dumfriesshire, Dumont D'Urville, Dunbar, Duncan Dunbar 18724, Duncow, Dundee, Dunelm built 1877 68953, Dunelm built 1907, Dunelm built 1916, Dunelmia IMO 7422776, Dunrobin, Dunsandle, Dunsley, Dunstan, Düppel, Durbhunga, Durham built 1866, Durham also built 1866, Durham Trader 167415 built 1940, Durham Trader 300910 built 1959, Durmitor 301067, Durus, Dussan, Dusternbrook, Dwina, Dynabulker 185551


EA Ea 105880, Eaglet, Eamont 16356, Earl Bathurst, Earl Cromartie, Earl Durham 11584, Earl Grey, Earl Moira, Earl of Cromartie, Earl of Durham 11584, Earl of Elgin 43722, Earl of Moira, Earl Strathmore, Earl Talbot, Easingwold, East Anglian, Eastbank, Eastcliffe, Eastdale, Eastella 65230, Easterly 143367, Eastern City built 1941, Eastern Glory, Eastern Mobility, Eastern Monarch, Eastern Planet, Eastern Ranger, Eastfield, Eastgate built 1957, Eastide, Eastlea, East Lion, East Lynn, Eastman, Easton, East Wales, Eaton Hall, Eblana, Echo built 1823, Echo built 1831, Echo built 1859, Eclipse 8740 built 1814, Eclipse built 1827, Ecliptic, Economy, Edel, Eden 721 built 1826, Eden built 1830, Eden 26288 built 1850, Eden 27895 built 1859, Edendale built 1854, Edendale built 1879, Eden Holme 62035, Edenor, Edera, Edith built 1848, Edith built 1861, Edith built 1882, Editha, Edith Jones, Edith Wolden, Edmund Graham, Edmund Pear, Edmundsbury 24976, Ednyfed, Edouard Bureau 99361, Edward, Edward Charleton,
EE Eena built 1853, Eena built 1854, Efcharis, Effort 21022, Efi 300145, Eforie, Efos, Efploia, Efstathios built 1906, Efstathios built 1955, Eftychia, Egbert, Egidia 302890, Eglantine, Egle Z., Egton built 1938, Egton built 1962 303556, Egypt,
EI E. J. Spence 64766, Eibe Oldendorff IMO 7341881, Eileen 185921, Eirini Kyriakides, Eivion, Ekaterini Nicolaou, Ekaterinodar, Ekton 301542, Elaine built 1861, Elaine built 1904, Elbe 4280, El Billy 306163, Elbow River, Eldra 160315, Eleanor built 1830, Eleanor built 1831, Eleanor also built 1831, Eleanor 2622 built 1839, Eleanor built 1840, Eleanor built 1851, Eleanor built 1861, Eleanor Grace, Eleanor Isabella 44281, Electra built 1850, Electra built 1855, Electricity, Eleftheria, Eleftheros, Eleni 90323, Eleni Millas, Eleni Negropontes, Eleven, Elf, El Flamingo, Elgin, Elias, Elias K, Elisabeth, Elisabeth Nielsen, Elissar, Eliza built 1816, Eliza built 1855, Eliza built 1934 163484, Eliza & Jane, Eliza Ann built 1831, Eliza Bain, Eliza Hart, Eliza Jane 11758, Elizabeth built 1825, Elizabeth built 1832, Elizabeth built 1839, Elizabeth built 1840, Elizabeth built 1841, Elizabeth built 1842, Elizabeth built 1845, Elizabeth built 1848, Elizabeth built 1849 2060, Elizabeth built 1856, Elizabeth built 1860, Elizabeth IV, Elizabeth and Ann, Elizabeth & Sarah, Elizabeth Ann, Elizabeth Ferguson, Elizabeth Hargrove, Elizabeth Harrison, Elizabeth Holland 106427, Elizabeth Jane, Elizabeth Lysaght 166439, Elizabeth Mary, Elizabeth Nicholson, Elizabeth Ray, Elizabeth Taylerson, Elizabeth Taylorson, Elizabeth Thompson, Eliza Charles, Eliza Jane built 1839, Eliza Jane built 1854, Eliza Laing, Eliza Robson, El Kanemi, Ella Gladstone 28624, Ellaroo, Ella Sayer, Ellaston built 1922, Elle, Elleker, Ellen built 1838, Ellen built 1848, Ellen built 1850, Ellen 2736 also built 1850, Ellen built 1864, Ellen Horsfall, Ellen Jensen, Ellen Morrison, Ellerbek, Ellerdale, Elli, Ellin built 1913, Ellin built 1938, Elliots, Elliotts built 1867, Elliotts built 1869, Ellispontos, Elly, Elm Branch, Elmtree, Elorrio, Elpida, Elpis, Elsie, Elva Seed 114426, Elvira, Ely, Elzasier,
EM Embiricos Nicolaos, Emblehope, Emblem, Embleton, Emerald built 1837 5855, Emerald built 1864, Emerald Islands IMO 7341831, Emi, Emigrant, Emil, Emilia Lamb, Emil Julius 44467, Emil Kirdorf, Emily built 1832, Emily built 1841, Emily built 1846, Emily built 1882, Emily Smeed, Emlyn, Emma built 1837, Emma built 1845, Emma built 1865, Emma built 1872 95269, Emma F., Emmanuel, Emma Sarah, Emma Tully, Emmaus built 1847, Emmaus built 1866, Emmeline, Emmi, Empire Aden 180156, Empire Airman 169009, Empire Allenby, Empire Ash, Empire Ballad 169013, Empire Banner 169028, Empire Bardolph, Empire Barrie, Empire Beauty, Empire Belle, Empire Brutus, Empire Camp, Empire Cavalier 169033, Empire Coleridge 169020, Empire Connell, Empire Coral 168669, Empire Cowdray, Empire Cranmer, Empire Cromer, Empire Day, Empire Deed 169113, Empire Derwent, Empire Druid 169002, Empire Dryden, Empire Duchess, Empire Duke, Empire Earl, Empire Ensign, Empire Envoy, Empire Flamborough, Empire Frank, Empire Friendship, Empire Gala, Empire Galliard, Empire Ganges, Empire General, Empire Gladstone, Empire Gulf, Empire Halley, Empire Herald 181127, Empire Highlander, Empire Hunter, Empire Inventor 180053, Empire Iseult, Empire Johnson, Empire Judy 169116, Empire Keats, Empire Kinsman 169035, Empire Lambeth, Empire Latimer, Empire Longstone, Empire Lord, Empire Lowlander, Empire Maldon 181129, Empire Mandalay, Empire Mars 180153, Empire Marvell 169015, Empire Mauritius 180149, Empire Mist, Empire Moon, Empire Nairobi, Empire Newton, Empire Nicholas, Empire Northfleet, Empire Opal 168910, Empire Paragon 180138, Empire Pearl 168997, Empire Penang 181786, Empire Pendennis, Empire Phyllis, Empire Planet, Empire Prome, Empire Prospero 169108, Empire Raleigh, Empire Ronaldsay, Empire Rother, Empire Sally, Empire Sceptre, Empire Singapore, Empire Southey, Empire Southwold 180865, Empire Spray, Empire Stour 162474, Empire Stronsay, Empire Summer, Empire Tadpole, Empire Tavoy, Empire Tedilla 181122, Empire Tees, Empire Tesville 181126, Empire Tilbury, Empire Tobago 180170, Empire Tristram, Empire Tudor, Empire Webster, Empire Wold, Employ, Emporium, Empress built 1836, Empress built 1841, Empress built 1847, Empress also built 1847, Empress built 1858, Empress built 1865, Empress built 1882, Emulous 5189, E. Myrtidiotissa, Enchantress, Endeavour, Endsleigh, Endymion, Enera, Engineer, England built 1838, England built 1863, England also built 1863, England built 1930, England's Queen built 1838, England's Queen also built 1838, Englishman built 1854, Englishman built 1857, English Prince, Ennisbrook, Ennistown 140288, Enos, Enrique Illueca, Enterprise built 1834, Enterprise IMO 8118114 built 1983, Enterprize built 1834, Enthusiast,
EO Eos, E. O. Saltmarsh, Epaminondas, Epsilon, Epsom, Eptalofos, Equivalent, Era, Erandio, Erato built 1815, Erato built 1821, Erato built 1872, Erato 184615 built 1952, Ercilla, Ercole, Erika Fritzen built 1906, Erika Fritzen built 1929, Eriksholm, Erin, Erith, E. R. J., Erland, Ermioni, Ermoupolis IMO 5105685, Erna, Ernebank, Ernst Moritz Arndt, Erodios IMO 7422817, Eros, Erromanga built 1851, Erromanga built 1856, Escape, Escort, Eskbank, Eskcliffe, Eskdale, Eskdene 163535, Esmeralda, Esneh, Españoleta, Espen, Esperienza, Esperos, Esperos III IMO 5025225, Esperos IV IMO 5009829, Esperos V, Essay, Essays, Essex, Essex Judge, Essex Manor, Essex Oak, Essex Trader, Esso Caernarvon, Esso Cheyenne 169020, Esso Ipswich, Ester built 1875 72923, Ester built 1901, Esther, Esther Ann, Eston Nab, Ethel built 1876 68940, Ethelbert, Ethelfreda, Ethelwin, Ethelwynne, Ethiopian, Etivebank 180156, Etna, Etonian 136654, Etrib, Etruria, Ettrickbank,
EU Eucles, Euclid, Eugenia, Eugenia Segre, Eugenie S. Embiricos, Eugenio, Eugenio Dutras, Eulomene, Eunice, Eupatoria, Euphony, Euphrates, Euphrosyne built 1847, Euphrosyne built 1853, Euroclydon, Euromariner, Europe built 1839, Europe built 1863, European built 1845, European built 1864, Eustace, Euston, Euthalia, Eva built 1853, Eva built 1957, Evadne, Eva Maria, Evandros, Evangelia 81610, Evangelia II 163532, Evangeline, Evanthia, Ever Access IMO 7614733, Everbloom, Ever Bright IMO 7614733, Everelza, Everett, Ever Fortune 169113, Ever Happiness 169113, Everita, Everlucky, Evgenia, Evgenia I, Evlalia, Evora, Evros, Ewart, Excelsior built 1851, Excelsior built 1856 12374, Excelsior also built 1856, Executive Venture, Exertion built 1844, Exile, Exmoor, Exning 306260, Expedient 14984, Exquisite


Fabio, Faerie Queen built 1856, Faerie Queene built 1853, Fairfax, Fairhaven, Fair Spirit IMO 7341881, Fair Wind 305426, Fairy, Fairy Dell, Fairy Queen built 1845, Fairy Queen also built 1845, Faith, Falcon built 1837, Falcon built 1855, Falcon built 1883, Falcon 2, Fallodon 118348, Falls of Lora 113424, Falmouth 300877, Falmouth Castle, Fama, Fame, Family Unity, Fanis, Fanny built 1838, Fanny Huntley 14318, Fanny Slater 45676, Farmsum, Farnham Castle, Faros IMO 6822010, Farringford, Father Panos, Fatih, Faustus 169108, Favignana, Favourite, Fawn built 1836, Fawn built 1844, Fawn built 1870, Fayrouz I IMO 8118114, Fayrouz IV IMO 8118140, Fazilka, Fear Not, Feax built 1970, Feax IMO 7224849 built 1972, Feddy, Fede, Federal, Federal Wear, Fedora built 1903, Fee Cheu, Félicité, Felicity, Fellside, Fence, Fenton 73735, Fenwick, Fernande, Fernando, Fernglen 68911, Fernlea, Fernriver, Fero, Ferriby 149451, Fertilia, Fessonia, Fidel IMO 8018924, Fidela, Fidentia, Fides, Fido, Fidus 2496, Filtric 146197, Fin, Finchale 62526, Findon 186868, Fingal, Finix, Finland, Firbank built 1957, Firbank built 1976, Firenze, Firmino 168008, First Jay 343155, First Lancashire, Firth of Forth, Fishpool 160785, Fiskardo 300877, Fitzclarence, Five Bays, Five Star, Fjellheim, Fjordcem 184499, Flamborough, Flamenco 124003, Flamingo I, Flashlight 144598, Flathouse, Fleetwing, Floating Mountain IMO 7341867, Flora built 1837, Flora built 1856, Flora built 1866, Flora built 1869, Flora M., Flora N., Florence 29270, Florence Braginton, Florence Richards, Florinda, Flower of Ugie, Fluellin 60911, Fluent, Flying Childers, Flying Dragon, Flying Fish, Flying Fulmar, Flying Wizard, Folgore, Folia 136640, Folk On, Fong Min, Foo-Hsiang, Fop Smidt, Fop Smit, Ford Mill, Forerunner, Forest, Forest Abbey, Forestash, Forest Oak, Forfarshire, Formentor IMO 5117793, Forresbank, Forskalia 181122, Fort Hamilton 120477, Fortitude, Fortuna Africa IMO 8118114, Fortunate Star IMO 7614733, Fortune King IMO 7304259, Fortune Wind, Forum Craftsman, Forum Spirit, Fos, Fos I IMO 5025225, Foscolino, Four Sisters, Foyle built 1874, Foyle built 1887, Foyle built 1915, Framlington Court, Frances, Francesca, Francesca R, Francesco O., Frances Massey, Francoli, Françunion VI 137256, Frank, Frankford, Frankier, Frankland 62542, Franklin, Frank Parish, Frans van Mieris, Fratzis M., Frederick John Evans 186016, Frederiksborg, Fredrika 96551, Fredriksten, Fredrikssten, Free Briton, Free Spirit, Freights Queen, Freja, Fresia, Fresno City, Fresno Star, Frideborg, Frieda Leonhardt, Frieden, Friends built 1838, Friends also built 1838, Friends built 1839, Friends built 1841, Friend's Adventure, Friendship built 1810, Friendship built 1837, Friendship built 1849, Fro, Fructidor, Frumenton, Fu An, Fuchsia 3532, Fugitive, Fukui Maru, Fulica, Fulidhoo, Fultala, Fulwell, Funabashi, Fundacion, Furama, Fuschia 3532, Fusinus 181126, Fuso Maru built 1869, Fuso Maru 68501 built 1873, Futala, Fylingdale,


GA Gaaton 146197, Gabriele 168008, Gaelic Prince, Galavale, Galeb 138929, Galeed 60555, Galiola 186052, Galini 187744, Gallant, Gallia 90546, Gallovidian, Gallovidian of Liverpool, Galounis, Gamboa 186895, Gandhi 186168, Gandhi Jayanti 186168, Gang Cheng, Ganges built 1861, Ganges also built 1861, Ganges built 1882, Gannet IMO 7340708, Ganymede, Gap, Garbeta, Garfield, Garland, Garnet 96635, Garnock, Garryvale, Gasbras Sul, Gasfire 164730, Gateacre, Gateshead Park built 1836, Gatton, Gattopardo, Gaunless, Gazelle,
GE Gela 302950, Gellivare, Gem built 1828, Gem built 1848, Gem built 1866, Gem of the Nith, Gem of the South, Generaldirektor Sonnenschein, General Church, General Freire, General Havelock 29858 built 1861, Generosity 28434, Generton, Genesis Pioneer IMO 7224849, Genie, Gen. M. Makleff, Genoa 97525, Gentoo, George built 1856, George built 1948, George built 1954, George and Elizabeth built 1840, George and Richard, George Avery built 1853, George Avery built 1862, George Bell, George Elliot, George Elliott, George Hudson, George Kendall, George Lockwood, George Marsden, George M. Embiricos, George Ramsay, George Ramsey, George Royle, George Smith built 1838, George Smith built 1845, Georgetown, Georgetta, George Welsford, George William, Georgia F., Georgiana Grenfell, Georgian Valour, Georgios, Georgios A. 181770, Georgios-G., Georgios M II, Georgios Markettos, Georgios S., Georgios T, Georgios Tsakiroglou, Georgy, Geraldine, Gerania, Gerard Dou, Geremia, Gerent, Gernis, Geronimo, Gertrud, Gertrude, Gevalia, Ghikas,
GI Giang Bee, Giannina 184574, Giannis, Giannis Xilas 339243, Gian Paolo, Gifford, Gifhorn, Gift, Gigi F IMO 6822010, Gijon, Gina T. 306163, Giorgina Celli, Giorgis IMO 7329508, Giovannina, Gipsy, Gitana, Giuseppe U., Glacier, Gladys Royle, Glaisdale 161102, Glance, Glandinorwig, Glanely 301186, Glaucus 68988 built 1878, Glee Maiden 28500, Glenaln, Glenalva, Glenalvon, Glencoe built 1837, Glencoe 2170 built 1851, Glendevon, Glendoveer, Glendovey 67633, Glendower, Glengariff, Glenlyon, Glenmoor, Glenochil, Glen Osmond, Glen Tilt 86110, Glenwood 167415, Glide built 1840, Glide built 1842, Glimt 72921, Global Envoy, Global Mariner, Globe, Globe Star, Gloria built 1868, Gloria built 1894, Gloria built 1894, Gloriosa, Gloucester, Gloucester City built 1919, Glückauf 129799, Glynymel,
GO Goalpara, Gogovale, Golconda built 1843, Golconda built 1887, Gold Bridge I, Golden Antwerp IMO 7112395, Golden Bridge, Golden Grove, Golden Season, Golden Singapore, Golden Sunlight, Golden Sunset built 1863, Golden Sunset built 1876 73136, Golden Wave, Goldfield 169013, Golemi 307625, Gold Star 307625, Golondrina, Good Design, Good Hope 60848 built 1868, Good Hope built 1949, Good Intent built 1841, Good Intent also built 1841, Good Intent built 1847, Good Lion, Good Sun 321230, Goodwin, Goodwood built 1868, Goodwood built 1937 165553, Goodwood built 1941 168053, Goolistan, Gordon, Gorey Castle, Gorm, Gosport 184707, Gottfried, Governor built 1834, Governor built 1838, Governor built 1857, Gowlands, Grace built 1838, Grace built 1842, Grace built 1934 163484, Grace built 1957 300173, Grace & Jane, Grace Five, Graces built 1816, Graces built 1855, Graiglas, Grainton built 1929, Grainton built 1940, Grainton built 1958, Grainville 184403, Grampian, Grand Quevilly, Grandyke, Grange 8585, Grängesberg, Granhill, Granita IV 180839, Granli, Granny Marigo, Granny Suzanne, Grant Carrier, Grantley, Gratitude, Grayburn 166570, Great City, Great Fareastern, Great Harmony 337303, Greathope 186879, Great Northern, Great Western, Grecian, Greenbatt built 1908, Greenbatt built 1954 169259, Green Island, Greenland 304348, Greenwich, Greif 99361, Gregorios, Grelford, Grenehurst, Gresham, Greta 184576, Grief, Griffin, Griffin Aurora IMO 8118140, Griffin Elara IMO 8118114, Grigorios Anghelatos, Grindefjell, Grindlay, Grindon Hall built 1905, Grindon Hall built 1908, Gripen, Griqua Coast 164270, Grosvenor Navigator, Grove, Grovemont, Groves, Gruz 165867, Gryfevale 180170,
GU Guadiana, Guardiana, Guayacan, Guaytecas 90315, Gueiteas 90315, Guernsey, Guiding Star, Guidonia, Guillermo Schulz, Guillermo Schultz, Guipuzcoa, Guiseppe Riccardi, Gulf Carrier 186879, Gulf Reefer 301224, Gulf Venture, Gun, Gurli, Gustaf Wasa 98046, Guthrie, G. W. Jones 87137, Gwrtheyrn Castle, Gwynedd, Gwynmead, Gypsy, Gyrotoma,


HA Habana, Habib Marikar, Hackney 184576, Hadassah, Hadji, Hadley 114713, Hadrian, Haigh Hall, Hailey, Hai Meng IMO 7025621, Hakaniemi, Halifax, Halifax Star 305984, Halldor IMO 7422776, Hallgyn, Halls, Halse, Halyma, Hamdale, Hamen 182724, Hammarland, Hampden, Hampshire built 1834, Hampshire built 1906 122861, Hampton 94377, Hampton Hill, Hamsterley Hall, Hamsterly Hall, Hanna built 1856, Hanna built 1943 168412, Hannah built 1837, Hannah built 1852, Hannah built 1864, Hannah Andrew, Hannah Hodgson, Hannah Park, Hannah Rahtkens 29269, Hannibal 108328, Hannington Court built 1954 186168, Hanoverian, Hans Hemsoth, Happy Chance IMO 7341879, Harald, Harborne 105880, Harbury 105858, Harcroft, Hardman H. IMO 8018924, Hardwicke 12065, Hardy, Harefield, Hariclia Venizelos, Harilaos, Harlech 108198, Harlingen, Harlington, Harlow built 1902, Harlow built 1913, Harmonic, Harmony built 1836, Harmony built 1840, Harmony Breeze IMO 7218644, Harold, Harp 1486, Harpagus built 1917, Harpagus built 1942, Harpalyce built 1942, Harpalyce built 1958, Harpenden 162474, Harraton, Harriet, Harriet Dobing 27885, Harriet Wardle, Harriett Wardle, Harriette Wardle, Harrington 108354, Harrisons 2758, Hart, Harting 185965, Hartington, Hartlepool, Hartley, Hartside built 1883 86110, Hartwelson, Harvest built 1811, Harvest built 1839, Harvest built 1864, Harvest Queen, Hastedt, Hastings built 1849 26635, Hatasu built 1917, Hatasu built 1921, Hatsu Maru, Hatumet, Haughty, Haukefjell 169002, Haulerwijk, Haulerwyk, Havelet, Havraise, Havsul, Hawk, Hawkes Bay, Hawkesbury, Hawkwood 112620, Hawthorn built 1827, Hawthorn built 1859, Hayat, Hay's or Hays, Hazel Branch 95292,
HE Heath, Heather Bell, Heathpool, Hebe built 1851, Hebe built 1860, Hebe built 1873, Heber, Hector built 1840, Hector 44550 built 1863, Hedingham Castle, Hedworth 90308, Heimfeld, Heinrich, Heinrich von Plauen 105858, Helen built 1820, Helena, Helena Mena, Helene built 1898 109963, Helene built 1934, Helen Lindsay, Heliopolis IMO 6828193, Helix, Hellenic Chryssoula, Hellera IMO 5105685, Helmos, Helmspey, Helmstrath, Helvellyn, Hemisphere 106857, Henderson, Hendon built 1824, Hendon 2626 built 1850, Hendon built 1866, Hendonhall, Hendrik, Henrietta built 1848, Henrietta built 1854, Henrietta Brewis, Henrik Lund, Henry & Ann, Henry & Harriott, Henry Benness, Henry Cotes, Henry Edye, Henry Grenfell, Henry Lawson, Henry Moon, Henry Morton, Henry R. James, Henry Tanner, Henzee, Hepsa 25402, Heraclides built 1886, Heraclides built 1916, Heraclitos, Herald built 1822, Herald built 1863, Herbert, Hercegovina 187538, Hercules built 1857, Hercules also built 1857, Herdsman, Herefordshire, Herleve, Her Loong IMO 7213187, Her Majesty, Hermann Fritzen, Herman Sauber, Hermes built 1875, Hermes built 1916, Hermine 81610, Hermione built 1856, Hermione built 1961, Hermiston built 1939, Hermiston built 1961, Hermon, Hero built 1808, Hero built 1845, Herodemos, Heroine, Heron, Herradura, Hersilia, Hesione, Hesperia built 1864, Hesperia built 1946 180865, Hesperides built 1875, Hesperides built 1946, Hesperus, Hestia, Hexham,
HI Hiatula, Hibernia, Hie Khean IMO 7304259, Highbury 122846, Highgate, Highland, Highmoor, High Star, Highwood, Hikosan Maru 114426, Hilarius 136654, Hilda 45747, Hildegard, Hillcrag, Hille Oldendorff IMO 7224849, Hillingdon 135130, Himalaya, Hin Ann IMO 7304259, Hindoo, Hindostan 70629, Hindustan built 1892, Hindustan built 1902, Hindustan built 1917 137266, Hindustan built 1919, Hindustan built 1940, Hinrich Oldendorff IMO 7341879, Hiogo 58083, Hippogriff, Hirundo, Historian, Hitchin 135270,
HO Hock Aun, Höegh Rover, Hoflaan 109705, Hogland, Högmarsö, Holbrook, Holdernore 132058, Holland, Hollybank built 1942, Hollybank built 1964, Hollypark, Hollywood 184361, Holms Island, Holstenbek IMO 7305423, Holystone, Holywell, Holywood, Home, Homer 304458, Honduras built 1836, Honduras built 1915, Honest Venture 187693, Honesty II 339136, Hongkong Importer 180138, Hongkong Venture, Hong QI 128 186325, Honor built 1847, Honor 21065 built 1858, Honoreva, Honour, Honresfeld, Hoosac 142440, Hope built 1823, Hope built 1848, Hope built 1868, Hope built 1871, Hopecrag, Hopecrest, Hopedene, Hopelyn, Hope-on, Ho Ping 52, Ho Ping 53 180149, Hoping Wu Shi Er, Hoping Wu Shi San, Horatio built 1839, Horatio built 1849, Horsley, Horsted 180659, Horta, Hospodar, Hotspur built 1839, Hotspur also built 1839, Houghton built 1866, Houghton built 1870, Houghton-le-Skerne, Houghton-le-Spring built 1837, Houghton-le-Spring built 1839, Hound, Houston City built 1942, Houston City built 1963, Houstone, Houtlaan 108354, Howrah, Hsin Ann, Hsing Yung,
HU Huangshi 186325, Hua Shan, Huawanghai, Hubbuck, Hudsons 28788, Hudson Trader, Huelva 135130, Hugh Streatfeild, Hugo, Hulda Maersk IMO 5156672, Humanitas, Humboldt, Humilitas, Humility built 1825, Humility built 1862, Hun-an, Hungarian Prince 111307, Hun Jiang IMO 8000159, Hung On, Huntfield 169257, Huntscraft, Huntsfield, Hupeh, Hurstside, Hutton built 1844, Hutton built 1871, Hwa Gek 302735, Hwa Sung, Hydracrete, Hygeia, Hylton built 1823, Hylton built 1937, Hylton Castle, Hyltonia, Hymen, Hyperion 185003


Iason, Ibis II, Icemaid 164670, Ida, Idalia, Idea 344169, Idraet, Ifafa, Igen Moon IMO 7032222, Iginia Zeta 180913, Ignatii Prokhorov, Ignatius Prohoroff, Ignatiy Prokhorov, I. H. Lorentzen, Ile de Montreal, Ilok 187538, Ilkon Dalio, Ilkon Niki 300145, Ilkon Polly, Ilkon Tak 300142, Ilva built 1865, Ilva built 1893, Imari, Imatra, Imera, Imme Oldendorff IMO 7207425, Immy, Imogen built 1852, Imogen built 1868, Imperial, Imperial Eagle, Imperial Halifax 181129, Imperialist, Impetus, Imtiazbaksh, Inarime, Inca, Incharran built 1904, Incharran built 1935, Inchcastle, Inchdouglas, Inchkeith, Inchmay, Inchmull, Inchona 301186, India IMO 5160221, Indiana built 1873, Indiana built 1977, Indian Chief, Indian City 165867, Indomitable, Indon 186868, Indore, Indrabarah, Indus built 1837, Indus built 1839, Industria, Industry built 1861, Industry built 1864, Inga, Inga L, Ingeborg, Inger, Ingleton, Ingrid 95665, Inkeri Nurminen, Inkerman, Inkermann, Inland, Innesmoor, Ino, Inocencio Figaredo, Inster, Integrity built 1835, Integrity built 1841, Interpreter, Intra Tradition, Intra Trophy, Inverarder 143371, Inverness built 1899, Inverness built 1902, Invicta, , Ioannis, Ioannis 2, Ioannis I 358784, Ioannis Aspiotis, Ioannis Chandris, Ioannis Inglessis, Iodine, Ion, Ione built 1840, Ione built 1869, Ionian Moon, Ionion, Ioulia Nicolaou, Iperia, Iquique, Ira, Irene built 1853, Irene built 1976, Irene M., Irene S. Embiricos, Irenes Fortune, Irene's Fortune 185988, Ireshope, Ires-hope, Iris built 1907, Iris built 1918, Irish Elm, Iron Barque 186902, Iron Chief built 1916, Iron Chief built 1930, Iron Endeavour, Iron Monarch, Iron Ore 186895, Ironside, Ironsides, Isabella built 1816, Isabella built 1843, Isabella, a sloop, also built 1843, Isabella also built 1855, Isabella built 1859, Isabella built 1860 (Bartram) 28574, Isabella also built 1860 (Robinson), Isabella built 1861 28598, Isabella & Dorothy, Isabella and Jane, Isabella & Louisa, Isabella Atkinson, Isabella Granger, Isabella Hay, Isabella Muston, Isabellas, Isabella Walker, Isabel Maria 344169, Isadora, Ise Maru, Iser, Isis, Island Home, Island Queen, Islas Filipinas, Isle of Beauty, Isle of Cyprus, Isle of Thanet, Isles of the South 27783, Islington, Isobel, Isokvatis, Isperos V, Isploven, Italico, Ithaca, Ithaki built 1968 IMO 6828193, Ithaki 337401 built 1977, Ittersum, Itxas-Alde, Iveston, Ivestone, Ivydene, Ivyeverett IMO 7207425, Ixia built 1922, Ixia 187944 built 1964


Jabez, Jacob Christensen, Jacobus Fritzen, Jacqueline 165863, Jacques Bingen, Jag Rahat, Jag Laadki, Jag Rakshak, Jag Sevak 167415, Jaguar 169013, Jaime D'Urgell, Jalaganga, Jalagouri, Jalagovind, Jaldoot Ashok, Jalon 135130, James built 1839, James built 1858, James and Elizabeth, James Bales, James Craig 68086, James Dowell, James Drake 70389, James Dunford, James Hamel 168997, James Horn, James Lamb, James Lemon, James Montgomery, Jamesons, James Richard Hindson 23608, James Riddell, James Shepherd, James Watt, James Westoll, Janani 181621, Jane built in 1810, Jane built in 1839, Jane built in 1840, Jane Alice built in 1861, Jane Alice built in 1866, Jane Almond, Jane A. Milvain, Jane and Ann, Jane and Margaret, Jane Dunn, Jane Emily, Jane Frances, Jane Heward, Jane Hudson, Jane Lacy, Jane Lockhart, Janes, Jane Shirrefs, Jane Spoors, Jane Strong built 1850, Jane Strong built 1855, Jane Tindall built 1849, Jane Tindell built 1849, Jane White, Janet Willis built 1835, Janet Willis built 1850, Janey IMO 7000011, Jang Dae San IMO 7340693, Janus, Japan Auto A. 300877, Jarlen, Jason 25604, Java built 1833, Java built 1949, Javron, J. B. Eminson, J. C. Pfluger 68518, Jeanne d'Arc, Jeannie 337303, Jedmead, Jedmoor built 1913, Jela Topic, Jemima built 1846, Jemima built 1863, Jeneral Freire, Jenny, Jernaes, Jersey City built 1942 165863, Jersey Dawn, Jersey Hart, Jerseymoor, Jersey Spray, Jesmond, Jessamine built 1853, Jessamine built 1855, Jessie built 1836, Jessie built 1847 or 1848, Jessie Annandale, Jessie Scott, Jevington Court built 1956 187488, J. H. Lorentzen, Jinkai Maru 118697, Jinzan Maru, J. J. Prior, J. M. Joshua, J. M. Smith,
JO Joan Cunllo built in 1863, Jocasta IMO 7218644, Johanna U 302840, Johanne, Johanne Dybwad, John built 1818, John built 1838, John built 1860, John built 1862, John built 1967 334659, John Adamson, John Allan, John & Albert, John & Alice Brown 12714, John & Amelia, John & Ann built 1827, John & Ann built 1840, John & Ann built 1843, John & Ann built 1860, John and Elizabeth, John and Isabella built 1839 19628, John and Isabella also built 1839, John and Isabella built 1848, John & Isabella built 1858, John & Mary built 1815, John & Mary built 1827, John Banks, John Blumer, John Bull built 1846, John Bull built 1860, John Bunyan 12915, John Charrington, John Fothergill, John George built 1837, John George built 1868, John Harrison, John Hunter built 1846, John Hunter built 1862 44490, John Hutchinson, John Middleton, John Murray built 1847, John Murray built 1848, John Myers, John Paterson 68801, John Phillips, John Purdie, John Reay, John Rickinson, John Robinson, Johns built 1833, Johns built 1840, John Sanderson, John Scott, Johnstown, John Sugars, John Temperley 13743, John Thompson, John Vanner 29017, John White built 1831, John White built 1837, Joker, Jolly Inez, Jolly's, Jollys, Joo Hong 186044, Jordan, Josefina 63579, Josemaria Escriva, José Monteys 63579, Joseph Cape 28176, Joseph Davis, Joseph Holland 108328, Joseph Shepherd, Joshua & Mary, Journalist, J.R. 47736, Juan Casiano, Juanita I, Jubilant, Jubilee built 1836, Jubilee built 1851, Judith 15423, Judith Allan, Judith Milbanke, Julia, Julia Ann Gale, Julia Augusta, Juliana, Juliet, Juliet Erskine, Juliette, Julindur, Jull II, Jumbo, June, Jungfrau built 1849, Jungfrau built 1867, Jungshoved 112798, Juno, Jupiter, Jurko Topic, Juss, Justine Helene, Jute Express 358784, Juventa, Juventus, J. W. Burmester, J. W. Rathie, Jyden 81610, J. W. Morris, J. Y. Short


Kaderbaksh, Kadio 132628, Kafiristan built 1924, Kafiristan built 1941, Kaipara, Kai Quen, Kai Shun, Kaisow, Kaitangata, Kaiwarra, Kalam 186879, Kallimachos, Kalliopi D. Lemos, Kalliopi S., Kambole, Kambyses, Kamenets-Podolsk, Kamenetz-Podolsk 138754, Kanarya, Kanarya 5, Kangaroo, Kangars, Kanika III, Kansas City 102481, Kaptan Ziya Sonmez, Kaptayanni, Karanja, Karibisches Meer 140380, Karin, Karlshamn, Kashgar 68549, Kassos, Kate Evelyn, Kate Kearney, Kate Kellock, Katerina built 1898 106635, Katerina IMO 7340693 built 1974, Katerina Dracopoulos IMO 7422764, Katerina Dracopoulou IMO 7422764, Kate Thomas, Katharina Dorothea Fritzen, Katharine built 1874, Katharine Sharer, Katherina 106635, Katherine, Katia, Katia Banck, Katina Andreadi, Katingo 181786, Katrinamar, Kaukhali, Kavo Yerakas, Kawana, Kay, Kazan, Keepier, Kehrewieder, Keldy Castle, Kellington, Kelloe 2973, Kelso built 1855, Kelso built 1861, Kelvinbank built 1903, Kelvinbank built 1905, Kem, Kenley 76973, Kennington built 1856, Kennington built 1908, Kent built 1814, Kent built 1836 23653, Kepier 62549, Kepwickhall, Keranna 67635, Kerkennah, Kerkplein 146146, Kermoor, Kero, Keroula 82812, Kettara II, Ketty Brøvig 142282, Keynes 180839, Kezia, Kharlov, Kieldrecht IMO 5186639, Kien An, Kien Ping, Kildare, Kim, Kim Ann IMO 5361617, Kim Hock IMO 5160221, Kincardine built 1906, Kincardine built 1920, Kindrochat, King City built 1905 120528, King City built 1928, King City built 1950, King David built 1895, King David built 1941, King Edgar, King Edward, Kingdom of Belgium, Kingfisher, King Jaja, King James, King John, Kingsgate, Kingston built 1822, Kingston built 1871, Kin Ming, Kinoene Maru, Kinross built 1935, Kinross built 1949, Kin Shan, Kirch 70377, Kirkfield 106034, Kirklee 108689, Kirkloch, Kirkpool 139258, Kirriemoor built 1935, Kirtons, Kiruna, Kitafuku Maru, Kitty 1127, Kizan Maru, Klia, Knaresbro', Knightsbridge, Knockwell, Knud, Kogo, Koidula, Kollgrim 168997, Komodore Hakki Burak, Komovi IMO 7341855, Komura, Konan Maru 144354, Kong Frode, Kongsfos, Konstantinos G. Chimples, Konsul Carl Fisser, Koolonga built 1914, Koolonga built 1918, Koomilya, Kopalnia Szombierki 165863, Koranton, Kordun 180093, Korean Prince 137266, Koromiko, Korthion 141876, Kosmaj, Kostis H. IMO 5072149, Kota Alam, Kota Selamat, Kotka, Kowarra, Kringsjaa, Krishna Jayanti 187488, Kriss 180170, Krivs 101847, Kronos I, Kronos II built 1949 IMO 5009829, Kronos II built 1950, Kronprinsessen, Kron Prinz built 1873, Krosfond, Kuiseb IMO 8118114, Kupres 180091, Kurdistan, Kurland, Kusuyama Maru, Kwanto Maru, Kwasind, Kwogen Maru, Kyknos, Kylequeen, Kypros, Kyriakoula 145457


LA La Barranca, La Bahia, Labaro 129038, Labrador, La Chacra 185982, Lachinedoc, La Cordillera, Ladoga 135098, Lady Aberdour, Lady Alice 21399, Lady Ann built 1838, Lady Ann built 1854, Lady Ann built 1877 68959, Lady Anne built 1838, Lady Aryette IMO 7207425, Lady Beatrice, Lady Charrington 184730, Lady Clermont, Lady Cory-Wright 123697, Lady Elizabeth built 1853, Lady Elizabeth built 1879, Lady Era, Lady Frances, Lady Gray, Lady Hodgkinson, Lady Howden, Lady Isabel 344169, Lady K II, Lady Katherine built 1881 81487, Lady Louisa, Lady M. A. Crosbie, Lady Mary built 1840, Lady Mary built 1841, Lady Melville 27240, Lady Olga 149913, Lady Pirie, Lady Prudhoe, Lady Raffles, Lady Rebecca, Lady Salisbury 98066, Lady Trude IMO 7224849, Lady Turner, Lady Wharncliffe, Lady Williamson built 1836, Lady Williamson built 1839, Ladywood, Lady Zetland, Laertes, La Falda 187807, Laganbank, Lago built 1929, Lago built 1961 302620, Lagosian, Lagos Palm, La Hogue 26531, Laira, Lairg, Lake Burnaby 185357, Lake Neuchatel, Lake Ontario 93725, Lake Pennask, Lake Tahoe IMO 7224849, La Loma 300877, Lammermuir, Lana, Lancashire, Lancashire Witch built 1852, Lancashire Witch built 1887, Lancaster Castle 164318, Lancastria, Lancelot, Lanchester, Lancing 187744, Landing 187744, Langdale 68941 , Lanoma built 1870, Lanoma built 1876 73710, Lansdowne 21065, Lanthorn, Lantao, Lan Tong, La Orilla built 1942, La Orilla built 1955 186325, La Pampa, Larch 106064 , Larchbank, Largo 129750, Largo Bay, Laristan built 1927, Lark, Larnax built 1868, Larpool, Lasborough, La Sierra, Latini, Launceston built 1853, Launceston built 1872, Laura built 1811, Laura Corrado 110150, Laurada IMO 8018924, Laurel built 1850, Laurel built 1869, Laurel built 1943, Laurelbank, Laurel Branch 99621, Laurelwood 185988 built 1953, Laurelwood built 1969, Laurie Pattison, Lauriston, Laut Arafura, Lautaro, Laverock 181632, La Villa 135270, Lawrence, Lawsons, Laxmi Jayanti,
LE Leadbitter, Leader, Leading Star 58124, Lea Grange 165776, Lebanon built 1852, Lebanon built 1854, Lebanon built 1856, Leda built 1860, Leda built 1910, Leda built 1968, Ledra built 1940, Ledra built 1959 301537, Lee, Leeds City built 1927, Leeds City built 1955, Lefkipos, Leif built 1867, Leif built 1905, Legatus built 1825, Legatus built 1856, Lemnos, Lemonia 302840, Le Myre de Villers, Lena built 1839, Lena built 1902, Lendoudis Kiki, Lenko, Lennok, Lensovet, Leo, Leominster, Leon, Leonardos 96635, Leonard Wright, Leonidas 102841 built 1894, Leonidas built 1898 106427, Leonidas Cambanis 169113, Leonis, Léon Mazzella, Leonora built 1836, Leonora built 1871, Leopold De Wael 99231, Leopold LD, Le Plessis 73136, Lequeitio, Lesteloide, Lesto built 1916 133588, Lesto built 1918, Lesvos IMO 7340708, Letizia Montanari 169015, Leto,
LI Libanus, Liberty, Liddesdale, Lido G, Lief. Drammen, Lieutenant J. Le Meur, Life Brigade, Lifjeld, Light and Sign 2989, Lightfoot, Liisa, Lilburn built 1832, Lilburn built 1924, Lilia, Lilian Moller 142364, Lily Michalos, Lily of the Valley, Lime Branch, L'Imperatrice, Lina, Lina & Johanna, Lina L-D, Lincoln, Linden, Lindenbank, Lindisfarne, Linerton, Linkmoor, L'Invicta, Lion of Delos, Lisbet, Lisboa II, Lise, Lisse IMO 7329508, Lita, Lita 1, Little Edith, Liva 186044, Livingstone built 1856, Livingstone built 1857 12682, Livingstone I, Livorno, Liziana, Lizzie Ann built 1862, Lizzie Ann built 1869, Lizzie Anne, Lizzie Annie, Lizzie Bell, Lizzie Webber, Lizzie Westoll, Llanberis, Llandaff 165463, Llangorse, Llantrisant 185357,
LO Lobelia, Locarno, Loch Cree, Loch Dee, Loch Fionn, Loch Heilen, Loch Kilbirnie, Lochleven's Flower, Loch Mochrum, Loch Morar, Lochnagar, Loda, Lodestone 166585, Lodore, Lofthus, Loftus, Loining 27783, Lois built 1859, Lois built 1868, Loksang, Lona, London built 1833, London built 1890 98046, London Artisan, London Banker, London Baron 337303, London Bombardier 358784, London Breeze, London Carabinier 358784, London Cavalier 358686, London Dealer 168058, Londonderry, London Earl 337401, London Endurance 184615, Londoner 302735, London Fusilier IMO 7213187, London Glory 184574, London Grenadier 343155, London Halberdier 358686, London Spirit 184665, Lonoconing, Loong Kang, Lord Brougham, Lord Brougham & Vaux, Lord Citrine, Lord Clarendon, Lord Cochrane, Lord Codrington, Lord Dalhousie, Lord Gambier, Lord George Bentinck, Lord Glanely, Lord Hardinge, Lord Mulgrave, Lord Nelson, Lord Raglan, Lord Royston, Lord Stormont, Lord Strathcona, Lord Teignmouth built 1819, Los Canelos 44467, Lošinj, Louisa built 1840, Louisa built 1847, Louisa built 1852 11581, Louisa Munro, Louis E. Durand, Loukia, Lowestoft 12765, Lowick, Loyal Briton, Loyalty IMO 6904492, L. R. H., LSCO Pandacan, Luana 99231,
LU Lübeck, Lucerne built 1839, Lucerne 44498 built 1862, Lucia 70689, Lucille de Larrinaga, Lucky built 1938, Lucky built 1939, Lucky 25, Lucky Four, Lucky Trader 184351, Lucky Two, Lucrino, Lucy built 1841, Lucy built 1844, Lucy built 1848, Lucy built 1851, Lucy built 1967, Lucy L., Ludgate 98910, Ludlow, Luigi 106019, Luis de Cuadra, Lumley built 1839, Lumley 51197 built 1865, Luna built 1837, Luna built 1850, Lundy Light, Lunedale 60948, Lutetian 334659, Luxor built 1918, Lydia 4579, Lydia Jane, Lynalder, Lynton, Lyra, Lys built 1868, Lys built 1920 144520


MA Maasdijk, Maasland, Mabel, Mabriton, Macdonald, Macedon, Maclaurin, Madda Bozzo 180170, Madda Primo 180170, Madelina Grenfell, Madeline 28044, Madjus, Madras, Madura, Maelgwyn, Magda 120464, Maggie Taylor, Magician, Magicienne, Magnat, Magnet, Magnus Mail, Magsaysay 181786, Mahinda 186902, Mahratta, Mahsuri built 1953, Mahsuri built 1966 309760, Maida, Maid of Auckland, Maid of Lemnos, Maidstone, Maindy Court, Maindy Hill, Maindy Lodge, Maindy Manor, Maindy Priory, Maisie 132627, Maitland built 1865, Maitland built 1885, Maize, Majestic, Majorca 99231, Majorie Seed, Makedonia II, Måkefjell, Makeni Palm, Makra IMO 7324106, Malay, Malay Star, Malcolm 167736, Maldive Carrier, Maldive Image 187807, Maldive Sailor 169259, Maldive Seafarer, Maldive Valour, Maleas, Malistan 148050, Maloja 122846, Malta, Malton, Malvern Range, Mamari, Manchester built 1826, Manchester built 1892, Manchester Exporter 140584, Manchester Faith 300142, Manchester Fame 300145, Mandane, Mandama 308044, Mandarin Ocean IMO 7112395, Mangosteen built 1847, Mangosteen built 1855 23718, Mangosteen built 1867, Manhattan, Manico, Manicouagan, Manitoulin, Manningtry, Mantis, Manuela, Manuella, Manx King, Mapia, Maqboolbaksh 180795, Marajó 148050, Maraki, Maravi, Marc Antony, Marcasite 62655, Marchiani, Marcia 25806, Marco Botzaris, Marcos G. F., Mar Courrier IMO 7032222, Marcus, Mar del Plata, Mardinian 140644, Mareantes, Maréchal Lyautey, Mare Jonio, Maren Cord, Mareotis 110616, Maret, Margaret built 1839, Margaret built 1841, Margaret built 1844, Margaret built 1848, Margaret also built 1848, Margaret built 1854 33763, Margaret built 1862, Margareta, Margaret Clunies 181786, Margaret H. 182389, Margaret Knight, Margaret Macdonald, Margaretta, Margarita built 1884, Margarita built 1903, Mar Glauco built 1906, Mar Glauco built 1931 162534, Margretha, Mari, Maria built 1832, Maria built 1839, Maria built 1849, Maria built 1928 149451, Maria built 1929, Maria built 1970 IMO 7032222, Maria built 1971, Maria built 1985, Maria and Elizabeth built 1834, Maria and Elizabeth built 1849, Maria Bacolitsa, Maria C IMO 5222914, Maria Dolores built 1864 47736, Maria Dolores built 1890, Maria Elisa, Maria Enrica, Maria Fidela 70689, Maria Hay, Maria K. built 1956 IMO 5222914, Maria K. IMO 8118114 built 1983, Marian, Marianik 180027, Marianna built 1954, Marianna built 1962, Mariannina Galatola, Marianthi, Maria P., Maria Pompei, Maria Regier, Maria Sofia, Maria Susanna, Maria Teresa, Maria Vittoria 63579, Maria Whitfield, Maria Ysasi, Mari Chandris IMO 6613160, Marie built 1852, Marie 45385 built 1862, Marie built 1873 68499, Marie built 1876, Marie built 1884, Marie Brandt 7385, Marie Caroussi, Marie Rosette 90323, Marietta, Marigo 181696, Marigo L, Marina built 1833, Marina built 1835, Marina built 1856, Marine Flame 169108, Mariner built 1847, Mariner built 1848 26273, Mariner built 1969 IMO 7000011, Mariner's Hope, Marine Trust, Marinicki, Marion built 1850, Marion built 1851, Marion built 1863, Marionga Maris, Marion Neil, Marioupol, Maririta, Marisa Thordén, Marisol, Marisurf 169230, Maritime Express, Maritsa 306260, Maritsa 2, Maritsa III 306260, Maritsa Pateras, Marivenus, Marja-Liisa Nurminen, Marjan, Marjorie Seed, Marjory Hastie, Markab 180149, Marken, Mark Palmer, Marlborough 79461, Marlena 161541, Marlindo, Marlwood built 1906, Marlwood built 1924, Marmion, Marnetown, Marouko Pateras, Marpesia, Marpessa E. IMO 8207953, Mars built 1834, Mars built 1856, Marsden 2103, Marsingale, Marstonmoor, Märta 81610, Martagon, Mar Terso 161541, Martha built 1850, Martha built 1934, Martha Miles, Marthe Marguerite, Martin built 1836, Martin IMO 7341879 built 1974, Martindale, Martine IMO 5156672, Martin's, Martin S, Martis, Marwood, Mary built 1842, Mary built 1847, Mary also built 1847, Mary built 1857, Mary II, Mary Ada Short, Mary Alice, Mary & Ann built in 1838, Mary & Catherine, Mary & Dorothy, Mary & Elizabeth, Mary & Ellen built in 1849, Mary & Isabella, Mary & Kate, Mary & Martha, Mary & Sarah, Mary Ann built in 1831, Mary Ann built in 1834, Mary Ann built in 1838, Mary Ann built in 1845, Mary Ann built in 1851, Mary Ann & James, Mary Ann & Janes, Mary Beyts, Mary Brack, Mary Charlotte Weber, Mary Clark, Mary Clarke, Mary Eleanor, Mary Elizabeth, Mary Graham, Mary Hall, Mary Hudson, Mary Jane built 1847, Mary Jane built 1856, Mary Jane built 1863, Mary K., Mary Laing, Mary Lawson, Mary Nixon, Mary Queen of Scots, Mary Stewart, Marys built 1804, Marys built 1839, Mary Sven, Marzocco, Masaniello, Massalia built 1888, Massalia built 1929, Massys 184707, Mastoria, Matadian 175873, Matadi Palm 175873, Matador 180149, Matanzas, Matching, Matelots Pillien et Peyrat, Matfen 28597, Mathilda, Matias F. Bayo, Matienzo, Matilda, Matis, Matra, Matrona, Matsuyama Maru, Matthew built 1838 2889, Matthew built 1840, Maud Cassel, Maude, Mauna Ala, Maurice Delmas IMO 5229780, Max Bornhofen 165463, Maxima, Maximo Gomez IMO 7422817, Max Manus, Maxwell, Maya 186879, Mayborough 23495, May Brough 23495, Maybrough, Mayda, May Flower, Mayflower bult 1832, Mayflower bult 1857, Mayor, Mayoress, May Queen built 1847, May Queen built 1869, Mazeppa built 1840, M. Bingül, McLaren, McLeod 2122,
ME Meadowbank, Meander, Meandros IMO 5047429, Meanwell built 1840, Meanwell built 1850, Mecca, Medcape, Medina Princess, Mediterraneo built 1892, Medmenham, Medora built 1845, Medora built 1863, Medusa built 1845, Medusa built 1862 (Briggs), Medusa 45020 also built in 1862 (Laing), Medway 52791, Meg Lee, Mehdi, Mehemet Ali, Mehmet Ipar, Meirion, Melina, Melona, Melpo, Melrose 27193, Melville Venture, Memling, Memphis, Mendocino 140380, Merchant Prince, Mercia built 1848, Mercia 25224 built 1850, Mercia built 1868, Mercia built 1876, Mercury River IMO 5362465, Meredith 65589, Merganser, Merlion IMO 7306348, Merope, Merry Monarch, Merrytrans IMO 7112395, Mersario, Merton, Mesna, Messenger built 1834, Messenger built 1837, Messenger built 1846, Messenger built 1862, Meteor, Metropolis, Metropolitan, Mexicano, Mexico built 1825, Mexico built 1860, Mexico City,
MI Miami, Miaza 2542, Mica, Michael, Michael Angelos, Michael J. Goulandris, Michalakis, Michelangelo, Michele Bianchi, Michigan, Mic Mac, Middlemoor, Middlesex Trader built 1942, Middlesex Trader 304458 built 1963, Midge, Mighty Pearl, Miho Pracat 300910, Mikage Maru No.11, Mike, Mike K, Mikrasiatis, Mildred Cord, Milena, Millais, Millenium Africa IMO 8118114, Milo built 1817, Milo built 1818, Milo built 1832, Milos, Milvill, Mimis N. Papalios 321230, Minden, Mindon, Mindoro, Mineral, Minerva built 1849, Minerva built 1866, Minna, Minna Craig 98970, Minster 132573, Minstrel, Minstrel King, Minterne, Miranda, Miriam, Mirzapore, Miss Chandris, Miss Maria, Missouri Maru, Miss Preston, Mitera Zafira, Mitidjah, Mitla,
MO Modena, Modig, Modjokerto, Moerdijk, Mogen, Mohawk 111307, Moiler, Mokatam, Moldavia 122861, Moldavian 12686, Mombassa 96082, Monarch 21065 , Mongolia, Mongkok, Monica, Monkshaven, Monkwood 166343, Monreale, Montana built 1918 142282, Montana built 1957 300173, Montardizio, Montauk, Montcalm built 1958 187807, Montcalm built 1960, Monte IMO 7341855, Monte Bendone, Monte Berico, Monte Carlo 68499, Monte Rotondo, Montreal Star 304662, Montrose 302620, Moorby, Moorcot, Moore, Moorish Prince, Moorlands, Moorwood built 1940 167413, Moorwood built 1945 180659, Mora built in 1848 2157, Mora also built in 1848, Morias, Morar, Morawitz, Moraybank, Morayshire, Morecambe Bay, Morning Star built 1835, Morning Star built 1851, Morning Star built 1860 28442, Mornington, Morrisons, Most, Moth, Moto 133536, Mount I, Mountain, Mountain Maid, Mount Athos, Mount Athos I, Mount Carmel 44521, Mount Kyllene, Mounts Bay, Mowhan, MP-PZZ-2, M. P. Trader, Mr. Therm 164634,
MU Mullion Cove 181786, Multi Trader, Mundogas Sul, Munificent, Murillo, Murmansk IMO 8118140, Mustafa 180865, Muttra 98970, Mykonos 104257, Myra, Myrene, Myriam 164483, Myrtle, Myrtle Branch built 1883 87348, Myrtle Holme 72921, Myrtos 187538, Mystery


NA Nabulk 185551, Naderi, Nadeshda, Nadi 306163, Nadia, Naess Crusader, Naess Trader, Nafsika L., Naftilos, Nagos built 1912 135130, Nagos built 1969, Naiad built 1831, Naiad 23291 built 1844, Nailsea Manor 162126, Nairn, Najla 168058, Nalgora, Namaqualand, Nanceen, Nancy Bryson, Nancy Brysson, Nancy Lee, Nanina 169264, Nanking IMO 7422817, Nan Shan 135192, Nantes Hambourg, Nant-y-glo, Naomi built 1846, Naomi built 1859, Napier Star, Napoleon, Napoleon III, Napoli, Naringa, Narrung, Nascent, Nasco, Natal IMO 7218644, Natalian, Natrader, Nautilus 12499, Navishipper, Naworth Castle built 1868, Naworth Castle built 1878, Naworth Castle built 1892,
NE Nearchus, Neath Abbey 123947, Neda, Nedi, Needwood, Neeme, Negotiator, Nego Trader, Nelly 95665, Nelly & Mathilda, Nemanja 142440, Neme, Nenthorn, Neoptolemos, Nepaul, Nepaulese Ambassador 26234, Nephele, Nepos, Neptune built 1838, Neptune built 1854, Neptune built 1869, Neptuno, Nerito, Nero, Nestlea, Nestor built 1840, Nestor built 1841, Nestor built 1948, Nestor built 1951, Netherby, Neti, Nettleton 98910, Neva, Newbiggin built 1865, Newbiggin built 1872, Newbiggin built 1906, Newbridge, Newbrough built 1925, Newbrough built 1941, Newburn, Newcastle built 1854, Newcastle built 1965, Newcastle Trader IMO 5047429, New Country 167736, New Ed, Newent, Newglade, New Great Britain, New Guinea, New Lark, New Moon IMO 7306348, New Panda IMO 7422776, New Royal Lady, News, Newton built 1856, Newton built 1958, Newton Ash, Newton Abbot, Newton Beech, Newton Elm, Newton Hall, Newton Pine, Newtown, New Westminster City built Short 1929, New Westminster City built Gray 1929, New Westminster City built Doxford 1956, New Whale IMO 7213187, New York City, New Zealand,
NI Niagara built 1836, Niagara built 1845, Nicaragua 140584, Nicea 186846, Niceto de Larrinaga, Nicola D., Nicolaos built 1885, Nicolaos built 1901, Nicopaul, Niger, Niger Valley 339136, Niitaga Maru 114426, Nika IMO 7341879, Nika II IMO 7324106, Nikitas F., Nikitas K., Nikitas-Roussos 164483 built 1921, Nikitas Roussos built 1976, Nikolaos S IMO 7341726, Nil Desperandum 44480, Nile built 1849, Nile built 1865, Nils Amelon IMO 5047429, Nimrod 26307, Nina built 1847, Nina built 1850, Nina built 1870, Nini, Nippon Maru, Nithsdale, Nitsa, Nivose,
NO Noelle, Nonas, Nonpareil, Nonsuch, Noorderdijk, Noor Jehan, Nora 122846, Norbryn, Nord, Nordeflinge, Norden, Nordic Crusader, Nordic Heron, Nordland, Nordstern 146629, Norefoss, Norfolk built 1856, Norfolk built 1866, Norholm 169002, Norheim 168997, Norman 23017, Normanna, Normundo, Norna, Norse Commander, Norseman, Northam, North Briton, Northcliffe, North Cornwall 169264, Northdene 101847, North Devon 186875, Northernhay 90319, Northern Venture built 1945 180156, Northern Venture built 1958, Northland 334659, Northleigh, Northman, Northmoor, North Pacific, Northumbria, Northumbrian, Northumberland, Northwick, Norval, Norwood, Nostra Madre, Nostra Signora Assunta 90319, Nostra Signora della Misericordia, Notanda, Nour IMO 7341726, Novanoor, Nova Sympathia 60951, Novgorod 142364,
NU Nuestra Señora De Loreto 68501, Nuevo Dominicano III, Nugget, Nulli Secunda, Nurtureton, Nylandia 146178, Nymph, Nymphoea.


Oak built 1844 19631, Oakdene, Oakgrove, Oakmere, Oakmore, O. B. Sørensen, Ocean built 1832, Ocean built 1837, Ocean built 1847, Ocean built 1849, Ocean built 1851, Ocean built 1856, Oceana, Ocean Belle, Ocean Blue, Ocean Breeze, Ocean Bride, Ocean Chief, Ocean Crown IMO 7306348, Ocean Dawn IMO 7614733, Ocean Endurance 317821, Ocean Ho IMO 7340693, Ocean Join IMO 7614733, Ocean King 28030 built 1859, Ocean Osprey, Ocean Pilgrim IMO 7329508, Ocean Pride, Ocean Prince, Ocean Princess 183186, Ocean Queen built 1849 26607, Ocean Queen built 1850, Ocean Queen built 1854, Ocean Skimmer, Ocean Spray, Oceantramp, Ocean Unity, Ocean Valour, Ocean Wave, Oceanways, Octavia, Octo, Oddevold 88733, Odelis IMO 8207953, Odensvold 88733, Odessa Packet, Odland, Odland I, Oduduwa 169264, Odysseus, Oesteloide 164483, Offerton 90323, Ogmore, Oguta Palm, Ohio built 1841 2146, Ohio built 1899 109699, Oinoussian Scientist, Oithona, Okawango, Olaf Trygveson, Olavarria, Olavarriaga, Olaveaga 65533, Old England, Olev 129038, Olga built 1834, Olga built 1869, Olga built 1943, Olga built 1948, Olga Topic, Olinda, Olive built 1830, Olive built 1874, Olive Branch built 1837, Olive Branch built 1853, Olive Branch built 1856, Olive Branch built 1881, Olive Branch built 1887 90546, Olivia, Olovsborg, Olympic Liberty 337401, Olympic Phoenix 337303, Omba, Onega 102841, Onkel Peter, Onshun 182394, Onton, Önund, Onward built 1860, Onward built 1865, Onyx 51153, Oonc Winner IMO 7341867, Opal, Ophelia, Ophelia & Anne, Ophelia & Mary, Ophelia White, Oracabessa, Oracle, Orangemead, Orangemoor, Orator, Orb, Orbicular, Orestes, Oriental built 1871, Oriental built 1955, Oriental Sea, Oriole, Orion built 1838, Orion built 1848, Orion built 1855, Orion built 1866, Orion built 1869, Orion built 1883, Orion built 1896, Orion built 1901, Orissa built 1857, Orissa 106100 built 1897, Orminster 136654, Ornen, Oro, Orotava, Orotava Bridge, Orphan's Friend, Orpheus, Oryx, Osia Irini Chrysovalandrou, Osia Irini Chrysovalandou III 182389, Oslo, Osprey, Ossendrecht 146146, Ossian, Österhav, Österland, Oswego Courage, Oswestry Grange 306163, Othon, Otra, Ottercaps, Ouraniotoxo, Ouranoupolis 183008, Oushla 99133, Outalpa, Ovidia, Oxelösund, Oxfordshire, Oxholm, Oyarzun


PA P-28, Pachino, Pacific 49768, Pacific Commerce, Pacific Shipper, Pacific Trader, Paget Trader 168997, Paignton 130181, Pak Wan, Palaima, Palau, Palawan IMO 6828193, Palermo, Palestine, Paliki 109701, Palladium, Pallas built 1840, Pallas built 1873, Pallas built 1888, Pallion, Pallion Hall, Palomares, Palm, Palmier, Palmis 180215, Palmyra built 1851, Pambola 186879, Panaghia Grigoroussa, Panaghia Kastrou 181770, Panaghia P, Panaghia T. 169015, Panaghis M. Hadoulis 104257, Panagia Odigitria, Panaghis Dracatos 81436, Panagiotis Xilas, Panagis K. 300145, Panagis S. 186875, Panamoros Horizon, Panda Faget IMO 7329508, Panetolikon, Pangani IMO 7614771, Pangri, Panis 122846, Panormitis 169666, Panos, Pan Teck 186044, Pantokrator, Pantokrator Corfu IMO 7224849, Papelera built 1922, Papeira M. 164670, Para, Paradise, Paragon built 1823, Paragon built 1830, Paragon built 1834, Paragon built 1838, Paramatta, Paraporti 148561, Parisot, Parklaan, Parnassus, Parramatta 54740, Parsee, Parthian, Partisan, Pascoe Grenfell, Pasha, Pass of Glenogle, Patagonia, Patra, Patrician, Patricia M. IMO 7324106, Patricia U 301224, Patrick M. 163476, Pattison, Paul, Paula IMO 5025225, Paulus Potter, Pavo 67633, Pax, Paz built 1914,
PE Peace built 1851, Peace built 1856, Peacock, Pearl, Pearl Delta, Pearl Island, Pearl Light, Pearlmead, Pearl Merchant, Pearlmoor built 1897, Pearlmoor built 1905, Pearlstone, Pedro J. Pidal, Pegasus, Peggy built 1852, Pegwell Bay, Pei Foo, Pelayo, Pelica, Pelican built 1853, Pelican built 1857, Pelineon, Pelion, Pella, Pelorum 142628, Pelotas, Pemba 180795, Pena Rocias, Pendennis 129164, Pendle Hill 74750, Penelope built 1805, Penelope built 1849, Pennmanor 112798, Penrith, Penrose, Pensacola, Penshaw, Penta Y., Penthesilea, Pentridge Hill 168058, Peony Ialands IMO 8018924, Pepinella, Pepita, Pepito Mumbrú, Peppino Palomba, Percival Forster, Percy, Perene, Perfection, Permina 106, Pernau, Pero built 1823, Pero built 1850, Perseverance built 1808, Perseverance built 1862, Perseveranza, Persian built 1834, Persian built 1840, Pervyse, Pet, Petar Beron, Peter, Peter P., Peter Pan, Peterston 148561, Petilla, Petra Star IMO 7422764, Petrel built 1859, Petrel built 1911, Petr Karpov, Petunia, Phaedon, Phaeton 62473, Philadelphia 112798, Philip Laing 15085, Philippine Sampaguita, Philippine Star, Phillis, Philo, Phœbus or Phoebus, Phoevos IMO 7341726, Phoenician, Phoenix built 1848, Phoenix built 1849, Phoenix also built 1849, Phønix, Photinia,
PI Piatyi Krabolov 123011, Piedmontese Prince, Piero M. 180913, Pieter de Hoogh, Pigeon IMO 7000011, Pikebank, Pilgrim built 1853, Pilgrim built 1866, Pilio, Pilot 6224 built in 1831, Pilot built in 1850 5084, Pinetta 181832, Pinewood built 1945 180528, Pinin, Pinjarra 180138, Pinto, Pio IX, Pioneer, Pipebank, Pitsa 145457, Piva IMO 7614771, Placid, Plainsman, Plassey, Plate Shipper, Platina, Platon, Plaudit, Plover built 1858, Plover built 1862, Plaudit, Plawsworth, Pluton 96635,
PO P. O. Haavik, Pola, Polamhall, Pola Rika 185473, Polegate, Polinice 129787, Polka, Pollock, Pollux 304458, Polly built 1858, Polly built 1861, Polmela, Polo 304458, Polwell, Polycrown, Polytrader, Polyxena, Polzeath, Pomona, Pompey 108198, Pompey Light 182726, Pompey Power 182724, Pontos, Poole Channel, Poole Harbour, Poole Island, Poole Quay, Poole Sound, Poonah, Popi, Porjus 122861, Portador, Port Chalmers, Port Curtis, Port Douglas 99000, Portena 5857, Portgwarra, Porthcawl, Portia, Porthkerry, Portland Castle, Portly, Porto Alegre IMO 7329508, Port Quebec, Portreath, Portrush, Portrushton, Portsea, Portslade built 1936, Portslade built 1955 186319, Portsmouth, Port Stephens built 1894, Port Stephens built 1944, Portuguese Prince, Portvale, Poseidone 169013, Poultons, Pozarica, Prado, Precila 140584, Precursor built 1847, Precursor built 1870, Premier Arctic, President 123947, Président Bunge, Presidente Bulnes, Presidente Juarez, Presidente Manuel Montt, Presidente Prieto, Presidente Saenz Penna, President Magsaysay 181786, Presto built 1905, Presto built 1916, Pretoria, Previsor, Priam, Prima Donna built 1848, Prima Donna built 1853, Prima Donna built 1854, Primero, Primiero, Primrose, Primula built 1845, Primula built 1885 90320, Prince Albert built 1840, Prince Albert built 1848, Prince Charlie, Prince Edward, Prince George, Prince of Wales built 1840, Prince of Wales built 1842, Princess built 1840, Princess also built 1840, Princess built 1842, Princess built 1849, Princess built 1883, Princess Aquamarine, Princess Clothilde, Princess Royal, Princess Tanya, Princess Victoria, Prince Woronzoff, Principality, Principe di Piemonte 136640, Principello 136640, Prodroma, Proestos, Progreso, Progress, Progress Liberty, Prometheus built 1877, Prometheus built 1890, Prominent Star, Promise, Propontis, Prospect, Protector built 1836, Protoapostolos, Proton, Providence built 1824, Providence built 1846 2637, Provvidenza, Prudence, Prudhoe, Psara, Psyché,
PU Puerto Plata, Pukkastan, Pundua, Punjab, Purley Beeches, Purley Oaks, Pursuit, Pym, Pyrrha,


Qing Jiang IMO 7611559, Quadrifoglio 86110, Quarrydene 120528, Quebec built 1839, Quebec built 1939, Quebec Star 305984, Queda, Queen built 1838, Queen built 1845, Queen built 1882, Queen Adelaide, Queen Bee built 1852, Queen Bee built 1859, Queen Bee built 1862, Queen Eleanor built 1896 106019, Queen Eleanor built 1918 142628, Queen Eleanor built 1943, Queen Margaret, Queen Mary 106064, Queen Maud built 1936, Queenmead, Queenmoor built 1898 109963, Queenmoor built 1903, Queen of Freedom, Queen of India, Queen of the East, Queen of the North built 1854, Queen of the North built 1855, Queen of the South built 1855, Queen of the South built 1864, Queen of the Teign, Queen of the Tyne, Queen of the Wave, Queensland built 1890, Queensland built 1958 186879, Queen's Own, Queenston, Queen Victoria built in 1837, Queen Victoria built in 1872 65918, Querimba built 1905, Querimba built 1925, Quernstad, Quiam, Quickstep built 1909, Quillota, Quinteros, Quito,


RA Raby Castle built 1832, Raby Castle built 1856, Racer, Radford, Radiant 24142, Radiant II, Radical, Radix, Radnik, Radnorshire 135237, Railway King, Rainbow built 1827, Rainbow built 1838, Rainbow Pride IMO 7112395, Rainer, Rajahstan 161541, Randsfjord, Rakaia 68499, Raleigh built 1846, Raleigh built 1860 28387, Raloo 148561, Rallus, Ralph Creyke built 1878, Ralph Wylam, Ramaida 169116, Rambler, Ramillies, Ramscappelle, Ramon de Larrinaga, Ramon Mumbru, Ramsay built 1902, Ramsay built 1921 146146, Ramscappelleh 90308, Randolph, Ranger, Rangoon, Raphael built 1880, Raphael built 1885, Raphael built 1953 185473, Rapid 8516, Ras Bera 112840, Rassay, Rathmore, Ratna Shobhana, Ratna Jyoti, Raven built 1839, Raven built 1850, Ravenshoe, Ravenswheel, Rawnsley, Raymond,
RE Reaper, Reaveley, Rebecca built 1846, Rebecca built 1847, Rebecca built 1849, Rebecca built 1852, Rebecca built 1865, Reborn 129787, Redbreast, Redbridge, Redesmere, Redgate, Re D'Italia, Redoubt, Red Rose, Red Rover, Reefer Princess 309960, Reflector, Reform, Réfrigérant, Refrigerator No. 3 144520, Refuge, Refugio, Regal Crusader, Regalia 26195, Regard 44504, Regent 114650, Regfos, Regin 87348, Regina built 1846, Regina built 1849, Regina built 1851, Regina built 1853, Regina built 1949, Regina d'Italia, Regis 129038, Registan, Regulus built 1884h 90308, Regulus Built 1920 138929, Rehmat IMO 6613160, Reims, Reindeer built 1872, Reindeer built 1896, Relief, Relentless 114426, Reliant 180097, Relillio, Rembrandt, Remenham, Renaico, Renard, Renfrew built 1907, Renfrew also built 1907, Renoir, Renown, Renpor, Republic, Republika, Reserv, Resolute, Resolution built 1834, Resolution built 1850, Resolution also built 1850, Resolution built 1853, Resource I, Respice Patriam, Restless, Restormel, Return, Reward built 1832, Reward built 1838, Reward built 1846, Rexmore 140584, Reynolds built 1898, Reynolds built 1953, Rheinfels, Rhio, Rhoda built 1819, Rhoda built 1828, Rhymney,
RI Rialto, Ribera, Ribot 300173, Richard Battersby, Richard Cobden, Richard de Larrinaga, Richard Hayward, Rich Ascent IMO 7306348, Ridley, Rienzi, Rievaulx Abbey, Rifat 90323, Rifleman, Rigel, Riita Nurminen, Riley, Ringdal, Rino Esposito 166439, Rio B. IMO 7614771, Rio Bamba 140584, Rio Blanco, Rio Chico 142628, Rio Claro, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de la Plata, Rio Doro, Rio Gualeguay, Rio Iguassu, Rio Novo, Rio Pallaresa, Rio Primero, Rio Santa, Rio Tercero IMO 5296563, Rio Teuco, Rio Tinto, Ripley built 1847, Ripley built 1953, Riplingham, Ripon Grange, Rising Sun 27519, Risshun Maru No. 3, Rita 1, Rita Garcia, Riva Trigoso, Riverbank built 1957, Riverbank built 1977, Riverdale, Riverina 120729, Riversdale, Riverton built 1928 (Short), Riverton built 1956 (Bartram) 186916 ,
RO RO-23 146146, Robert, Robert Adamson built 1856, Robert Adamson built 1895, Robert & Ann, Robert & Anne, Robert and Betsey, Robert and Betsy, Robert & Margaret, Robert and Mary built 1846, Robert and Mary built 1849, Robert and Sarah, Robert Eggleton, Robert Fletcher, Robert Gray, Robert Henderson, Robert Henry Allan, Robertina, Robert Passenger, Robert Raikes, Robina Dunlop, Robin Hood, Robinson, Rocco 86110, Rochdale 123155, Rochford, Rocio, Rockcliff built in 1839 2739, Rockcliff built in 1850, Rocket built 1844, Rocket built 1856, Rockingham, Rockliff built in 1839 2739, Rodney built 1850, Rodney built 1874, Rodsley built 1851, Rodsley built 1937, Rodsley built 1939, Roehampton, Rogate 169928, Roker, Roko Maru, Roland, Rollon, Roma built 1901, Roma built 1903, Romanby, Roman Empress, Romanitza, Roman Prince built 1914, Romney built 1893, Romney built 1979, Romulus, Ronchi, Ronco, Ronda 89479, Rondefjell, Rondo built 1912 129799, Rondo built 1957 186868, Rønnes, Rönnskär, Rookley built 1940, Rookley built 1954, Rosalind built 1835, Rosalie, Rosalind built 1840, Rosa M, Rosasicula, Rosa Vlassi, Roscommon, Rose built 1847, Rose built 1848, Rose built 1853, Rose built 1861, Rose built 1871, Rose Castle, Rosedale 68963 built 1877, Rosedale built 1888, Rose Ellis 16993, Rosehill 132573, Rose Islands IMO 8207953, Rose Lea, Rosemount, Roseneath, Rose of Sharon built 1852, Rose of Sharon built 1859, Rosetta, Rosetta Maud 185003, Roslagen, Ross built 1902, Ross built 1936, Rossetti built 1894, Rossetti built 1956, Rossini, Rosy Palomba, Rothley, Rotondo, Rouennais 97542, Rover, Rover's Bride, Rovuma IMO 5301148, Rowanbank, Rowland, Roxburgh Castle, Royal Albert, Royal Arch, Royal Arthur 48760, Royal Berkshire, Royal Emblem, Royal Family, Royalist built 1818, Royal Jubilee, Royal Lady built 1934, Royal Lady built 1938, Royal Mint, Royal Oak 2499, Royal Prince, Royal Saxon, Royal Sceptre, Royal Sovereign built 1848, Royal Sovereign built 1860, Royal Standard, Roybank,
RU Rubens built 1872, Rubens built 1887, Rubens built 1952, Rubicon, Ruddbank, Rudmore 132058, Rugeley built 1936, Rugeley built 1946, Runnymede built 1854, Runnymede built 1866, Runo 65459 built 1873, Runo 109705 built 1900, Runo built 1905, Runswick built 1930, Runswick built 1956 182389, Rupert de Larrinaga 337226, Rupsa 187807, Rushing Water, Rushpool, Russie, Ruth built 1909, Ruth built 1911, Ruth built 1920 138929, Ruth Stark 68499, Ruthy Ann, Ruysdael built 1888, Ruysdael built 1907, Ryall, Rydal Holme 89479, Rygja built 1920, Ryhope, Ryton, Ryuto Maru, Ryutoh Maru


SA Sabre Purpose, Sac 2, Sac 9, Sac Badalona, SAC Lerida, Sacrum Cor, Sac Santander, Sadiklar, Saffi, Safina-e-Barkat built 1947, Safina-e-Barkat IMO 7341726 built 1974, Safina-e-Tariq, Sagami, Sagamore, Sailor built 1846 7385, Sailor built 1869, Saima, Saint Abbs, Saint Andrew, Saint Bernard, Saint Dunstan, Saint George built 1834, Saint George built 1848, Saint George built 1851, Saint George built 1857, Saint Henri, Saint Jean, Saintonge, Saint John, Saint Joseph, Saint Lawrence built 1830, Saint Lawrence built 1864, Saint Lawrence 70581 built 1874, Saint Michael built 1849, Saint Michael built 1907, Saint Oswin, Saint Paul IMO 7025621, Saint Thomas built 1863, Saint Thomas Packet, Sakara 124092, Salacia, Salamanca, Salaminia, Salamis built 1905, Salamis 184665 built 1952, Salient built 1879 81456, Salient built 1905, Salina 186325, Sallust, Sally built 1945 180528, Sally built 1957, Sally Gale 26870, Sallywalter 186220, Salonica, Salopian 135237, Saltram, Salus built 1817, Salus built 1847, Salvador IMO 8018924, Salvor, Salvus, Samal 108198, Samanco, Sami, Samoa, Samos Progress IMO 7304259, Sampaguita, Sampan 108354, Samson 28439, Samuel, Samuel Hansen, Sanadreas, San Antonio, Sanastasia 184707, San Bay 135192, Sanbay 135192, San Carlos, San Casto, Sancho, San Dario, Sanday, Sanderson built 1855, Sanderson built 1865, Sandford, Sandgate Castle, Sandhoe 165785, Sandli, Sando, Sandøi, Sandown Castle, Sandra, Sandra N, Sand Sapphire, Sandsend, Sandys River, San Fernando, San Francisco, San Giorgio, San Jeronimo built 1914, San Jeronimo built 1919, San Jeronimo built 1945 180149, San John, Sanjohn Bay, San John P., San Martin, San Martino, San Matteo, San Nazario, San Paolo, San Salvador built 1913, San Salvador built 1930, San Shine 186868, Santa Amalia IMO 7304259, Santa Amalia, later delivered as Santa Maja IMO 7124702, Santa Chiara, Santa Clara Valley, Santa Clio IMO 7305423, Santa Clio later delivered as Santa Amalia IMO 7304259, Santa Helena, Santa Katerina IMO 7112395, Santa Maja IMO 7124702, Sant' Angela, Sant Antonio, Sant' Antonio built 1869, Sant' Antonio built 1884h 90308, Sant' Antonio also built 1884, Santa Sophia IMO 7305423, San Terenzo 112849, Santofirme, Santorin, Santos III, San Wenceslao 169009, Sapphiras, Sappho built 1809, Sappho built 1850 7333, Sapphire, Sara, Sarabande, Saragossa, Sarah built 1826, Sarah built 1830, Sarah built 1837, Sarah also built 1837, Sarah built 1846, Sarah built 1849, Sarah built 1850, Sarah built 1857, Sarah built 1862, Sarah & Isabella, Sarah Ann, Sarah Anne, Sarah Crisp, Sarah Huntly, Sarah Jane built 1856, Sarah Jane built 1868, Sarah Kay, Sarah Love, Sarah Nicholson, Sarah Scott built 1839, Sarah Scott built 1856, Sara Minnola, Sara Saglimbene, Sardinian Prince, Sardinien, Sarepta built 1837, Sarepta built 1839, Sarepta built 1856 16298, Sarepta built 1864, Särimner, Sas, Saskatoon, Sassa 186319, Satellite, Satsuma, Saturnus, Saucon, Savanna, Saville, Savio, Savoydean, Saxon built 1847, Saxon built 1853 20117, Saxon Maid built 1850, Saxon Maid built 1851, Saxon Maid built 1852, Saxon Prince, S. B. Lund, Scatwell 132627, Sceptre, Schiedam built in 1838, Schiedam built in 1839 or 1840, Schinias, Schirmeck, Schirmek, Schönfels, Science, Scindian, Scio, Scoresby, Scorton built 1939, Scorton built 1957, Scotia's Queen, Scott, Scottier, Scottish Admiral, Scottish Chief 68932, Scottish Hero built 1876, Scottish Hero built 1895, Scottish Knight, Scottish Prince built 1910,
SE Sea Alarm, Sea Bird, Sea Breeze, Sea Captain, Sea Dragon, Sea Fisher 167736, Seaford 181770, Sea Glister, Sea Glory 181365, Sea Lord II, Sea Luck, Seamew 181696, Sea Nymph 24226, Sea Pearl, Sea Peony IMO 8018924, Seabird, Seapride, Sea Rambler, Searanger, Sea Ranger 301537, Sea Swallow built 1858, Sea Swallow built 1866, Seatonia, Sea Trans I 186879, Seaventure, Seavictory 302890, Sea Wave, Seawind, Sebaa, Sebastián, Sebastiana, S. E. Calvert, Secret 24760, Security, Sedgefield, Sedgemoor, Sedulous, Segesta, Sela, Selamat Sindia 186044, Selamet, Selatan IMO 7324106, Selma, Selvistan, Semira, Semiramis, Senator built 1834, Senator built 1852, Sentinel, a Royal Navy Cruiser, Septiembre, Serica, Serita, Servian 125685, Sesame, Sesostris, Setiembre, Seven, Severn built 1860 28041, Severn built 1867, Severn 62611 built 1870, Severn built 1873, Sevilla built 1900, Sevilla built 1905, Shabaan, Shahreza 169108, Shakespeare, Shamrock built 1840, Shamrock built 1872, Shamrock built 1918, Shankara 187488, Sharp built 1831, Sharp built 1844 24377, Sharperton, Sheaf Crest, Sheaf Field, Sheaf Holme built 1929, Sheaf Mount, Sheaf Royal, Sheaf Spear, Shealtiel, Shell Driller 181122, Shell Murachi, Shengli 300052, Shepherd, Shepherdess, Sheraton, Sheraton Grange, Sherburn 54877, Sherlock, Sherwood, Sheryl M., Shestoy Krabolov 118706, Shia, Shikari, Shincliffe, Shinkoku Maru, Shinsei Maru No. 6, Shinyu 155927, Shin-yu Maru 155927, Shipcote, Shipwind, Shirley 181080, Shuna, Shun On built 1919, Shun On built 1945, Shun Wah,
SI Siantar, Siba Edolo, Sibella, Šibenik, Sibir, Sibonga, Sicilia built 1889, Sicilia built 1965 307625, Siddons, Sierra, Sierra Blanca 142628, Signal, Signe, Sigrun, Sigurd Faulbaum, Sigurds Faulbaums, Silaga 358686, Silistra, Silistria built 1853, Silistria built 1854, Siljan, Silome, Silverash built 1904, Silverash built 1926, Silveray, Silverbeck 301067, Silverbell, Silverbirch built 1905, Silverbirch built 1920 138929, Silverbriar, Silver Cloud, Silver Craig, Silverdene, Silverelm, Silverfell, Silverforce, Silver Gulf, Silverhow, Silverholly, Silverisle, Silver Kris IMO 7304259, Silverlake, Silver Lake, Silverlaurel built 1950, Silvermaple 149925, Silver Moon, Silveroak, Silverplane, Silverpoint 187538, Silversand, Silver Sea IMO 5156672, Silverweir, Silveryew, Simancas, Simara Express 343155, Simba, Simlah, Simonburn, Simoom, Simos, Sines 301224, Sineus, Sinfa IMO 7109037, Singwind, Sinop, Siplata, Sir Alexander Kennedy 180862, Sir Arthur 129164, Sir Charles Napier built 1849, Sir Charles Napier built 1854, Siredal 138929, Sirenes, Sir Francis 129102, Sir George Gray, Sir George Grey, Sir George Seymour, Sir Henry Webb, Sirius built 1889, Sirius also built in 1889, Sirius built 1909, Sir James, Sir John Moore, Sir John Rennie, Sir Johnstone Wright, Sirocco built 1840, Sirocco built 1856, Siroco 186895, Sir Thomas Gresham, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir William Ffolkes, Sir William Walker 186123, Sisters built 1857, Sisters built 1869, Sivah, Siward, SJN Orcas, Sjomanden, Skandia, Skimmer IMO 7341831, Skimmer of the Seas, Skimmer of the Waves, Skopelos, Skotfoss, Skua IMO 7422764, Skyros 186895, Slavonia 115761, Sleipner, Slesvig, Smolensk, Smut 105858, Smyrna, S.N.A.9, Snaresbrook, Sneaton 95665, Sneholt, Snowcrete, Snowdrop 2910 built 1851, Snowdrop built 1854, Snowdrop built 1884,
SO Socrates 358686, Sodupe, Sokorri, Solent, Solideo, Solon, Solstice, Solunto, Solway, Somalegra 149451, Someri, Somersby 180097, Somerton, Somio 105880, Sondica 161102, Song, Song Thu Bon, Sonia, Sonja, Sons of Commerce, Sons of the Wear, Sophia, Sophia Jane, Sophia Malandrachi, Sorana-Del-Mar 191350, Sørstad 73136, Sote, Sotiras, Sottern, Souk-Ahras, South Africa, South America built 1900, South America built 1947, South Australia, South Australian, Southbourne 82496, Southdene, Southern, Southern Empress, Southern Opal 168910, Southern Venture, Southery, Southgate built 1943, Southgate built 1962 302950, Southmead, South Milton, Southport, Southwick, Soutra, Souvenir 53102, Sovereign built 1861, Sovereign Grace 300173, Soverino, Sovetskaya Arktika, Spalmatori Captain, Spalmatori Engineer IMO 5186639, Spanker, Sparkler, Spartan, Spartan Prince, Spartivento, Specialist, Sperrbrecher 9, Sperrbrecher 166, Spetsai Patriot 162474, Spinanger, Spirit of the Age, Spirit of the Morning, Splendid Fortune IMO 7341893, Spray of the Ocean, Spring built 1798, Spring built 1815, Spring built 1831, Spring built 1833, Spring built 1838, Spring built 1951, Springdale, Spring Flower built 1825, Spring Flower built 1857 18685, Springhill, Springtide, Springwood, Sprite built 1843, Sprite built 1847, Spurt 90320, Spyros built 1948, Spyros built 1952, Spyros V, Staberg 337401, Stad Maassluis 169013, Stad Rotterdam, Stafford built 1808, Stafford built 1870, Stagpool, Stagshaw, Staindrop 21371, Stakesby built 1880, Stakesby built 1922, Stakesby built 1930, Stalheim, Stallberg, Stalo, Stamboul, Stamoleon, Stamos, Stancleeve, Stancroft, Standard built 1839, Standard built 1858, St. Andrews, Stanfield built 1899, Stanfield 169172 built 1943, Stanhope, Stanloch 180053, Stanpark, Stansfield, St. Anthony, Stanthorpe, Stanwear, Stanwold, Star built 1837, Star built 1851, Star built 1867, Star IMO 7213230 built 1972, Star I IMO 7213230, Star Beam 15789, Starck, Starcross, Star in the East, Starling, Star of Alexandria, Star of Peace 49765, Star of Peru, Star of the East, Star of the Mersey, Star of the West, Star of Victoria, Star Queen, Starstone, Statesman, Stavers, Stavros, Stelitsa, Stella 56907 built 1868, Stella built 1923, Stella d'Italia 120477, Stenies, Stenjohan 306163, Stephanotis, Stephen Huntley, Stephen Huntly, Stephen Watson, Sterling Valour 180170, Sterling Victory, Stesso 145495, St. Essylt built 1948, Steyning 186220, St. Francois, St. George 337303 built 1977, St. George A. 337303, St. Helena, S. Thomé, Stiklestad, Stilbé, Stina Dan, Stirling, Stirlingville, St. Joseph, St. Lawrence Prospector, St. Mellons, St. Merriel 186044, St. Nicolas, Stokesley, Stonegate built 1928, Stonegate built 1941, Stonehenge 73735, Stonewall 138929, Storey, Storm King, Stornes, Stornest, Stowford, St. Paul, St. Peter 68900, St. Providence, Strathdare IMO 7341726, Strathdoon IMO 7341831, Strathdyce IMO 7341855, Strathfieldsaye, Stream Fisher 169116, Streatham Castle, Streatlam Castle, Streonshalh, Strive, St. Rosario built 1937, St. Rosario built 1961, Strovili, Struggler, St. Thomas built 1863, St. Thomas built 1948, Stuart, Stuart Wortley, Stylehurst, Styliani,
SU Suarez No. 1, Subraon, Success built 1810, Success built 1871, Success built 1901, Success built 1919, Successor, Südmark, Südsee 108354, Suerte, Suez, Sullberg, Sultan built 1850, Sultan built 1853, Sultana built 1844, Sultana built 1849, Sultana also built 1849, Sultana built 1854, Sultana built 1881, Suma, Sumatra, Sun built 1819, Sun built 1840, Sun Bright IMO 7341867, Sun Chief, Sunderland Packet, Sunderland Venture IMO 8207953, Sunheim, Sunium, Sunlight, Sun Light I, Sunniside, Sunnycroft 140288, Sunland, Suntrap, Superb, Superflex Foxtrot, Surat, Surf Patrol 169230, Surf Pioneer 169231, Surprise, Susan built 1821, Susan built 1872, Susanna Dixon, Susannah, Susannah Dixon, Susanne, Susan Pardew, Susan Sea IMO 7000011, Sussex Trader 181621, Sutherland built 1901, Sutherland built 1918, Sutherland built 1935, Sutherland built 1940, Suzette Fraissinet, Svanhild 94377, Svarten, Sv. Matvey, Svorono, Swallow built 1834, Swallow built 1840, Swallow built 1843, Swallow built 1848, Swan built 1839, Swan built 1850, Swandale, Swanley, Swan Point, Swanvalley, Swede Surprise, Sybille IMO 7224849, Sydland, Sydmonton 99133, Sydney Breeze, Sygna IMO 6800593, Sylph built 1821, Sylvafield 148136 built 1925, Sylvafield built 1953, Sylvia, Syra, Syria built 1840, Syria built 1868, Syrian, Syrian Prince built 1893, Syrian Prince built 1919, Sysonby, Syvstjerne


TA Tacoma City, Tactician, Taga Maru, Tagonaura Maru, Tai Tak, Taiyetsu Maru 118697, Taiyu Maru, Takasago Maru, Taksang, Talavera, Tamamima, Tamapatcharee, Tamara XII, Tamathai built 1978, Tamathai built 1979, Tamesa built 1869, Tan 2, Tana 84934, Tanais, Tandik 182724, Tandil, Tanea, Tar, Tarkhankut, Tarnan 72923, Tarpenbek, Tarva, Tasmania, Tasso, Tassos, Tatra, Tatry 169230, Taupo 308044, Tautra, Taxiarchis Michael, Taxiarhis, Taygetos, Taylor,
TE Teakbank, Teakol, Teakwood, Teane, Technat Pioneer IMO 7207425, Teddy, Tees, Teesbank, Teesdale 29858, Tefkros, Teiresias, Tekoa 309760, Telamon, Telemachus built 1950, Telemachus 187944 built 1964, Telesto, Tello, Tellus built 1890, Tellus built 1911, Temperance Star, Templar built 1841, Templar built 1842, Templar 1228 built 1845, Temple Moat, Tempo 129787, Tenace 81436, Tenchbank, Tenka IMO 8118140, Tennessee, Tennyson, Tenpaisan Maru, Tenterden, Teodoro, Terek 110150, Terentia, Teresa, Teresa Pamies, Terlings, Ternan 72923, Ternefjell, Ternen 72923, Terrier 155927, Tertia, Terushima Maru, Test, Testbank, Tetrarch, Tetuan, Teucer, Teviot, Texaco Kenya, Texas, Thai Long, Thalassitra 185551, Thalia built 1844, Thalia built 1866, Thallo, Thames built 1856, Thames built 1859, Thames Breeze, Thames City, Thamesfield 169172, Thanic 301377, Theano, Theanoula, The Barton 62589, Thebes, The Bride, The Coquette, Themis built 1846, Themis built 1888, Themis S., Theodore 28780, Theodosia, Theodosia V, Theofilos IMO 8207953, Theokletos, Theomanna Odigitria IMO 5117793, Therese, Therese Moller, Theron 23723, Thessalia, Thetis built 1930, Thetis built 1974, Thimbleby, Thirlby built 1958, Thistlebrae, Thistledale, Thistledhu, Thistledowne, Thistlegorm, Thistleroy, Thomas built 1803, Thomas built 1835, Thomas and Ann, Thomas & Hannah, Thomas & Joseph, Thomas & Joseph Crisp, Thomas and Margaret built 1834, Thomas and Mary built 1828, Thomas Gales, Thomas Gowland, Thomas Hunter, Thomas K., Thomas Knox, Thomas Krag, Thomas Livesey 185965, Thomas Müntzer, Thomas Oliver, Thomas Parker, Thomas Roth IMO 7112395, Thomas Rowell, Thomas Varcoe, Thomas Wood 27503, Thompsonian, Thornaby, Thorndale built 1843 22444, Thorndale 87344 built 1883, Thorney Close, Thornhill, Thornley, Thorny Close built in 1823, Thorny Close built in 1840, Thorpe Grange 186044, Thorpehall, Thorpehaven, Thorpeness 135099, Thorshammer, Thorshavn built 1930, Thorshavn built 1950, Thorsholm, Thorwaldsen, Thraki, Three Brothers, Three Sisters, Thunder built 1839, Thunder built 1970 339136, Thunderer, Thurso 65230, Thurston, Thyra,
TI Tiansheng No.8, Tian Yuan Xing 343155, Tiara, Tibati IMO 7218644, Tiberias built 1849, Tiberias 10325 built 1854 10325, TID 155, TID 159, Tideflow, Tiderace, Tiderange, Tidesurge, Tien Ping, Tientsin, Tien Tsin, Tiger Bay IMO 7305423 built 1973, Tiger Bay IMO 8118140 built 1984, Tiger Island IMO 8118114, Tijarety Misr, Tilda, Tilde 98092, Till, Timaru Star 334552, Time, Time & Truth, Timor IMO 5361617, Tine Asmussen, Tinos, Tiuri, Tjibantjet IMO 5362465, Tjisondari, Tjra 181832,
TO Tocantins 112840, Toftwood built 1872, Toftwood built 1927, Toledo, Tollana, Tolsta, Tom, Tomabi, Tomaso Drago, Tomaso T., Tona, Tongariro 309960, Tong Beng, Tong Hong, Tongoy, Tony C., Topega IMO 7218644, Toplou Bay, Toran, Torkel 87348, Torm Ceres IMO 8118140, Tornado, Toronto, Toronto City, Toros Bay IMO 7305423, Torrens 73595, Torr Head 300052, Torridon, Torsten 88733, Torvanger, Tosca, Tosto built 1906 122846, Tough Trader IMO 7614771, Tourny, Tove, Tower Bridge, Tower Grange, Tower Hill, Towing Wizard, Tozai Maru No. 7, Tozan Maru, Trade Fair IMO 7422776, Trade Fortune IMO 7422776, Trader built 1950, Trader 186914 built 1961, Trader 301377 also built 1961, Trafalgar built 1845, Trafalgar built 1862, Tramp, Trans Commerce 186319, Transeas, Transic, Transoman, Transmars 165853, Transrodopi III, Transpacific, Transvaal built 1874, Transvaal built 1973 IMO 7306348, Trapani, Traveller, Treci, Trefusis, Tregonnell, Trelawny, Trelevan, Trelissick, Treloske, Trelyon, Trento, Tres Hermanos, Tresillian, Trevean, Trevelyan, Trevince, Trevose, Trewellard, Treworlas, Tribesman, Triglav, Trinity, Trio built 1849, Trio built 1851, Trio built 1856, Tripolitania, Tris Ierarche, Triton built 1824, Triton built 1836, Triton built 1838, Tritonica, Triton Maris, Triumph Ace 186868, Trixie IMO 7329508, Trojan Prince 142440, Trold, Troma, Trotsky 142753, Troutpool, Trowbridge, T. R. Thompson, Truth built 1850, Truth built 1910, Tryg, Tryphena, Tsimentavros,
TU Tuan Yuan Xing, Tudhoe, Tullochmoor, Tunstall built 1876, Turakina 301224, Turc, Turgot, Turón, Turret Age, Turret Bell, Turret Cape, Turret Chief, Turret Court, Turret Crown, Turrett Bell, Tuscania, Tuscan Prince, Tuskar Light, Tweed built 1838, Tweed 63579 built 1870, Tweedbank, Tweed Breeze, Twee Gebroeders, Two Emmas, Two Sisters, Twyford, Tyndall 162766, Tyne Breeze, Tynefield 149405, Tynehome, Tynemouth 165785, Tyhi, Tyne, Tyr, Tyrer, Tyria, Tyro,


Uffington Court, Ugurola, Uhlenhorst, Uitenhage, Uleå, Ulf, Ulisse, Ulla, Ulleswater, Ullswater, Ulpiano, Ulrica 8586, Ultragaz, Ulversmead, Ulysses built in 1836, Ulysses built in 1949, Umkomanzi, Umkuzi 98092, Umona 98194 built 1890, Umona 129142 built 1910, Umpire, Umran, Umsinga 114777 , Umtata 110001 built 1898, Umvolosi 115857 built 1902, Umvoti built 1942, Umvuma 136725, Umzinto 169035, Umzumbi 118392, Una built 1848 2839, Una built 1858, Uncle Tom, Undaunted 18288, Unden, Underley, Undine, Union built 1875, Union built 1954, Union Faith, Union Freedom, Unison built 1863, Unison built 1867, United built 1848, United built 1855, United Kingdom, Unity built 1823, Unity built 1839 14007, Unity built 1840, Unity built 1968, Universal Mariner, Universal Skipper, Urania built 1856, Urania built 1897, Urania built 1970 339136, Ursa, Uru, Urumea, Useful, Usworth built 1854, Usworth built 1926, Utility built 1842


Vagn, Vahva, Valacia, Valdarno, Valetta built 1866, Valetta built 1867, Valhall 142364, Valhalla, Vali Pero, Valira, Valkyrian 70629, Valmaseda, Valpen, Vancouver City, Vancouver Star, Vandalia, Vanguard built 1840, Vanguard also built 1840, Vanora, Vard, Varuna, Varvara, Vasco da Gama, Vasconia, Vassilios, Vassos 163476, Vastric 169035, Vectis 76835, Vedamore, Vedra built 1846, Vedra built 1855, Vedra built 1860, Vedra built 1888, Veendijk, Veesky, Vega, Velox built 1918, Venango 97542, Vencedora, Venetian, Venture, Venus built 1842, Venus built 1864, Veracity built 1833, Veracity built 1840, Vera Kathleen, Verbena built 1842, Verbena built 1856, Vercharmian, Vergine della Guardia, Vergmor, Vergray 337226, Vermeer, Vermelha IMO 7329508, Vermont 143367, Vernal, Veronica built 1840, Veronica built 1868, Verna Paulin, Verulam, Vesper built 1846, Vesper built 1850, Vest built 1838, Vest built 1920 138929, Vesta built 1827, Vesta built 1871, Vesuvio built 1878, Vesuvio 79155 built 1879, Vibilia, Vicente Figaredo, Viceroy, Vickerstown, Vicky, Victoria built 1850, Victoria built 1917, Victoria built 1950, Victory built 1842, Victory built 1847, Victory built 1860, Vidal Sala, Vidonia, Vienna, Vigilant built 1834, Vigilant built 1857, Vigo, Vigorous Swan, Vigrafjord, Viking built 1850, Viking built 1862, Vilhelm Birkedal 4578, Vilk 135270, Villamar 183246, Villareal de Alava, Ville de Saint Nazaire, Ville de Ténès, Ville du Temple, Vilma, Vilma Dan, Vimeira 806, Vimiera 806, Vindeggen, Vindö, Vine Branch, Vinemoor, Vinga, Vinka, Vinlake, Vinnie, Vinocean, Vinriver, Vintage, Viola, Violante, Violet built 1839, Violet built 1853, Violet built 1898, Virana, Virent, Virgilia built 1856, Virginia 337226 built 1969, Virginia built 1972, Virgo, Virgo II, Vironia, Viscount Canning, Viscount Lambton, Vision built 1847, Vitocha 181884, Vitosha, Viva 146197, Vivari II IMO 7000011, Vivian Louise 180053, Vivid, Vivien Louise 180053, Vizma, Vneshtorg 123947, Volodda, Voula, Vreede built 1871, Vreede 65441 built 1872, Vrissi IMO 7340708, Vroulidia 186916, Vulcan, Vulture 12765, Vyzas


Wabana, Waikato 68518, Waikna, Waimate 70629, Waitangi 70592, Wakool, Walcrete, Walker, Walküre, Wallace, Wallachia, Wallarah 191350, Wallsend 161605, Walmer Castle, Walpole, Walsung, Walter Dammeyer, Walter de Lancey, Walter Duncan, Walter Inkster, Walter Morrice, Walton 168997, Wanaheim, Wandby 160784 built 1940, Wandby built 1959 301537, Wanderer built 1816, Wanderer built 1854, Wanderer built 1951, Wandering Shepherd, Wanmas 146197, Wansbeck, War Aconite, War Almond 140644, War Aspen, War Cloud, War Collie 143367, War Coppice, War Cygnet 142628, Warden Law 44460, War Drum 142753, Wards 14341, War Hagara 143371, War Highway, War Jasper, War Moon, War Nemesia, War Ness, War Perch 142440, War Planet, Warrego, Warrior Queen built 1852, Warrior Queen built 1856, War Rock, War Seagull, War Shannon, War Sirdar 144354, War Sky, War Spirea, War Stag, War Star, War Sun, Warszawa, War Taff, War Tank, War Thrush, War Tulip, War Verbena, War Wager, Warwickshire, Washington built 1839, Washington built 1856, Washington Star, Washington Times-Herald, Waterhen, Waterhouse, Water Lily 62472, Waterlily built 1840, Waterlily built 1856, Waterlily also built 1856, Waterlily built 1862, Water Lily built 1840, Water Lily built 1856, Water Lily also built 1856, Water Lily built 1862, Waterloo, Waters, Water Witch, Watson, Wave, Wave Crest 321230, Wave Duke 180153, Wave Prince 181127, Wavel IMO 7341831, Wayfarer, Waynegate 181786, Waziristan,
WE Wear built 1812, Wear built 1911, Wear built 1912, Weardale built 1839 3786, Weardale built 1857, Weardale built 1865, Weardale built 1884, Weardale built 1903, Wearfield 165853 built 1943, Wearfield 305426 built 1964, Wear Hopper No. 3, Wearmouth 7354 built 1855, Wearmouth built 1880, Wearmouth built 1886, Wearmouth built 1894, Wearmouth built 1905, Wearpool, Wearwood, Weather Advisor, W. E. Gladstone, Weissesee, Welcome built 1838, Welcome also built 1838, Welcome Home, Welfare, Wellington built 1847, Wellington built 1905, Wells City, Welsh City built 1956, Welsh Prince built 1919, Welsh Trader built 1938, Welsh Trader built 1954, Wenduyne, Wensleydale built 1836, Wensleydale built 1872, Wentworth Beaumont, Werner Kunstmann, Westbank, Westburn built 1893, Westburn built 1929 160315, Westergate, Western Coast, Westhampton, Westhope, Westlea, Westman, West Marsh, Westmoreland, West Quarter, Westra, Westward Ho 90315, Westwind, Weybank, Whalton, Whateley Hall, W. H. Dwyer, Whitby, Whitby Abbey, White Daisy, White Fan, White Jacket, White Rose, White Sea, White Wings 112723, Whitgift, Whitley built 1918, Whitley built 1924,
WI Widdrington, Wien, Wightstone 183301, Wilcannia, Wilderspool, Wild Huntress, Wilfred 97542, Wilhelmina, Wilja, Wilke, Willey, William built 1839, William built 1850, William also built 1850, William built 1852, William built 1857, William built 1869, William built 1920, William Adamson, William and Ann, William and Jane, William and John, William & Mary built 1841, William & Mary built 1849, William Ash, William Blumer, William Branfoot, William Brown, William Chapman, William Cory correctly Wm. Cory, William Dyer, William Gowland, William Hammond, William Harper, William Henry, William Henry Angus, William Leckie, William McGowan, William Metcalf, William Mitcalf, William Packet, William Penn, William Richardson 920, William Thompson built 1837, William Thompson built 1840, William Watson 26105, Willmar, Willowbank, Willowbranch, Wiltonhall, Windsbraut 68801, Windsor Castle, Windsor Hall, Winfield Trader 169257, Wingate, Wing Kwong, Winkleigh, Winnebago 137256, Winroth, Winsome, Wirma, Wisbeach built 1836, Wisbeach built 1861, Wisbech, Wiscombe Park 99361, Wisla, Witch of the Seas built 1855, Witch of the Seas also built 1855, Witton Castle, W. J. H. Wood, Wm. Cory 129029, Wonga Fell 120464, Wonganella 120464, Wooburn, Woollahra, Woolsington, Woolston 112723, Woolton, Worcestershire, World Oceanic IMO 7304259, Worthy, Wotan, Wressel Castle, W. S. Hamilton, Wulsty Castle, Wychwood 95290 built 1889, Wychwood built 1950 184309, Wye, Wye Valley, Wynyard, Wyvern, Wyvisbrook


X-57, X-75, Xenia 81610, Xin Ji, Xmas


Yacht, Yacu-mama, Yainville, Yamabuki Maru, Yamuna 115761, Yangtse Breeze 180149, Yannis built 1952, Yannis built 1963, Yar, Yarra, Yatch, Yeavering Bell, Yelkenci, Yembo 68923 built 1875, Yewhill 132058, Yewkyle 140288, Ymir, Yngaren, Yochow, Yolac Can 122861, Yolande Bertin, Yoneyama Maru, York 4578, Yorkbrook, York Castle 112849 built 1901, York Castle built 1985, Yorkriver, York Valley, Young, Yuan Ta 99000, Yu Hong 300052, Yuliya, Yunnan, Yungfutary, Yunglutation, Yu Ping, Yu Tung 140584, Ypermachos


Zaandijk 109699, Zaffiro 166439, Zagara 181832, Zarah built 1846, Zarah also built 1846, Zakynthos 160366, Zanzibar, Zapata Trader, Zarifis, Z. C. Pearson, Zealous, Zefyros, Zehlima, Zelidja, Zelo built 1917, Zelo built 1921 145457, Zenith built 1839, Zenith built 1974 IMO 7341726, Zeno 19797, Zenon, Zephyr built 1816, Zephyr built 1844, Zephyrus, Zermatt, Zeta Trader, Zetus 28587, Zhan Dou 52, Zhan Dou 53 180149, Zhe Hai 106, Zheng Yang 3 IMO 8000159, Zijldijk 109705, Zillah built 1833 23583, Zillah built 1900 112677, Zingara, Zinzan Maru, Zitella, Z. M. Chrissaveloni, Zodiac 43721, Zoe built 1865, Zoe built 1868, Zoe Treffry, Zonnewijk, Zoophite, Zora, Zoro 187693, Zuleika, Zulu, Zuma, Zurriola, Zweena 96400


First a quick list that will serve most site visitors.

Austin, Austin & Pickersgill, Bartram, Blumer, Crown, Doxford, Doxford & Sunderland, Gray, Laing, Osbourne Graham, Oswald, Pickersgill, Pile, Priestman, Short, Sunderland Shipbuilders, Swan Hunter, Thompson (Joseph L.), Thompson (Robert, father), Thompson (Robert, son).

And next a more comprehensive & more exact list. Of shipbuilders plus a few other names. Both so you (& I) can easily find them. In alphabetic sequence, of course, by exact business name, or by surname if an individual.

Abbay, Wm. Richard
Adamson, William
Alcock J. T.
Alcock and Glaholm
Alcock Brothers

Alcock, John Thomas and Charles
Alfred Simey & Co.
Allison, James
Austin and Hunter
Austin, Peter

Austin & Mills
Austin & Pickersgill Limited
Bailey E.
Ball, Jas.
Barclay, W.

Barker, George
Barkes, James
Barkes, John
Barkes & Clark
Barklay, W.,

Bartram, Haswell & Company
Bartram & Sons
Bartram & Sons Ltd.
Bell, J.
Bell & Adamson

Bell and Cairncross
Blanch, Wheatley
Blumer, John
Boolds, Sharer & Co.
Booth, George

Booth & Blacklock
Bradley and Potts
Briggs W.
British Shipbuilders Limited
Broad G.

Brown, Edward
Brown J. & J.
Brown & Johnson
Buchanan & Gibson
Burdon J.

Burn T.
Byers & Co.
Cairncross, T.
Candlish, John

Carr, Hylton
Carr, H. & W.
Carr, James
Carr, William
Chilton Sidgwick and Co.

Chilton W.
Clarke M.
Cooke, Samuel
Cornforth, W.
Crown - Jacky, John, Luke & others

David Baxter & Co.
Davie, T. & N.
Davison J.
Davison & Stokoe
Denniston, John

Denniston & Pearson
Denton & Hewson
Denton W.
Dixon E.
Dixon H.

Dixon R.
Dixon T. S.
Dobbinson H. (or Dobinson)
Douglas D. A.
Doxford & Sunderland Shipbuilding and Engineering Company Limited

Doxford & Sunderland Ltd.
Doxford, William
Dryden J.
Dryden T.
Egis shipyard

E. T. Thompson & J. Teasdale
Ferguson, Henry
Forrest & Co.
Frater, George

Gales, W. and J. (and also L. and T. C. Gales)
Gardner, James
George Bartram & John Lister
George Bartram & Sons
George Clark Engine Works

George Clark (Sunderland) Limited
George Frater & Co.
George Kirkbride & Co.
Gibbon & Nichol
Gibson, P.

Gill, John
Green and Richardson
Greenhill's Ship Repairers
Greenwell, R.
Greenwell, T. R.

Greenwell, T. W.
Greenwell & Sacker
Greenwell's Dry Dock Co.
G. S. Gulston
Hall, G. W. & W. J.

Hall, J.
Hardcastle, John
Hardcastle, P.
Hardie, James
Harkass, William

Hay W.
Hemsley (or Helmsley), Joseph
Hepton, J.

Hetherington W.
Hodgson & Gardner
Hodgson, Benjamin & Co.
Hudson Geo.
Hull & Sykes

Hutchinson, John
Hutchinson, Ralph
Hutchinson, R. & W.
Iliff & Mounsey
Iliff, Mounsey and Co.

J. Blumer & Co. Ltd.
J. Crown & Sons
J. Hardie & M. Clark
Jobling & Co.
John Knox & Company Limited

John Priestman & Co.
Johnson, Jas.
John Wigham & Sons, Ltd.
John & William Gales
Jopling & Willougby

Joseph L. Thompson & Sons, Ltd.
J. Priestman & Co.
King, J.
Kirkbride & partners (or & Co.)
Kirkbride, Carruthers

Kish, Boolds & Co.
Laing, James, John and Philip
Laing & Simey
Lanchester, T
Leithead, Arrow & Aaron

Leithead, James
Liddle & Sutcliffe
Lightfoot, Thomas
Lister, John
Lister & Bartram

Marshall, George
McAndrew, Cowan & Potts
McAndrew, George
Mearns J.

Metcalf, maybe J. Metcalf
Mills, George and John
Mills, J.
Mills, J. & G.
Mills, Jas. & R.

Mills, S. & P.
Moore, G
Moore, G. S. & Company
Morison, J
Morrice, J

Mounsey & Foster
Murray Brothers
Murray G. & Nesbitt T.
Naisby, William
Naizby, William

Nicholson, Thomas
Nicholson, W.
Noble G.
North Eastern Marine Engineering Company Limited (The)
North East Shipbuilders Ltd.

North Of England Shipbuilding Company
Northumberland Shipbuilding Company
Ogden T.
Oliver F.
Osbourne, Graham & Co.

Oswald & Co.
Oswald, Partis
Pace, Blumer
Pace, Robert
Panton, H.

Pearce and Thackray
Pearson, William
Penman, H.
Petrie William
Peverall & Davison

Peverall, George
Pickersgill & Miller
Pickersgill, William
Pile, John
Pile, Hay & Company

Pile, Spence & Company
Pile, William
Pile and Smart
Potts, Cuthbert & Co.
Potts, Edward

Potts, G.
Potts, G. & Spearman
Potts, Matthew
Potts, R. H. & Bros.
Potts, Robert

Potts, William
Potts, William and Edward
Potts and Burn
Radcliffe R.
Ratcliffe & Co.

Ratcliffe & Spence
Ratcliffe J.
Rawson & Watson
Ray & Riseborough

Reay & Naisby (or Naizby)
Reed, J. or J. M.
Reed, R.
Reed, T.
Reed, William

Reed and Banfield
Reid, William
Richardson, W.
R. H. Potts and Brothers
Robert Thompson and Sons (JLT)

Robert Thompson and Sons (Robert Thompson Jr.)
Robert Thompson and Sons Limited (Robert Thompson Jr.)
Robinson, James
Robinson, John
Robson, J. H.

Robson, T.
Rodgerson, J.
Rodham & Todd
Rodham, J. J.
Rogerson, J.

Rowntree, T.
S. Austin and Mills
Seymour T.
Shipbuilding Corporation Ltd.
Short Brothers

Short Brothers Limited
Shorts' Shipbuilders
Simey, Alfred
Simey, Thomas Boyes
Simpson and Short

Sir James Laing and Sons Limited
Sir J. Priestman & Co. Ltd.
Smith, John
Smurthwaite, John
South Hylton Shipbuilding & Repair Co. Ltd.

S. P. Austin Ltd.
S. P. Austin & Son
S. P. Austin & Son Ltd.
Spence J.

Stephenson & Stuart
Stobart J.
Stonehouse T.

Storey John
Storey M.
Strand Slipway Co.
Sunderland Forge & Engineering Co. Ltd.

Sunderland Shipbuilders Co.
Sunderland Shipbuilders Limited
Sunderland Shipbuilding Dry Docks & Engineering Company Limited
Sutherland W.
Swan, Hunter, & Wigham Richardson, Ltd.

Sykes & Co.
Taylor C.
Taylor & Scouler
Taylor W. & Son
T. B. Oswald

T. & B. Tiffin
Teasdale J.
Thomas Young & Sons (Shipbreakers) Ltd.
Thompson & Pearson
Thompson & Teasdale

Thompson, George
Thompson, John
Thompson, Richard
Thompson, Robert (JLT)
Thompson, Robert Jr. (1819/1910)

T. H. Woods
Todd & Brown
T. R. Oswald
T. W. Greenwell & Co. Ltd.
W. Adamson & Sons

Wang L. T.
Watson, John
W. Barklay & Co.
W. Watson & Co.
Wear Concrete Building Co. Ltd.

Wear Dockyard Ltd.
Wear Shipyard Ltd.
Welford & Wigham
Wheatley, Lawrence
W. H. Pearson

Wigham's Ship Repair Yard
Wilkinson, Moses
Wilkinson, Richard
Wilkinson, William
William Doxford and Sons, Limited

William Doxford and Sons (Shipbuilders) Limited
William Gray & Co.
William Gray & Co. Ltd.
William Gray & Co. (1918) Ltd.
William, James, and William Adamson Junior

William Pile, Hay & Co.
Wilson, Spence and Todd
Woods & Spence
Woods, Spence & Co.

Woods, Thomas H. (Henry)
Worthy, George
Worthy, W.
W. Pickersgill & Sons Ltd.

W. Thompson & Pearson
Young, R.
Young & Pearson


Just a start on a vast subject. 1790s, 1800s, 1810s, 1820s, 1830s, 1840s, 1850s, 1860s, 1870s, 1880s, 1890s, 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s


Some of those who have graciously helped me, along the way. In alpha sequence by surname, where known. Just a start on the total list. But we seem to have, already, a long list indeed, with many countries of residence mentioned.

Now some of the folks who have helped the site along big time & continue indeed to do so to this very day, do not particularly wish recognition. There are a number of folks in the following list who have provided not a single image, welcome though that is, or some words on a single subject, welcome though that is, but rather have scanned & contributed images galore, written articles for the site, provided continued advice & guidance etc. And have greatly assisted the site to steadily grow & improve. So I particularly want to mention (in alphabetical order) the following who have provided major help over long time periods to the advancement of this total site.

Len Charlton, Tony Frost, Robert Hunter, Clive Ketley & last (alphabetically) but not least, Bill Swift. Each of whom have offered help as though the site was their very own. Which, in a way, it truly is!

A short-cut to the surnames A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, Y, Z


Clare Abbott, historian & author, of Oxford, U.K.
Alexander Aivazovsky (Александр Айвазовский), historian of the Crimean War, Russia.

Jon Alcibar, of Bilbao, Spain
D. E. Allen, of Melbourne, Australia
Fred Allen, of New South Wales, Australia
Stephen Allen, of New South Wales, Australia
Steve Allen, from the U.K., but now living in Oslo, Norway
Martin Allison, of Sunderland, U.K.
Robert Almeida, of Droitwich, Worcestershire, U.K.
Børge Anderson, of Tau, western Norway
David Anderson, of Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
James T. Anderson, of New Jersey, U.S.A.
John Anderson, author, of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Stan Anson, of London, England
John Appleby, of Malmesbury, Wiltshire, (& JCA Airtech Ltd., of Swindon, Wiltshire)
Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Harold Appleyard, of Wolviston, County Durham, U.K.
Sergio P. (Pazo) Ares, of Vigo, Spain
Dean Arnold, librarian, of 'The Magic Circle' in London, U.K.
Keith Atkinson, Chairman of 'Tyne Area Shipping Club', whose site is here. Keith himself is here
Tony Atkinson, author, columnist & photographer
Brenda Avery, of Southampton, U.K.
Dr. György (George) Ákos, of Budapest, Hungary


Alex Backer, of Kongsberg, Norway
Steve Bacon, of Arborfield, Berkshire, U.K., webmaster of the Arborfield Local History Society.
John Bage, of Sunderland, U.K. perhaps
Jeff Bailey, of Brantford, Connecticut, U.S.A., one of whose website pages is here
Robert N. (Bob) Baird, of Crossford, Dunfermline, Scotland, an author interested in shipwrecks, whose related volume is referenced here.
Jaap Bakker, of Bad Bentheim, Lower Saxony, Germany
Divna Baljak, of Rijeka, Croatia
Barbara Ball, of Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A., & of Copestone Resources LLC
Roger Barclay, of Victoria, B.C., Canada
Andrew Barker, of Sunderland, U.K.
Derek Barkes, of the Cotswolds, U.K.
Dr. Gilles Barnichon, of l'Agence de Documentation Historique et d'études Maritimes (Adhémar), of Paris, France
John Barr, of Edinburgh, Scotland
Roger Barrett, of Kingsbridge, Salcombe, Devon, U.K., Chairman of the Salcombe Maritime Museum.
Justin Bartlett, of Brisbane, Australia
Tony Bate, of Auckland, New Zealand
Roger Bateman, historian, of of Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex
John Bateson, of near Bridlington, East Yorkshire, U.K.
Malcolm Bean, of the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
John Beaton, of Oban, Scotland.
Jimmy Beaty, of Coventry, West Midlands, U.K.
Ron Beaupre, of Mariatown, Ontario, Canada, whose record of the daily passage of ships at Mariatown is here.
John Bedigan, of North Shields, U.K.
Frank Beech, of Legana, Tasmania
Hermann Behrent, of Kuddewoerde, near Hamburg, Germany
David Bell, of Rowlands Gill, W. of Gateshead, whose eBay store is here
Graham Bell, of Hoboken, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Emre Berberoglu, of Istanbul, Turkey
Alan Beresford, of Bury, Lancashire & also Caniço, Madeira.
Markus Berger, of Switzerland, whose store, 'SwissShips / FotoMar Collection', is here
Ken Berry, of U.K., & of
Geoff Bethell, of New Zealand
Chas. Betts, of Southampton, Hampshire, U.K.
Roger Biggs, of Blackmans Bay, (just S. of Hobart), Tasmania, Australia
Aris Bilasis, author, of Athens, Greece
Arthur Blundell, of Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, U.K.
George Bonanos, of Athens, Greece
Erlend Bonderud, of Oslo, Norway.
Brian Bouchard, of Epsom, Surrey, U.K.
Michael Bouck-Standen, of Lingfield, Surrey, U.K.
Ian Bradford, of Lowton, Greater Manchester, U.K.
Andy Bratley, of near Grimsby, Lincolnshire, U.K.
Silke Brandt, of Helsinki, Finland
Shirley Brittan, of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, U.K.
Jane Brook, previously of Sunderland
Bob Brooks, of Exeter, Devon, U.K.
Noni Brown, of the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Wolfgang Brügger, of Lübeck, Germany
Eric Brunger, of Norfolk, U.K.
John Buchanan, of Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire, U.K.
Peter Buckwell, of Richmond, Surrey, U.K.
Anne Burgess, of Gympie, nr. Brisbane, Australia
Lee Burgess, of Bedale, North Yorkshire, U.K.
Hylton Butterfield, of Murrieta, California, U.S.A., whose website ( is here
Sheila G. Buttinger, of Mol, Belgium


Alan Cairnie, of Langley, British Columbia, Canada
Christine Cameron, of Sunderland, U.K., archivist of St. Peter's Church, Monkwearmouth
Arthur Cannings, of Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire, U.K., whose website is here
Ulrik Cappelan, of Kolbjørnsvik, Aust-Agder, Norway.
Mary Carey, of Wimbledon, London, England
Carol of eBay vendor 'jojolovely-2007', of Cassop, Durham, whose eBay store is here.
Jan Carol, of New Zealand
Richard Carlson, of Warwick, Warwickshire, U.K.
David Cartner, from near Durham City, Durham, U.K.
Harold Cartwright, of Bandung, Indonesia
Keith Case, of Nottingham, U.K., whose website is here
Michael Cave, of Darlington, County Durham, U.K.
Len Charlton (1922/2014), who, until his passing, lived at Abingdon, Oxfordshire, U.K.
Reuben Charlton, of Wiltshire, U.K.
David Christie, fine photographer indeed, of Scotland. David's 'Flickr' archive is here.
Elaine Clark, of U.K.
Ian Clarke, of Mersea Island, Essex, U.K., & of the Mersea Museum
Sam Coates, of Plymouth, Devon, U.K.
Joseph Coatsworth, Washington, Tyne and Wear, U.K.
Keith Cockerill, author & photographer, of Sunderland, U.K.
Russ Cogden, of Frosterley, County Durham, U.K. Some of Russ's images can be seen here.
Christopher J. Cole, of Sooke, British Columbia, Canada
Alan Collie, of Milford, Auckland City, New Zealand
Lorenzo Colombo, of Olgiate Olona, Lombardy, Italy
Marian Cook, of Sunderland, U.K.
Francesco Corsi, of Sunderland, U.K.
Samuel Côté, of Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Wilson & Doreen Cotton, of the U.K.
Melanie Cottreau, of Stoney Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
Alan Coulson, of Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K.
Derek Cox, of Faversham, Kent, U.K., whose website is here
Dr. Gerd Cramer, Grünwald, Germany
Alan Craxford, of North Shields, North Tyneside, U.K.
Euan Crone, of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Bob Crosbie, of Swindon, Wiltshire, U.K.
David Crosby, of Sunderland, U.K.
Steve Cross, of Chatham, Kent, U.K.
William W. Culver, of near Plattburgh, New York, U.S.A., & of SUNY Plattsburgh
Stephen Crunkhorn, of Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, U.K.
Brian Curtis, of Perth, Western Australia, Australia
David Cutter, of Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K.


Joseph Dale, of Bournemouth, Dorset, U.K.
Miles Davies, of Aberdeen, Scotland
Dr. Stephen Davies, of the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Iain Davis, of Poole, Dorset, U.K.
Heather Davison, of Warwickshire, England
Sandy & Alexander Davison, of Ancrum, Scotland
Henk de Boer, of Volendam, the Netherlands
Francesco De Domenico, of Rome, Italy, Chairman of AIDMEN (Associaz. Italiana di Documentazione Marittima e Navale), whose web forum is here.
Arie de Lange, of Zoutelande, Zeeland, The Netherlands
Peter de Lange, of The Netherlands
Captain Tamer Demirci, of Istanbul, Turkey
Andy Dennis, of Sunderland, U.K., long since passed away, alas
Luca Derosa, of Capo Rizzuto, Calabria, Italy
Carl Devitt, of London, U.K.
Alan Dicey, of North Kent, U.K.
Howard Dick, of New South Wales, Australia
'diggerlee', eBay vendor, whose store is here
David George Dixon, of Cumbria, U.K.
Pieter Donche, of Bruges, Belgium
Sally Douglas, of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Phil Dovaston, of Hartlepool, U.K.
Chas. Duckhouse, of the Gard department, in southern France
Yves Dufeil, of France, whose website is here
Lesley Duff, of Essex, U.K.
Steve Duffy, of Sunderland, U.K.
Liam Duncan, of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Alan Dunster, of the U.K.
Donald H. Dyal (Dean of Libraries at Texas Tech University), of Lubbock, Texas, U.S.A.


Trygve Eidskar, of Arendal, Norway
Janet Eilbeck, of Sevenoaks, Kent, U.K.
David Elliott, of Gloucestershire, England
Harvey Elliott, of Silloth, Cumbria, U.K.
Julian Ellis, of Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Jens Emanuelsen, of Copenhagen, Denmark
Ann English, of near Corner Brook, Western Newfoundland, Canada
Gaye Englund, of the Museum of Perth, Western Australia
Susan Enns, of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Lucas Erickson, of Andover, Minnesota, U.S.A.


Don Fearon, of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Roy Fenton, of the U.K.
Felipe Ferreira, of Pirantininga, near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
David Ferry, of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Clive Fisher, of Poole, Dorset, U.K.
Jenny Fitton, of Penzance, Cornwall, U.K.
Tom Fitton, of Greater London, U.K.
Simon Flack, of Newport, Isle of Wight, U.K.
Mori Flapan, of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Whose website is here.
John Forrest, of Australia
Bob Fleming, of Worcester, U.K.
Gill Ford, of Somerset, U.K.
Michael Foreman, of France
Jeff Forrester, of Resipole, Loch Sunart, Highlands of Scotland
Bill Forster, of St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England
David Fortenberry, of Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.
Raymond Forward, of Cornwall, U.K., whose website is here
Gail Franklin, of Lincolnshire, U.K.
Tony Franklin, of Newcastle, U.K.
Malcolm Fraser, of Durham City, U.K.
Tony Frost, of Sunderland, U.K.
David Fry, originally of Plymouth, U.K.


Rod Gair, of near Hexham, Northumberland, U.K.
Jillian Galbraith, a volunteer at the John Gray Museum in Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland
Mike Gale, of Plymouth, Devon, U.K.
Simon Gales, of the Dordogne region, SW France
David Gallie, of Okato, near New Plymouth, New Zealand
Gérard Gaston, of Dax, Aquitaine, France.
Owen Genat, of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Simon Gilbert, of the U.K.
Celia Gibb, from near Solihull, West Midlands, U.K.
Kathleen Gill, of the U.K.
Kevin A. Ginty, Newcastle area, Tyne and Wear, U.K.
John Glass, of Pinner, Middlesex, U.K.
Alexander Glover, of Plymouth, Devon, U.K.
Dorothy Gomersall, of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, U.K.
Constantinos Gofas, of Athens, Greece
Alistair Goldsmith, of Troon, South Ayrshire, Scotland
Fred Gooch, of Sunderland, U.K.
Anne Goodall, of Stockton-on-Tees, U.K.
Muriel Goodman, of North Tawton, Devon, U.K.
Pieter Graf, of Voorburg, near The Hague, The Netherlands
Adrian Green, of Southend-on-Sea, Essex, U.K.
John Gray, of Cheshire, U.K.
Bill Greenwell, of Darlington, County Durham, U.K., whose website contains history data re T. W. Greenwell & Co. Ltd. in chapters 4 & 5, here.
Keith Gregson, of Ashbrooke, Sunderland. Keith's website is here.
Kevin C. Griffin, of 'The Cruise People Limited' of London, U.K., & also Toronto, Canada (1 & 2)
Richard Griffith, of Crewe, Cheshire, U.K. & of Hour
Martyn Griffiths, of Southport, Lancashire, maybe Merseyside, U.K. Martyn's website is here.


Peter Hadfield, of Huddersfield, U.K.
Doris Hahn, of near Toronto, Canada
Niels Hald-Andersen, of Fuen (Fyn), Denmark
Andy Hall, of the U.K., webmaster of ''
Geoff Hall, of Melbourne, Australia
Martin Halliwell, of Luxembourg
Craig Hamilton, of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, whose eBay store is here.
James Hamilton, of Hull, Yorkshire, England
Bruce Hammal, of London, England
Joanna Hammond, of Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada
Ann Hansen, of Australia
Norman Hardaker, from near Bideford & Barnstaple, North Devon, U.K.
Paul Harmon, of Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia, Canada
Lynne Harding, of Witney, Oxfordshire, U.K.
Eileen Hart, of King's Lynn, Norfolk, U.K.
Ian Hart, of Herefordshire, U.K.
Roy Hart, of Ipswich, Suffolk, U.K.
Margaret Hartford, of Nottingham, England
Jos Haver, of the Netherlands
Paul Heatherington, of Consett, County Durham, U.K.
Niels-Erik Heger, of Oslo, Norway
Bianca Heggie, of Edinburgh, Scotland, whose family history research service can be found here
Jim Henderson, of Leicester, U.K.
John Henderson, of Arundel, West Sussex, U.K.
Ken Hern, of Sunderland, U.K.
Chris Herring, of South Germany
Peter Herring, of Tettnang, South Germany
Gijsbert Hesselink, of Sint Pancras, The Netherlands
Wytze B. (Buitenrust) Hettema, of Varna, Bulgaria
Gary Hicks, of Plymouth, Devon, U.K., creator of ‘Plymouth’s other fleet – the Merchant Shipping & Fishing Boat Registers of the Port of Plymouth’ available here
Jean Hill, of near Bradford, West Yorkshire, England
Judy Hill, of Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
Paul Hockie, of Teddington, London, England
David Hodge, of Hampshire, U.K.
Clive Hodgson, of Yarm, S. of Stockton-on-Tees & Middlesbrough, U.K.
Pekka Hoikkala, of Rauma, Finland
Derek Holcroft, of Northumberland, U.K.
Carl Holmberg, of Kihei, Hawaii, U.S.A.
Gerd Hønningstad, of Oslo, Norway
David Hood, of East Lothian, near Edinburgh, Scotland
Michael Hopps, of Crowborough, East Sussex, U.K.
'horacevincent1805', fine eBay vendor of Australia, whose eBay store is here
John E. Hoskin, of Queensland, Australia, one of whose websites used to be here
Ebbe Hove, previously of Denmark, now of Italy
Ray Howgego, of Caterham, Surrey, U.K.
Brian Hubbard, of Sunderland, U.K. Of both the Friends of Old Sunderland Parish Church & (now gone alas) the South Hylton Local History Society
Bob Hughes, of Liverpool, U.K.
Bob Hughes, of Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K.
Glyn Hughes, of Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, U.K.
Richard Hughes, of Red Dragon Divers of Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales.
K. Hunnisett, of Shropshire, U.K.
Merv Hunt, of Perth, Western Australia
Tony Hunt, of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Keith Hunter, of Newcastle, U.K., whose historian father Thomas F. (Francis) Hunter, wrote 'A History of South Hylton (The Growth of an Industrial Village)', available to read or download here.
Robert S. Hunter, of Westoe Village, South Shields, U.K., many years with 'Bartrams'.
Ray Hutcheon, of Roker, Sunderland, U.K.


David Ingram of Market Weighton, East Yorkshire, U.K.
Rick Iossi, of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.
Ed Ironside, of Australia
Phil Irwin, of Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham, U.K.


Michael Jagoe, of Tasmania, Australia
Stephen James, of Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A. & of Panamerican Consultants, Inc., of many U.S. cities including Memphis.
Arie Jan de Lange, of the county of Zeeland, The Netherlands
Sax Jarritt, of the U.K.
Ilkka Järvinen, of Staffit Oy, Finland
Peter Jefferies, of Durham City, Durham, U.K., whose e-mail address is
Arthur Jennion, of St. Helens, Liverpool, U.K.
Des Jennings & 'The Ron Jennings Collection', of Cape Town, South Africa
Allan Jensen, of Copenhagen (København), Denmark. Whose Danish shipwreck website is here
Harald Johansson, of Ystad, Sweden
Michael Johnson, of 'University of Sunderland', & (previously) of Sunderland Heritage Quarter, both of Sunderland, U.K.
Alan Johnston, of Adelaide, South Australia
Barry Jones, of Farnborough, Hants, U.K.
Alun Jones, of Y Felinheli, Gwynedd, North Wales, U.K.
Barry Jones, of Farnborough, Hants, U.K.
Matthew Jones
Rebecca Jones, of Leicester, U.K.
Rhys Jones, of Cardiff, Wales
Margot Jorgensen, of Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada
Nicolas Jouault, of Jersey, Channel Islands
Eric Judge, of Sunderland, U.K.
Gay Jungemann of Owen's Antiques, of Vashon Island, Washington, U.S.A., 98070


Constance Kaine, of London, U.K.
Per-Ragnar Karlström, of Greater Gotheburg, Sweden
Michael Keane, dive charter boat operator, of '', of Eastbourne, East Sussex, U.K.
Gillian Kelly, from near Canberra, Australia
Jochen Kemsa, of Bremerhaven, Germany
Russell Kennedy, of Whitley Bay, near Newcastle, U.K.
Stephen Kentwell, of Canberra, Australia
Alistair Kerr, of Te Awamutu, New Zealand
Bryan Kesselman, of London, U.K.
Clive Ketley, of Birmingham, U.K.
Marion Kettle, of France
Jan Kilham, of near Hamilton, N. Island, New Zealand
Peter Kirsopp, of Newcastle, U.K.
Norman Kirtlan, of the Sunderland Antiquarian Society
Allan Kirtley, of Dartford, Kent
Hans Peter Kjær, of Ribe, Denmark
Chris Kleiss, of Amstelveen, The Netherlands
Mark Knipping, of Kohler, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
John Knudsen, of Esbjerg, Denmark
Andrei Kolkkanen, of Finland
Peter Kraneveld, now of France
Daniel Küpfer, of Uster, Switzerland


Bryan H. Lacey, of Arizona, U.S.A.
Alison Laing Lafon, from near Grenoble, France
Phil Lambell, of South Shields, U.K.
Chris Lambert, historian of the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade, at Tynemouth, U.K.
Derek Lambert, of the U.K., probably from Sunderland, U.K.
Paul Lanagan, of Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland, U.K., & of the 'Houghton-le-Spring Heritage Archive'. A prolific author as you can see here.
Gary Lane, of Wellington, New Zealand
Wendy Larmour, of the West Midlands, U.K.
Andy Lavies, of New Forest, Hampshire, U.K.
Gildas Le Briquir, of Bangladesh, now in France
Gordon T. Ledbetter, of Dublin, Ireland
Frank Lee, of Brampton, Cumbria, U.K.
Joe Lee, of near to Newcastle, U.K.
Pieter Leenhouts, of Lars, Ontario, Canada
Jan Lettens, founder of the distinguished website
Richard Lewis, of Saint-Geoire-en-Valdaine, Isère, France
Robert Lewis, of Birkenhead, Wirral, U.K.
Tom Lewis, of Newport, Wales, U.K.
John Liddle, of Backwell, North Somerset, U.K.
'Lilyrobbo', Delcampe vendor from the U.K., whose store is here.
Denis Linfoot, of Kent, England, whose daily 'blog' of his father's WW1 diaries is here.
Matthew Ling, of Birmingham, U.K.
Archie Linton, of Leven, Fife, Scotland
Rodger Lodewyk, of Queensland, Australia
Michael Lohman, of South West Rocks, New South Wales, Australia
Harald Lorentzen, from near Oslo, Norway
Antonio G. (Gonzalez) Lorenzo, of Ferrol, Spain
Michael Lowery, of
Henri Lunardelli, of Faches-Thumesnil, S. of Lille, northern France
Remy Luttik, of Bellingwolde, Netherlands
Summer Lynch, of Australia


Luís Cavaleiro Madeira, of Lisbon, Portugal,
Billy Magee MN, archivist of the Merchant Navy Association
Nancy Magnusson, of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Pjotr Mahhonin, of Tallin, Estonia
Derek Maidment, of Whitburn, U.K., previously with 'Bartrams'.
Vanessa Maitland, maritime archaeologist, of Cape Town, South Africa, & of the African Centre for Heritage Activities.
Agnès Maleville, of La Bouille, near Rouen, France
Jonathan Marsh, of Kimpton, Hertfordshire, U.K.
Roy Martin, an author, of Southampton, U.K. Roy's website reference is here
Roger F. Mathison, of Peterhead, Scotland
Michael H. Mawson, of Bedford, Bedfordshire, U.K.
Peter Mayes, of Bloxham, Oxfordshire, U.K.
Robin McIlraith, of Cambridge, New Zealand
Aron McIntyre, of Saskatchewan, Canada
Kym McKay, of Onkaparinga Hills, Adelaide, South Australia
Donald McLean, of Bradford, West Yorkshire
Joe McMillan, of Moonta Bay, South Australia, previously of Dumbarton, Scotland
Capt. David A. McNamee, of Lancashire, skipper of the Daniel Adamson
Derek Meek, of Cirencester, Gloucestershire
Colin Meiklejohn of the U.K.
J. Robin Mellanby of the U.K.
Joe Mercieca, of Rabat, Malta
Chris Mewes, of Fremantle, Western Australia, & of Mews Marine Brokers
Hans Meyer, of Ratingen, Germany
Tom Millar, of St. Helen's, Lancashire, U.K.
Tony Millatt, of Mersea Island, Blackwater River, Essex, U.K., & of the Mersea Museum
Charles Miller, principal of Charles Miller Ltd., specialist auctioneers of maritime models etc., of West Kensington, London, England.
Ivo Miller, of Santa Clara, California
Kevin Miller, of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Paul Milligan, of the Isle of Man
David Mills, of Yorkshire, U.K.
Robert Moffat, of Australia
Barry Moon, of Sunderland, U.K.
Robert Moon, of Sunderland, Chairman of the Friends of Old Sunderland Parish Church & author of 'The Sundered-Land, The Story of a Seaport and its Township', available via that link.
Jim Moore, from near Newcastle, U.K.
Martin Moore, of 'Sea Cargo Services Limited', Ahuriri, Napier, N. Island, New Zealand
Bob Morgan, of Montréal, Québec, Canada
Ian Morgan, of Leeds, West Yorkshire, U.K.
Fraser Morrison, of Inverness, Scotland
Roy Muir, of Australia
Andrew Munro, of Bellshill, Glasgow, Scotland
Kevin Murphy, of near Belmullet, Co. Mayo, Ireland


Andrey Nekrasov, underwater photographer & journalist, of Odessa, southern Ukraine, whose website is here.
Bill Nemo, of Sunderland, U.K.
Peter J. Newman, of Dungannon, Northern Ireland
Celia Newman-Barker, of Newhaven, East Sussex, U.K.
David Nichol, of Sunderland
Ashley Nichols, of Atlantic Pacific Global Logistics Limited, of Basildon, Essex, U.K.
Elaine Nicholson, of Silksworth, near Sunderland, U.K., Committee member of both Silksworth Heritage Group & Friends of Doxford Park
John Nicholson, of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, U.K.
John Nicholson, of Tenterden, Kent, U.K.
John E. Caldecott Nicholson, of Bedale, North Yorkshire, U.K.
Susan Nicholson, of Liverpool, U.K.
John Nicoll, from the U.K. Lake District
Jens Nielsen, of Copenhagen, Denmark
Howard D. (Ted) Nutt, of Newtownabbey, Belfast, Northern Ireland


Arthur O'Brien, of Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, U.K.
David Old, of the U.K.
Diane Oldman, of Australia, whose Crimean War related website is here
John O'Leary, of the U.K.
Peter Ollerenshaw, of the U.K.
John T. Oliver, of Newcastle, U.K.
Osman Ondes, marine historian & author, of Istanbul, Turkey
Michael Orpin, from Jersey, Channel Islands
Mary Orton, of Hartfordshire, U.K.
Anke Otto, of the U.K.
Jerry Owston, of Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear, U.K.


Alfonso Pais, of Pola de Siero, Asturias, Spain
Neville Pamment, of Daylesford, Victoria, Australia
Michael Park, of Hull, U.K.
David Parkinson, of Carlton Miniott, nr. Thirsk, North Yorkshire, U.K.
Bob Parnell, of Maitland, near Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Nigel Parry, of Edenbridge, Kent, U.K.
David Patchett, of Sunderland, U.K.
Tony Penner, of Wallsend, North Tyneside, U.K.
Benjamin Pépy, of Quimper, France, marine archaeologist & member of Société d'Archéologie et de Mémoire Maritime (SAMM)
Gordon Pettey, of Athens, Ohio, U.S.A.
David Philp, of Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
John E. Persson, of Linköeping, Sweden
Nils Persson, of Åstorp, Sweden
'Petroc', of Lancashire, U.K.
Paolo Piccardo, of Savona, NW Italy
Neil Porter, of Bridlington, East Yorkshire, U.K.
John Powles, of Derby, East Midlands, U.K.
Pauline Priano, of Gateshead, U.K.
Allan Pringle, of New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
Michael Pryce, of Wellington, New Zealand, President of 'The New Zealand Ship and Marine Society'
Tom Purvis, of Millfield, Sunderland, U.K.
Barry Pycroft, of Christchurch, New Zealand


Barry Quest, of Horrabridge, Devon, U.K.


Claude Rabault, of Nantes, Brittany, France, of ''
Rajan Ramkumar, of Bangalore, India.
William A. Rance, of U.K.
John Random, of London, U.K.
Ray Ranns, from near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, U.K.
The Rauma Maritime Museum, of Rauma, Finland.
Ian Raw, of Whitby, North Yorkshire, U.K.
Paul Raw, of Durban, South Africa
Rodney Read, Wannanup, Western Australia
Evan Reger, of Annapolis, Maryland, U.S.A.
Rodriguez Hermosilla, Julio Antonio, of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Howard L. Rehs, of 'Rehs Galleries, Inc.', of New York, NY, whose website is here
James Rice, of Sunderland
Bill Richardson, of U.K.
Mark Richardson, of Broomfield, Colorado, U.S.A.
Patricia Richardson, of West Malling, Kent, U.K., whose 2019 history of the 'Doxford' Company is referenced here.
Vince Richardson, of the 'Mayfield' guesthouse in Seaburn, Sunderland
Keith Robertson, from 20 miles or so N. of Newcastle, U.K. - a volunteer working on the history of the South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade.
Paul F. Robins, of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Geoff Robinson, of Woodbridge, Suffolk, U.K.
Jan Robinson, of Rutland, U.K.
Keith Roebuck, of Ilkley, West Yorkshire, U.K.
Paul Roper, of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, U.K.
Chris Rose, of Grangetown, Sunderland, County Durham, U.K.
David Row, of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Robert Rowlands, of the Falkland Islands
Stephen Rowson, of Cardiff, Wales
Stefano Ruia, of Rome, Italy
John Rutherford, of Melbourne, Australia
Ann Rutte, of Melbourne, Australia
Arthur Ryan, of Auckland, New Zealand.


Birgitta Sadler, of Toronto, Canada
Vicente Sanahuja of Spain, whose extensive 'Vida Maritima' website in Spanish used to be here
Marie Sanders, of Gibraltar
Dr. Alan Scarth, Curator of Ship Models, Mersey Maritime Museum, Albert Dock, Liverpool
Vincent Scerri, of near Cardiff, Wales,
Myrna Schkolne of Winston Salem, North Carolina, whose extensive 'Staffordshire Figures' pottery site is here
Robert Schwemmer, of the U.S.A.,
James Scott, of Newcastle, U.K.,
Malcolm Scott, of Harrowgate, Yorkshire, U.K., artist
Dawn Scotting, of Waitakere, New Zealand, whose blog is here
Doug Scrafton, who used to be the Secretary of the South Hylton Local History Society
Frank Sepe, of Sorrento, Italy
John Severs, of Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, U.K.
Harry Shannon, from near Brighton, Sussex, U.K.
Alistair Sharp, of Scarborough, North Yorkshire, U.K.
Gary Shooter, of Dunstable, Bedfordshire, U.K.
Ross Shotton, of Iraklion, Crete, Greece
Heidi Silverston, of Adelaide, South Australia
Christine Simm, of Borrowstounness, Firth of Forth, Scotland
Don Simpson, of Hendon, Sunderland, U.K.
Roy Sjöberg, of Oskarshamn, Sweden,
Richard Skelton, of Mount Denson, Nova Scotia, Canada
Martin Škraban of the U.K.
David Sloan, of Sunderland, U.K.
Chris Smith, of Loughborough, Leicestershire, U.K.
Cyril Smith, of U.K.
Fred Smith, of the City of Durham, Durham, U.K.
James Smith, of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, U.K.
Michael Smith, of Stratford, Taranaki, New Zealand
Stephen Smith, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, of London, England
Captain Terry Smith, of Surrey, U.K.
Capt. Howard N. Snaith, of Towcester, Northamptonshire, U.K.
Robert (Bob) Snowdon, of Sunderland, U.K.
Geoff Soper, of U.K.
Jon Sowell, of Heathfield, East Sussex, U.K.
Keith Spence, of Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Sharon Spry, of Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A.
Ron Stainton, of Kent, U.K.
Dr. Christopher Stevens, historian, of Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, Kent, U.K.
David Stewart, of Auckland, New Zealand
Diana Stewart, of London, U.K.
Jeffrey Stokes, of Largs Bay, Adelaide, South Australia
Julie Stone, of Anglesey, NW Wales
Colin Storey, of Leicestershire, U.K.
Lloyd Stridiron, of New Zealand
Richard Strother, of Southampton, Hampshire, England
Paul Stuart, of Melbourne, Australia
Bill Swift, of Chester, Cheshire, U.K., whose extensive 'pdf' research paper about Thames City, built by D. A. Douglass in 1856, is now available
Stephen Swinhoe, of Sunderland, U.K.
Stuart Swinsco, of Kirkandrews on Eden near Carlisle, Cumbria, U.K.
Timo Sylvänne, of Kuopio, Northern Savonia, Finland.


Andrew H. Tabor, of Sheffield, U.K.
Stan Taylor, of Sunderland, U.K.
Kevin Tennant, of Watford, Hertfordshire, England
Barry Thompson, of (near) Nice, France
Brian Thompson, of Sunderland, U.K.
Dr. Ottfried Thümmel, of Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Cherilyn Tillman, of Australia
John Tillman, of central France
Jim Tilt, of Sunderland, U.K.
Joaquin M
ª Tintoré, of Barcelona, Spain
Bob Todd, Specialist Curator, Historic Photographs, National Maritime Museum, at Greenwich, London, U.K.
Alan Tong, of rural Staffordshire, U.K.
Barbara Tose, of Ottawa, Canada
David Tranter, of the U.K.
Bronson Trevor III, of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
Mark Tripp, of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Geoff Trotter, of Hadleigh, Essex, U.K.
Malcolm Turner, of Port Elizabeth, South Africa


Ingrid Ulfstedt, Curator, Swedish National Maritime Museums, of Stockholm, Sweden
Juan Uriagereka, of Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
Bernard & Jennifer Uttley, of Switzerland


Luc van Coolput, of Antwerp, Belgium
Jan van Leest, of Roosendaal, the Netherlands
Hannu Vartiainen, of the Rauma Maritime Museum, of Rauma (where else!), Finland.
Laurence Verjus, of France
Alfons Verheijden, from Belgium, whose 'Doxford Engines' website is here
B. Verheul, of Utrecht, Holland
'Verona101', e-Bay vendor, of Roanoke, Virginia, U.S.A., whose e-Bay store is here
Alan Vickers, of Sunderland, U.K.
Nico Vleggeert, of The Netherlands, a partner in
Kurt van Loh. of Emden, Germany
Andreas von Mach, of Markt Indersdorf, Germany, whose company website is here


Robert Wahlen, of Västerås, west of Stockholm, Sweden.
Björn Waldenström, of Norrköping, Sweden
Colin Walker, born in Sunderland, but now of Derbyshire
David Walker, of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Mike Walker, of Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
Des Wallace, of Cape Town, South Africa.
Bruce Ward, of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Mike Wardle, of Northumberland, U.K.
David Watts, historian, of Sunderland, U.K.
Nicholas Webster, of Cromer, Norfolk, U.K.
David Wendes (1, 2) of Wight Spirit Diving Charters, of Lymington, Hampshire, U.K.
Dr. Marc A. Wessels, of the Space Exploration Archive, Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.
John Westdijk-Laarmann, of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Russell Whayman, diver & photographer, of Bermuda
Peter Wheatley, of Durham City, County Durham, U.K.
Doug Wheeler, from near Opotiki, Bay of Plenty, North Island, New Zealand
Dr. Julian Whitewright, of 'The Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology', whose website is here.
Ian Whittaker, of Eyemouth, Scotland, near Berwick-on-Tweed, Northumberland. Ian's maritime & aviation website is here.
George Wilkins, of Australia
Arthur Wilkinson, of Auckland, New Zealand
Chris Williams, of Marion, New York, U.S.A.
Maciej Wilmański, of Łódź, Poland
Stuart Wilshaw, of Perthshire, Scotland
Rosemary Wilson, of British Columbia, Canada
David Winter, of Wallsend, U.K.
Roy Winter, of Yarm, North Yorkshire, U.K.
Philip Winterburn, of Orcheta, Alicante, Spain
Royleen Wolski, of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
George A. Wood, of Aberdeen, Scotland
Jean Wood, of 'Chez Iris', Chaniers, Charente Maritime, France
Judy L. Wood, previously marine archaeologist, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District, Georgia, U.S.A., whose fine research re Undine was made available indirectly to the webmaster.
Cathy Woodhead, of Porthmadog, Gwynedd, Wales, soon to be the author of 'The Wreck of The Criccieth Castle'
Jess Worley, of San Diego, California, U.S.A.
Anthony Worman, of Elmswell, near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, U.K.
Catherine Wright, of Durham City, Durham, U.K.
Richard N. J. Wright, author of Chinese Steam Navy 1862-1945, of Chatham, Kent, U.K.


Robert Young, of Swellendam, South Africa


Igor Zaytsev, editor of 'Ultimate Depth magazine', a diving magazine published in Moscow, Russia.
Neel R. Zoss, of Hamilton, Michigan, U.S.A., author of 'McDougall's Great Lakes Whalebacks', published in 2007.
Dr. Helmer Zühlke, curator of the Heimatverein Borkum museum, of Borkum, Germany. German link here.
Marijan Zuvic, of Croatia, marine historian & publicist.

And a few where details are sketchy

Geoff ? from Newbottle, near Sunderland
'Tug' of


For your pleasure and amusement.

An extraordinary image of a German truck advertising 'Bionade' - not a beer but rather a non alcoholic bottled drink. The German words translate as 'Tastes outstanding'. How brilliant!

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