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AUTOUR DE L'AUGE (c. 1868)

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This is Datapage 22 re Auguste (or August) Friedrich (or Frederic) Albrecht (or Albert) Schenck.

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AUTOUR DE L'AUGE (c. 1868)

What a beautiful image! It helps to know that 'Autour de l'auge' translates as 'Around the trough'.

The location of the original work is quite unknown - to the webmaster at least - unless you feel that knowing that Count Castellani owned it in about 1884, helps any today! I was most grateful to find that the work had been made into a print, etched by Amand-Durand (1831-1905), whose name seems to be more prominent re the work than Albert Schenck, the original artist. (Amand-Durand is however a very famous etcher indeed & is particularly noted for his many Rembrandt etchings.) A copy of the 'Schenck' print is currently (in Jul. 2022) available for purchase via Abe Books here by 'Lirolay' of Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A. For U.S. $150 reduced from $200. An image of the etching is available at that link, the etching being of approximately 12 cm x 23 cm in size (4.72 x 9.0 in.) & overall of 19 cm x 28 cm in size (7.4 x 10.9 in.).

It would seem that a copy of the print (but maybe a postcard) is in the collection of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Apparently 15 x 24.6 cm. in size. It can be seen via this link (1). I used to say that you could click on the image to see it in a large size. But that seems no longer to be so. Now I have difficulty in navigating the Museum's search engine, unfortunately, & lost a working link to the Schenck work for many years. You can search their collection here. I see that I retained an image of what they used to show many years ago.

I should say that I am confused somewhat by what exactly is at the above links. The San Francisco item looks to my eyes to be a postcard. The Abe Books item looks to be an actual etching. Here is what I believe to be a copy of an actual print.

Here is an image of the work. Truly a beauty! Enjoy!

I do not have the ability in French to understand completely what was available at a sale conducted at the Galerie Andre Fils, but it looked like the above print. Described as 'SCHENCK Aug. 1828-1901, Ec. Française, Eau Forte d'après, "Les Ânes" 15x25cm'. The earlier links no longer work so I have cut them - Sold for 32 EUR it would seem, but I cannot see exactly when, nor where. Now the word 'Ânes' means donkeys of course. But despite that, the image link used to confirm the title of the print as being 'Autour de L'Auge'.

It would seem that in 1868 a volume or volumes were published of the artworks first presented to the world in 1868 at the Exposition des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France. Included amongst the works was Schenck's work 'Autour de L'Auge'. I mention all this because in Jul. 2022, I happened to spot that what I believe is a page from such a volume, which was offered for sale via e-Bay. At EUR 41.90 or approx. U.S. $42.63. Here - do drop by! I do hope that the vendor will not object to my including next the e-Bay listing image, which I should also note, I have modified a little for better viewing here.

The image looks to be quite different from the image above, which is I believe of the later etching of the work.

More when I get more! Maybe YOU could provide new data or could provide a clue as to where new data about the above work (or indeed any other Schenck work) might be found. I would truly welcome your input.

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