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This is Datapage 21 re Auguste (or August) Friedrich (or Frederic) Albrecht (or Albert) Schenck.


The print that follows was sold via e-Bay in Aug. 2005, by 'martin2001', of Virginia. And was purchased by Michael Taylor of New York. Michael has kindly provided the image that follows, for use on this site. We thank you, Michael!

The item was a print entitled 'La Meule du Voisin'. The overall print is of 10 x 16 inches in size & the image alone is of 7 x 11 1/2 inches. From an art magazine folio, I read. Now I tried to translate the word 'meule' via the WWW translation sites, & they state that it means 'grinding stone' which seemed to be a real puzzle. However my trusty little English/French dictionary states that the word also means 'haystack' & that would seem more appropriate to the image. Which is, I think, of individual sheaves of hay tied to a wooden teepee-like framework to dry in the sun & air - i.e. a sort of haystack. The word 'voisin' means a neighbour so I translate the title as being 'The neighbour's haystack'.

Now I may well, in due course, be proven to be quite wrong in what I am now going to suggest. I think that this is the work which, translated from the French was called in 1878 'The Neighbouring Mill'. The French word for mill is 'moulin' but I suspect a translator may have got it wrong when the French title, 'La meule du voisin', was translated into English. We will, perhaps, be able to confirm or deny my belief when a French text of the words which appear in English on site page 01 become available. Certainly the year of the work, i.e. 1878, fits perfectly.

The image below is not quite of the whole image, since a sliver of the work at left is not visible. Should a visitor wish to see the entire page, it can be seen here, slightly darkened by the webmaster. And the detail image provided by martin2001 is here.

It would seem to be 'Drawing by Charles Kreutzberger after a painting by Schenck', a painting that was displayed at the Salon of 1878.


With all of the Schenck works depicted in these pages, the question that comes to mind for each one of them so often is - where is the work today? It is rare indeed that the webmaster can ever answer that question. But with this work, we do know that the painting is, in early 2011, in Korea, & is owned by Yoo Chong-ha, a former Korean Foreign Minister & President of the South Korean Red Cross.

J. Lee, of Korea, has kindly provided a link to a Jan. 17, 2011 article in 'The Korea Herald', the Korean English language newspaper. It would seem that the Yoo Chong-ha bought the painting from a Belgian art dealer in 1982. It had some damage, it would appear, & in 1988 he sought the restoration assistance of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province, Korea. There would seem to have been little follow up by either party, & on Jan. 17, 2011, since the Museum had no record of the painting & could not find it, Yoo Chong-ha started to initiate a 'theft' report. Since that article at the above link may well soon vanish, you can read next exactly what the article in fact said.

The later news is good. In a second article, written in Korean, & published on Jan. 26, 2011, we are, I understand, advised that the painting has since been found. So all's well that ends well!

The work, which I understand was acquired, back in 1982, at GBP 5,000 is of approximately 1 x 1 1/2 metres in size. The second article contained an image of the work & that image is next.


The print that is presented on this page has been kindly provided by Karen Comeau of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Karen advises that the print hung in her parent's home for a great many years. And on the back of the old & quite damaged frame, was a 'scroll' which identified the artist & the title of the work. And added some descriptive words. When the print was reframed, Karen had the scroll framed below the print & visible, as you can see below. The scroll reads as follows:


In "The Coming Storm" Schenck has produced a masterful canvas, worthy of a place among the great animal pictures of art. The flock has wandered far from their usual pasture, off the mountain fastnesses, to be overtaken and endangered by the coming storm. The faithful shepherdess has found them just as they were herding together in fright, in time to protect and guide them to a haven of safety. She is the good angel of their destinies and "her sheep know her voice". AFA Schenck was born in 1828 and died in 1901 and is known throughout the world as the painter of the celebrated canvas entitled "Lost" which hangs in the Metropolitan Museum in New York City.

I understand that the print does carry the signature of the artist, but that the signature is hidden under the matting at bottom left. The publisher was RC Co. NY.

Karen, we thank you!


More when I get more! Maybe YOU could provide new data or could provide a clue as to where new data about the above work (or indeed any other Schenck work) might be found. I would truly welcome your input.

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