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The first work on this page is 'True to Death' as it appeared in the 1897/98 Annual Edition of Boy's Own Paper. There was, I am advised, no accompanying article that explained the work in any way. Underneath the painting were the following words: "TRUE TO DEATH" From the picture by Thomas M. Hemy. Exhibited at Society of Painters in Oils 1896". And in very tiny script, right below the centre of the work were the words 'Alf Cooke Leeds'. I learn that Alf Cooke & his company were general printers in the City of Leeds, as you can see here.

The Hemy print depicts a captain with his Labrador retriever by his side going down with his ship while his men depart in a lifeboat.

For this data, & for the image itself, I express thanks to Charles Turner of Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland, who kindly photographed the work in his copy of the Boy's Own Paper Annual. Charles, we sincerely thank you!

True to Death 1896 by Thomas M. M. Hemy

Now Martin Pegrum, of the Philippines, has been well familiar with this Thomas Hemy work for a great many years. He proudly owns a copy of the 1897/98 Annual Edition of Boy's Own Paper given to him, decades ago, by his grandfather. And Martin has kindly scanned the Hemy image in his volume for presentation on this page.  The image is most beautiful indeed. It is also available for your enjoyment in a much larger, giant size also -  here.

True to Death 1896 by Thomas M. M. Hemy

I should indicate that Martin has an interesting hobby - that of a watercolour artist. He advises he that he painted his own rendition of Thomas Hemy's work as a Christmas present for a friend. And has kindly provided a scan of his work for inclusion here.

Martin Pegrum's watercolour painting, based upon 'True to Death' by Thomas M. M. Hemy

Martin, we thank you!


And next is an image of a watercolour, entitled 'Boats at dock on the river'. It came years ago from the wonderful website of, which site no longer exists. They used to have 32 works on site by Thomas's brother, Charles Napier Hemy. Re our artist, Thomas M. M. Hemy, they used to have a single image of the work which I believe was at that time available for sale. It would seem, however, that it was 'bought in' on Sep. 25, 2001 & also on May 29, 2002, both times at Sotheby's, Olympia. Its estimated sale value, in 2002, was, a kind site visitor advises, GBP 2,000 - 3,000.

Boats at dock on the river - watercolour by Thomas M. M. Hemy

I have very little data about this work, but understand it is a watercolour, was painted in 1875 & is 46 x 75 cm. (or 18.1 x 29.5 in.) in size. If I learn anything more, I will add it in here, in due course. And the same thing applies, of course, to True to Death.

Thomas M. M. Hemy datapages 01, 02 & 03 are now on site. Plus all of the other image pages, accessible though the index on page 05.

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