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i) CRABBERS (c. 1907?)
ii) THE LAST ROCKET (c. 1907?)

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CRABBERS (c. 1907?)

The webmaster really knows absolutely nothing about this Thomas Hemy work. All he knows is that it appeared as a colour plate in Boy's Own Paper Annual # 30 re 1907/08. Per a list of Hemy content in BOP's - a list which entitled the work 'The Crabbers' (which is, I believe a transcription mistake). I have not seen that Boy's Own Paper volume but I do have & present next a modest image of the print. An image that was used as a listing image for that particular BOP Annual on e-Bay many many moons ago.

If YOU could add any data about this work, or provide a larger image, do, please, write to me.

See! I told you what I have is modest!

The Crabbers or Crabbers by Thomas M. M. Hemy, 1907 or 1908 perhaps

In Aug. 2009 a print of the work was e-Bay available. Here. Described as being 'from a very rare antiquarian art journal' dating from 1907. 7 3/4 x 10 3/4 inches in size. Listed at U.S. 17.99. It was, however, clearly the one from Boys Own Paper which paper would appear to have been promoted!

THE LAST ROCKET (c. 1907?)

Next, & placed on this page because it also came from Boy's Own Paper Annual # 30 re 1907/08, is The Last Rocket. As for the image above, all I had for a number of years was a modest image that was used long ago as a listing image on e-Bay. At left below. Modest? Even more modest that what I have re Crabbers above! But a copy of the print sold on e-Bay in Apr. 2006 for U.S. $24.00. Dimensions of the image area minus margins, 15 1/4" x 10", a chromolithograph. And the listing image is at right below. I show you both images because the colours in the larger image appear muted. Hopefully, a visitor to the site can provide a large quality image of the print, and, equally as important perhaps, what it was all about. I say that because I understand that there was in BOP Annual # 30, a related article, author unknown, of the same title, i.e. 'The Last Rocket'.

I have not sought permission of the e-Bay vendor to use his image - the vendor is a giant vendor and would surely not wish to waste his time with little old me. But if he would wish his image to be removed from this page, I will, of course, do so. And await another image from another source.

Can you help in any way?

The Last Rocket by Thomas M. M. Hemy c.1907 or 1908 perhaps. Appeared with an article in BOP Volume #30. The Last Rocket by Thomas M. M. Hemy c.1907 or 1908 perhaps. Appeared with an article in BOP Volume #30.

It is interesting to note that the above e-Bay auction item, was later, in Oct. 2006, for sale at U.S. $68 at 'Kenrick A. Claflin & Son Nautical Antiques' of Worcester, MA, known perhaps as 'Lighthouse Antiques', but the item has presumably since been sold since it is no longer where it was.

In Aug. 2009, a print of the work, published in 1907 in a 'very rare antiquarian art journal' is e-Bay available here. 11 x 16 1/4 inches in size. Listed at U.S. $14.39. it is likely not from 'Boys Own Paper' which would not likely be described as an 'art journal'.

The webmaster is always happy to find information related to the subject matter of his various pages. If YOU could add any data to this list or help in any way, do drop me a line.

Thomas Hemy datapages 01, 02 & 03 are on site plus all of the other image pages available through the index on page 05.

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