You could, years ago, have considered the above image to be your invitation to climb aboard the Volvo C70 & take it for a test drive. Just kidding of course. But that clearly was the message in an unusual & truly marvellous promotional image.

An earlier page referred to the Volvo automobile. Now as visitors to these pages will know, I try to research the subject matter on each page. And in researching re that earlier page, I came across the above splendid image. I found it, years ago now, on the Volvo Belgium site, but it was probably available on the official Volvo websites in every country of the world. I rather doubt if Volvo would have any objection to my using the image in the above way. Maybe I should get a sales commission!

On that earlier page, I mentioned the gentleman that had, I thought, over 1 million kilometers on his Volvo. How wrong I was! But the material that I found of interest re that subject and re the Volvo automobile generally is more than this page should handle with the large 'Lake' applet image above. So click here for a separate Volvo data & image page that you might enjoy.

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