The above image is of a Volvo S70 automobile, courtesy of '' but probably truly courtesy of Volvo AB and now the Ford Motor Company (but maybe for not too much longer as this text is revised in 2009). To visit the vast Hebus wallpaper collection, well worth your extended visit, click here.

The webmaster has had a long association with Volvo & has owned one for about 40 years. He still has an affection for the Volvo 122 & 544 models, now both long departed, alas. Both were fine family cars that doubled as very sporting rally cars. There is many a road in Quebec & Northern Vermont that the webmaster has travelled in all hours of the day or night - either as a navigator in rally competition or later laying out or otherwise organising automobile rallies. Exciting days they were, indeed.

The car is not the cheapest in the world by a long shot. Not a paid advertisement for Volvo, but to this day the webmaster feels safer in a Volvo than in most any other car. That, to me, is a real value. And in this day & age of everything being 'throwaway', they do last, or they have lasted for me. The last one I owned rusted out with 350,000 km on the clock and the current version, just a youngster of 13 years old, already has more than that on it. I saw an article recently where one Volvo owner had I think over a million kilometers on his. I must have treated mine badly! But maybe he did not experience the road salt of a Canadian winter! But, now see here.

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