Another fine digital art image by 'Audre'. Visitors to this site will be familiar by now with the multi-image display of the Lake Applet. Earlier, I featured a stained glass window at the 'Basilica of the Annunciation' in Nazareth, taken by Israeli photographer Abraham (Avi) Gleichman. This time, we feature the a fine 'Audre' digital art image eminently suited to this three panel display.

I found the original image on Audre's archive years ago at the site, but while the site continues to be active, no 'Audre' data seems to be there as this site must move to a new location in 2009. The image was also available on Audre's own site, which was previously accessible via a banner below.  But I have cut the banner since the link no longer works either. Audre's images were  giant! So I had to subdivide & otherwise adjust her image for this purpose.

We thank you yet again, Audre!

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