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As visitors to this site may know, the webmaster used to have two sites on the WWW, the first being of the best (in his view) 'Lake' images on the WWW as at Dec. 31, 1999. That site is no longer, however. In compiling that early site he featured a splendid use of the Lake Applet by 'Lorraine's Lakes'. I thought then & still do now, that to use the Lake Applet with panels of stained glass was both original & brilliant. Lorraine's fine 'stained glass' page is long gone, it would appear. 

I searched in vain for a splendid stained glass image that would be suitable for a rework of Lorraine's basic idea. I eventually found what I sought on the Israeli 'Digital Photography World' website which also is no longer available. Abraham (Avi) Gleichman, the photographer whose copyrighted work it is, kindly consented years ago now to my use of it here. Avi's splendid image, was a Mar. 2000 winner on that site. The image, taken in the 'Basilica of the Annunciation' in Nazareth, Israel, was taken with a Nikon Coolpix 950 Camera. Avi, we thank you!

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