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The other pages devoted to the Kroonland, can be found here: 75, 76, 77 & 78.

I am indebted to Marty (Martha) Sikes, of Bristow, near Tulsa, Oklahoma, for the data which follows. To establish a context for the two fine Kroonland related images below.

On Oct. 6, 1920, Karl Jezek (1894/1979), 26 years of age, together with his wife Ruzena (1897/1963), 23 years of age, & young daughter Vlasta (of 6 months), left Anvers (Antwerp) on likely the biggest adventure of their lives. They left war-torn Europe for the new world aboard the Red Star Line steamer Kroonland. In steerage. With 793 fellow passengers, 56 returning U.S. citizens, & one stowaway! Bound for New York where they arrived on Oct. 17, 1920.

It is known that Karl was a tailor & his wife was a seamstress. Though they met at a school in Paris, France, Karl was born at Bresma, Slovakia, & Ruzena at Horepnick, Slovakia. Karl had been in the German Army, though detail as to his WW1 service is unavailable.

They are identified at Ellis Island as Karel & Buzena Jezek with daughter Vlasta, from Horepnick, Slovakia, with Vicksburg, Mississippi, as their U.S. destination. There to join Adolf Spcibrataky (correctly Privratsky), of 515 Fairground Street, Vicksburg, listed as a brother-in-law.

Now 'Karl' is the German form for 'Charles' & 'Ruzena' (Růžena in Czech) is the Czech form for 'Rose'. So in the U.S. the couple became Charles & Rosie Jesek.

Karl continued to work as a tailor when he came to the U.S., ('it was fashionable to make women's suits from men's suits and he did a lot of that'), & when such work slowed down, he worked for Burlington Northern railroad as an electrician. The couple had 2 more children born in the U.S., daughter Sonja & son Jerry. The family lived in Vicksburg, Mississippi, all their lives, & Karl & his wife are both buried there. While from a Catholic family, daughter Vlasta married a Protestant gentleman from Illinois, who worked with the Corps of Engineers. A bridge across the Mississippi River that he helped build at Vicksburg is indeed still there today, carrying local traffic. They had 5 children - three girls & two boys & Marty (Martha) is the middle girl.

A fine partial image of a Red Star Line ticket, issued in 1920 to Karl (or Karel) Jezek of Slovakia. For 3rd Class passage for Karl & his family from Anvers (Antwerp) to New York, leaving Anvers on Oct. 6, 1920. A very large image of the whole ticket front is here. And an image of the rear of the ticket is available also.

And another partial image. On the deck of the Kroonland, on Oct. 8, 1920, as you can indeed read. Marty Sikes advises me that at bottom left in the image, is her grandfather, with his daughter (Marty's mother) in his arms. Now I try to show images on the site in a size that permits viewing without the necessity to scroll. But not quite in this case ~ in order to preserve the detail in the immigrant faces. The whole image, very large indeed, can be seen here.

This page will, hopefully, track additional data about the Kroonland as it comes to hand, most especially should it relate to the Volturno tragedy.

A 1910 Passenger List

A lovely image of a Kroonland passenger list dating from May 31, 1910 re a voyage from Antwerp to New York via Dover. With J. (John) Bradshaw then the vessel's captain. The list was an eBay item in Mar. 2017, selling I see for U.S. $35.00. The eBay vendor (eclectible) kindly provided (thanks!) three interior images of the item (1, 2 & 3).

If any visitor can clarify (or correct) or provide more information about any of these matters, I would truly welcome their help.

The other pages devoted to the Kroonland, can be found here: Pages 75, 76, 77 & 78.

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