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On Nov. 29, 2008, a live 'e-Bay' auction sale came to an end. Offered for sale was a Schenck painting of a horse, the first Schenck work I have ever seen of such a subject. The item was offered by San Marco Casa d'aste S.p.A. of Santa Croce 1681/A, Venice, Italy, 30135, Tel. +39 041 2777981. It sold, I see, to a bidder on the floor at Venice, for EUR 2,750 or approximately U.S. $3,492.64.

It was described as follows - 'La stalla, olio su tela, cm 64x81 firma in basso a sinistra: Schenck' which translates into English, I think, as 'The barn, oil on canvas, 64x81 cm. signed lower left: Schenck'. I am unable to see, in the image below, the indicated artist's signature.

The e-Bay listing is long gone. The image follows. Can you tell us anything about the work?

Schenck work. See text.


I indicated above that Schenck's depiction of a horse was the first such depiction that the webmaster has seen. Next is another entirely new subject that he would seem to have painted - turkeys.

I must state however that it is my assumption that it was his work and it is only my assumption. I have seen nothing which specifically so indicates.

In Nov. 2009, a print was sold via e-Bay. The item has since been removed, unusually early for that to have happened, and unfortunately before I had recorded the information about the print that it contained. The item was entitled however as follows:- RARE Orig. 1895 Thanksgiving 1/2 Yard Long - Turkeys. It may well have contained the word 'Schenck' in the listing, since I likely found it in reference to that search word. The item was well received, had 8 bids, & sold for U.S. $259.98 on or about Nov. 12, 2009.

Unfortunately it would appear that I did not save the listing images either. What a shame!

The e-Bay listing is long gone. And the listing images gone then also. Is it possible that you know anything about such a work? And could provide what I stupidly have lost.

More when I get more! Maybe YOU could provide new data or could provide a clue as to where new data about the above works (or indeed any other Schenck work) might be found. I would truly welcome your input.

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