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The webmaster knows very little today about this noted work by artist Thomas Hemy. He does not know its exact title, it size, or when it was painted. I do know that he painted the 'Mauretania' leaving the Tyne on her maiden voyage which was on Nov. 16, 1907. And this fine site advised us that the work was located on the starboard side of the quarter deck of 'Queen Elizabeth 2' in Aug. of 2003. The words referenced 1908 so perhaps the work was painted in that year.

But I now note that the work was currently (that means Nov. 2008) on loan to the Tyne & Wear Museums. By 'Swan Hunter (Tyneside) Limited' who had loaned it for many years, it would seem, to Cunard. And in 2009 will be on display at the 'Discovery Museum' in Newcastle. Where it indeed is, as per this page.

The following words were written in Shipbuilder Magazine's 'Mauretania Special Edition' of Nov. 1907, but they seem to rather refer, if you agree, to sea trials rather than to the maiden voyage:

'The departure of the Mauretania from the Tyne presented a scene so animated and enthusiastic that it will not be readily forgotten by those who witnessed it. To the accompaniment of shrieks from the syrens of the numerous craft in the river and the roar of the “buzzers” of the shipyards and engine works, mingled with the cheers of tens of thousands of spectators who crowded every coigne of vantage on both sides of the river, the vessel left her berth at Wallsend on the afternoon of the 22nd October, with a distinguished company on board, and was towed without the slightest hitch to the open sea.'

The word 'coigne' is an unusual one. Means a good vantage point, I believe.

For many years the webmaster did not have an image of the work. But now he does thanks to the kindness of a site visitor - a fine image of a print of the work. Do click the image to see it in a larger size.

A print of 'Mauretania' by Thomas M. Hemy.

A splendid image which shows most of the giant original work, is next. Thanks to Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums, likely re a 2009 'Discovery Museum' exhibit in Newcastle. Again, click the image below to see it in a larger size.

Mauretania by Thomas M. Hemy.

It would seem, however, that the painting shows Turbinia sailing alongside Mauretania. And that in reality Turbinia was unable to sail on that day due to a mechanical problem, its inclusion being in the work being, then, 'artistic license' on Hemy's part. A tiny piece of the work was depicted on a 2004 U.K. postage stamp. Here:

Mauretania Stamp 47p issued April 13, 2004 in U.K.

That stamp was one of a series of stamps of Ocean Liners were issued in the U.K. on Apr. 13, 2004. It is at bottom left in the panel below. The other stamps in the collection featured Queen Mary 2 (the artwork of Edward D. Walker), SS Canberra (by David Cobb), the original Queen Mary (by Charles Pears), the City of New York (by Raphael Monleaon y Torres) and the PS Great Western (by Joseph Walter). The stamps, it would appear, were sold in the form of a mini-sheet & singly also, I presume.

Here is the series of stamps as they used to appear on the Royal Mail site. A large image of the Thomas Hemy Mauretania stamp as is shown above, can be seen via this page under the date of April 13, 2004.

Ocean Liner stamp series issued on April 13, 2004 in the U.K.

An image of Mauretania ex this page.

The Mauretania was painted by many artists including Montague Dawson. His fine Mauretania work graces the cover of 'Great Passenger Ships of the World' Volume 1 1858-1912 by Arnold Kludas. Originally published in German in 1972/1974. The English language edition I have seen was published in 1975 by Patrick Stephens Limited of Wellingborough, U.K. Some day, perhaps, I will find the time to scan that cover & include it here for your enjoyment.

Before I leave this page for the moment, & placed here not because the vessel relates in any way to Thomas Hemy or to the Mauretania, are some old images of the SS City of New York, which vessel was featured in the above Ocean Liners series of stamps. Here because the webmaster likes them! He cannot tell you today where the images originated. I have combined them, or more properly parts of them, into a composite image of that vessel. With a larger version of it available here. There is a puzzle however. The stamp above shows a vessel with three funnels, while my images, which I believe are indeed of SS City of New York show two funnels only (you can read the name on the two left images in the large version, at least). Maybe there were a number of vessels of that name over the years?

Pretty images, regardless.

A composite image re City of New York

If YOU could add any data re the subject matter of this page, or indeed add anything re the artist generally, I invite you to be in touch. Your contribution would be much appreciated.

Thomas M. M. Hemy datapages 01, 02 & 03 are now on site. Plus all of the other image pages, accessible though the index on page 05.

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