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I thank Windsor Chorlton of Dorset, U.K., for the two watercolour works that are presented on this page. One of them clearly dates from 1872. And it is most likely that the other work was painted in 1872 also & possibly on the very same day in that year. Both of the works are watercolours of 13 x 8 inches in size, much larger of course with their mounts. On similar paper & of similar colours. Both are very early works of the artist since he would have only have been 20 or 21 years of age when he painted them.

The first image bears an inscription on the back of its mount. Which inscription reads as follows:

View of North Shields from the 'Northumberland Brewery (Messrs Bartleman & Crightons) to 'Shepherds Quay' with the Bay Horse Quay and Mr Paul Lambrigstes premises (belonging to Devisees of Alex. Crighton) adjoining -- painted by T. Hemy North Shields 1872.

As you can see here:

Inscription on rear of watercolour by 
Thomas M. M. Hemy 1872

The inscription states the price to be £5. 5/-. And, as Windsor says, five guineas was a very fair sum back in 1872. Yes indeed! Windsor is not entirely sure about the name 'Lambrigstes' in the above text - the copperplate writing is most difficult to read. The work is signed 'T. Hemy' at bottom right.

Windsor has done some research on the subject matter of the watercolours. Through a U.K. genealogy site (GENUKI) he located a reference to an 1848 drowning disaster at Cullercoats (just north of the Tyne estuary), together with a list of Relief Fund Subscribers including 'Bartleman & Crightons, Bull Ring Wharf & Northumberland Brewery, North Shields.' That clarified the name in the copperplate text. But, since the Relief Fund data is dated 24 years earlier that 1872, Windsor believes it to be possible that the brewers may have moved their business in the intervening period. Or had more than one location. Which could explain why Bull Ring Quay isn't mentioned in the inscription. Windsor's map of Tyneside shows a 'Bull Ring Dock' or 'Quay' about half a mile upriver from Tynemouth. And, while I cannot see it in the lower of the two images below, the name of Bartleman & Creg... is I understand faintly written on one of the warehouses on the river edge.

As a result of all of this, Windsor concludes that the watercolours were surely both painted in the very same area, & just maybe at the very same time.

Watercolour by 
Thomas M. M. Hemy 1872

The following work is signed 'T. M. Hemy' at bottom right.

Watercolour by 
Thomas M. M. Hemy 1872

We sincerely thank Windsor Chorlton for both of these images. And for his 'detective work' into the subject matter!

More when we have more information to add. Possibly you might be able to help?

Thomas M. M. Hemy datapages 01, 02 & 03 are now on site. Plus all of the other image pages, accessible though the index on page 05. PRIOR PAGE / NEXT PAGE

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