Visitors to Egypt in the late 19th century, indeed to this very day, often enjoy their very first camel ride beside the Pyramids at Giza. And here, while surely elsewhere in Egypt or Nubia, is a lovely image of just such a scene, but actually not all of it. (I would like to able to tell you the name of the artist, but know no more than you also can see, i.e. two signatures one of quite I presume would be the artist's name and the other the name of the engraver. The names 'C. R... Huber' and 'R. Brendamount' seem to be reasonably clear but I have not so far tracked any artist so named who could have created this work.)

A fine old photographic image of a camel-based marriage procession. With coloration very different from the image above. Now I try, with every image that I feature in these pages, to tell you about the image and where it comes from. But for this image, I cannot do that, other than say it is by Zangaki. I thought that I had more data but seem to have mislaid it. Sorry! I probably found the image on e-Bay but that does not help very much, alas! The Sudan, perhaps?

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