In an earlier site, now long gone, I featured the best (in my opinion!) WWW usages of the Lake Applet at Dec. 31, 1999, & displayed two images of peacocks. Since then, I have seen a great many peacock images but have applied the applet to none of them. So very often, the bird's colours are so brilliant that the image looks artificial. Images of certain of the parrots, lories in particular, can look similarly contrived even though the colours are, in fact, quite natural. Anyway here is a very fine image of a peacock that does the bird justice & also does look perfectly natural.

The image is the copyrighted work of Austrian photographer Erich Mangl. Erich has his own website available here. And through his ingenious index, you can link to extensive archives of his images on PBase. Erich's fine original peacock image used to be in the 'Birds' section of his Pbase archive but is no longer available, as this site must move to a new location, in 2009. It graces this page with Erich's kind permission.

I particularly enjoyed Erich's amazing archive of church interiors, mainly taken in Vienna, Austria, I understand. Drop by and see for yourself.

And here are samples of Erich's fine animations ~ these of Erich's daughter Dascha. Taken many years ago now. Not another of Dad's pictures! Oh dear!


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