This image is not, in fact, as illogical as it would seem at first glance! Read further in my Pantheon data pages to learn why & for more images & data about the subject. The image is of the Pantheon, in Rome, Italy, surely one of the most splendid examples of Roman architecture that exists in the world today. A masterpiece indeed! As is the painting by Giovanni Paolo Pannini, (1691-1765), the inspiration for this presentation. I cannot tell you the year it was painted.

The Webmaster has always had an especial interest in history & matters archaeological. When he visited Rome, some years ago, the Pantheon was high on his list of places absolutely not to be missed. And he did not regret his visit any more than did the millions of visitors who have entered this very building in the past 1875 years! And been astonished at the breathtaking sight that they saw.

The painting that graces this page is then by Italian painter Giovanni Paolo Pannini (1691-1765). Pannini produced an amazing number of works with some astonishing detail. Look at this image on Carol Gerten's CGFA site (Denmark) or elsewhere on the many CGFA mirror sites. He would appear to have painted the Pantheon many times. Here is a Pantheon painting in the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. Here is another from the Oglethorpe University Museum in Georgia. But the image that I used is yet another Pantheon painting that came from a page, now long gone, on an Italian site.

By all means visit Artcyclopedia for links to galleries and sites that feature Pannini's work. And drop in and enjoy this photograph by Dan Heller, a commercial photographer based in California whose work certainly inspires me. I know, having tried it myself, that photographing the interior of the Pantheon in such quality is not a simple task.

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