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Of course you do need to install 'Java' to be able to see it. Easily done! It installs quickly & it is free. Just click on 'Free Java Download' here.

A dramatic image indeed! The webmaster created what you see above by 'mirroring' the fine copyrighted artwork, (the right half of the above), of artist Amy Quarnberg of Utah. Amy, only 16 years old when this page was first created in 2000/1, specialises in pencil & watercolour pet images. This particular image is, I learn, a pencil drawing scanned & then coloured using Adobe Photoshop. Her 'Pet Portraits' website is here & many examples of her work can be seen via that site. If you happen to have a leopard, you might just wish her to create a drawing of it for you! But cats & dogs and other critters are welcome too, I am sure!

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