Good images of bears are difficult, indeed, to find, so I was especially pleased to find the grizzly bear image used above as a 'Lake' applet image. In fact, in the above presentation, I may be mixing my bears! The 'Lake' applet bear is a grizzly bear while the lovely Swedish postage stamp may be of a black or brown bear. Does anybody know? If so, please drop me a line. If I have mixed my bears, blame it on artistic licence!

When this page was first created, many years ago, we thanked '' for the grizzly bear image which would seem to be of an unknown origin. But that site is long gone, as this site must move to a new location in 2009. The 1978 Swedish brown postage stamp came from a page, courtesy of Gregory Novisch - but I cannot spot the image at his extensive Teddy Bear Pages site in 2009. Featured also was, in a reduced size, the lovely image of a Canadian postage stamp that appears below. Now, even though I live in Canada, I never knew that Canada had eight dollar postage stamps, let alone one so very beautiful ~ until, that is, I saw Gregory's fine site. The Canada stamp, was issued on Oct. 15, 1997. Gregory used to tells us that the Swedish stamp, issued originally on Apr. 11, 1978, was  still available in Swedish post offices, but  those words were written in 2001.

It would seem that the grizzly bear & the brown bear are really the same animal (Ursus arctos). I found a fine drawing of a brown bear by R. T. Wallen on the WWW. I would not like to display his image here without permission, but found his original drawing on a web page that also provides lots of information about the grizzly/brown bear that you would find quite interesting including the fact that 70% of the North American grizzly/brown bear population is in the state of Alaska. R. T. 'Skip' Wallen, is, I understand, an Alaska based wildlife artist & a former biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

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