I am struggling, in 2013, to get this page operational again. The page was working, over a decade ago. So far it has been truly a struggle - hopefully we will soon succeed.

This puzzle game should not be right here (not photographic) but was put here years ago to get the page operational quickly. The object of this game is to move the coral piece to the centre in the bottom row. YOU SLIDE EACH PIECE WITH THE MOUSE. The puzzle which looks to be quite impossible, can indeed be solved, but, to be honest about it, I have not yet succeeded myself. This particular puzzle, a classic puzzle of very great age, was created by Hirofumi Fujiwara & Yo-zi Ito. I saw it at the 'www.intermountain.net' site which does not have it any more. I placed the puzzle on this page, years ago, so you could share my lack of success!

I did also find, all those years ago, another website with virtually the same puzzle created by Kit Barnes. Kit's site used to provide visual proof that the puzzle can indeed be solved. That proof did NOT help me solve the puzzle in any way because the moves were shown so very quickly. But that was Kit's purpose, after all (thanks for nothing Kit!). Unfortunately the Kit Barnes' page is today no longer available, so I cannot link you to it any more.

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Hirofumi Fujiwara provided on his zip file a non operational image of the game board in Japanese. It is below, not so you can play it but rather admire the image, which is next.

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