This is another attempt at applying the 'Lake' applet to a magnificent piece of art, in this case adding beautiful water reflections to a brilliant original work. The painting is by French impressionist Claude Oscar Monet (1840-1926) and is entitled 'Le bateau atelier' (The Boat Studio or The Studio Boat), an oil on canvas, of 72 x 59.8 cm (28 3/8 x 23 1/2 in) in size. It was painted in 1876. The original painting is in The Barnes Foundation Collection, in Merion, Pennsylvania.

The premier art site, in my view, is Carol Gerten's Fine Art (CGFA), the work of Carol Gerten-Jackson. Do visit it. It truly is magnificent. But this particular painting does not seem to be among the many Monet works on Carol's site. I found this particular image, many years ago now, on the long-gone wallpaper site. Now, I usually like to research the artist and provide my own biographical notes. Since I have not yet completed that research, you might visit the 'Monet' biography on Carol's site, available here & surely on CGFA sites around the world.. And do visit Artcyclopedia for links to many galleries and sites that feature Monet's work.

The original image, as I accessed it probably 16 years ago, can be seen below.

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