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There are a great many postcard images of La Touraine most often at Le Havre, its home port. A quite amazing number in fact. The images that will follow on this page are La Touraine or Le Havre or St. Nazaire related large thumbnails & if you click on each image you will be able to see the related postcard in the best condition I can now present it & in a larger size. But only of postcards not already featured in these pages. My purpose, as always, is primarily to show the vessel rather than the exact scanned postcard. So I have tidied up the images by eliminating black marks & other imperfections. What I show is selective however - many of the available postcards are, to me at least, of limited visual interest & have been excluded. I will substitute images should a finer version come along. And add more postcards as time passes.

I will try to indicate the origins of the cards. Images 2, 3, 5, 8 and 9 were kindly provided by Valery Lebigot of France whose grandfather served on La Touraine. Thank you so much, Valery! Item 7 was from e-Bay. I have not bothered the e-bay vendor for permission to use the image here but do sincerely thank 'aandjim' the U.K. vendor whose store site is here. The item sold in Oct. 2005 for GBP 4.20 or approximately U.S. $7.20. Item 10 was from a long expired e-Bay item. Item 11 was an e-Bay item in Oct. 2006, bought for this page by the webmaster. Item 12 was also an e-Bay item in May 2008.


Thanks to an e-Bay listing in May 2008, I first became aware that Currier & Ives, of 115 Nassau St, New York, published a print of La Touraine, perhaps in 1900. The 48 x 36 cm. print (image size 44 x 32 1/2 cm.) is entitled 'Compagnie Générale Transatlantique Steamer "LA TOURAINE" LENGTH 530 FT   BEAM 57 FT  TONNAGE 10000  HORSE POWER 12000'.  The listed print, which seemed to have some damage issues, sold for EUR 33.50 or approx. U.S. $52.88.

I present a composite image of the e-Bay print. In the future, hopefully, it will be possible to present here a similar print in a full page width detail.


It is a pleasure to show a map of Le Havre which shows the harbour area & specifically shows the 'Bassin de l'Eure' where La Touraine & other Compagnie Générale Transatlantique vessels would dock. It dates from the early 1900s & comes, to the best of my knowledge, from a guide book from that era. I believe that the map was published each year for a great many years. I am unable today to identify where my image came from but it probably was from a long expired e-Bay item. A similar copy of the map sold via e-Bay at U.S. $8.00 in early Jan. 2006 & the listing indicated that the particular map offered was from such a guide book published in London in 1905. Can anybody tell us which specific guidebook it was? My own words elsewhere in these pages may help, and remind me that such a map may be from an atlas or travel guide printed by Breitkopf & Hartel in 1905 or 1907.

And in early Feb. 2006, a copy of what looks like the very same map was available for sale on e-Bay from a west coast of Canada vendor. Described as being a '1905 Historical Colour City and Railway Route Area Map' of Le Havre, published by Leipsic, New York for Karl Baedeker, 1:250,000, engraved by Wagner & Debes. Image size 7 3/4 X 5 3/4 inches on a page 8 1/4 x 6 1/4 inches. With an extensive text about Le Havre. All good data.

I now believe that the map was indeed included in one or maybe a great many editions of Baedeker's guide books to France. I cannot believe how many e-Bay listings there are for Baedeker guidebooks. Quite literally thousands of them. Images of a cover of such a volume & of a title page showing Leipsic are not hard to find.

And in Jan. 2006, is or was available a most interesting woodcut of Le Havre dating, per the e-Bay listing, from the 1890s. Also from the west coast of Canada. A very tiny print it would seem being just 4 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches in size. A portion of a larger page. The listing contains some most interesting data about Le Havre which reads as though it was reproduced from a contemporary guidebook. I thought I might request use of the image on this page, but it would seem that is now most difficult, since the vendor has since ceased to be an e-Bay registered user. In such circumstances, perhaps the use of the actual image here is in order. I thought of trying to darken the image but chose not to do so since the map looks so very old - which it is.

If you are a map enthusiast, & are particularly interested in early maps of Le Havre, a most beautiful map was sold in Feb. 2006 via e-Bay - for U.S. $22.00. Dating from Jul. 1759 & a real beauty. Described as being 'A Plan of the Town, Harbour and Citadel of Havre de Grace". Beautiful copper engraved map published in 1759 for the London Magazine.' 8 1/2 X 11 inches in size.

I show an image of the map below, (edge trimmed & sharpened) since it is so very beautiful! I struggle with this site with what I should & should not show. The map did sell so the vendor may have, as a result, no concern at my using one of his four fine images on this non profit & informational site. But I do not know that. Writing to get permission to use images is, as a practical matter, most difficult. And writing to get permission from a major dealer, in this case a major map dealer, would be an imposition on his limited time. So I show it here but also volunteer to remove it should the vendor so wish. In thanks, I used to invite you to drop by the vendor's store. The vendor was 'eprintseller' of the U.S. whose e-Bay store seems, however, to now no longer exist. But this seems to be that seller - Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps Inc., of 1298 Prospect Street, Suite 2C, La Jolla, CA 92037, Tel. (858) 551-8500.

The map content is most interesting re the subject matter of these pages. The Citadel, which shows so prominently at lower right below must later have been removed or destroyed, but would seem to live on in the 'Bassin de la Citadelle' in the 1905 map above. The 'Kings Dock' is still there in 1905 as 'Bassin du Roi'. Le Havre in 1759 was surrounded by strong city walls. Long gone today? Probably so. Can anyone tell me? Long gone, indeed, per Jean-Michel Harel in a guestbook message in Dec. 2016.

This is, I believe a most rare item! Yet another copy, in fact, sold on e-Bay in mid Mar. 2006 for U.S. $24.95. That later listing indicates that 1759 was during the height of Seven Years’ War. Glad to learn that! And that the map itself was of 17.7 x 25.1 cm in size (7 x 9 15/16 inches) on a page 20.1 x 26.3 cm is size (7 15/16  x 10 3/8 inches). We thank that vendor also.

A 1914-1917 BROOCH

Totally unrelated to La Touraine, but certainly related to Le Havre.
A base-metal brooch that was described on e-Bay when it sold in Feb. 2006 for GBP 14.09 (approximately U.S. $24.58) as being a WW1 sweetheart brooch dated 1914-1917 - probably sold to a British soldier for his sweetheart as he was on his way back to England. Le Havre was extensively used during WW1 for troop & equipment landings etc. A very pretty brooch, which is why I include it here.

Maybe you can provide additional postcard images? Or data?

This page will, hopefully, track data about the La Touraine as it comes to hand. And hopefully data as it specifically relates to the Volturno tragedy.

If any visitor can clarify (or correct) or provide more information about any of these matters, I would truly welcome their help.

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