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The other pages devoted to the Kroonland, can be found here: 75, 76, 77 & 79.

First a fine image of Kroonland leaving Southampton, believed to date from the early 1920s.

I do hope that I may be permitted to use the following two images, ex e-Bay, on this informational & non-profit web site. Both images are from a 'Red • Star • Line - Souvenir du S.S. Kroonland' postcard booklet that dates perhaps from the early 1900s. 8 images in total, I understand. The item sold for U.S. $75.00 in Sep. 2005. I had hoped to bid late in the auction, but the price became rather too high for the webmaster's resources. If there is concern as to the use of the images on this site, I will of course, remove them. Though with some considerable regret. Because they are both most interesting.

The first image, is of the First Class Dining Saloon of the Kroonland. The booklet also contained an image of the ship's band, I read - which is fun & now is second below. Can you not almost hear the music! I now see that the item was published also in colour. As you can see here.

The image of the band was published more than once it would seem. A 32 page, 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 in., booklet for 'Red Star Line' 'ANTWERPEN NEWYORK', featuring 4 vessels including Kroonland, contained the image. That booklet was published, per a Mar. 2008 e-Bay listing, in 1903. The band page looks identical to that already available above by a click of the mouse.

It would be wonderful some day to learn what other wonderful Kroonland images that booklet contained.

A postcard image of the starboard promenade deck of Kroonland, believed to date from c1920. An eBay item in Mar. 1917 - here.  It sold, on Mar. 28, 2017, for U.S. $5.99. A larger image of the card can be seen here. The vessel does not seem, in this image, to be particularly luxurious!

From time to time, deck plans come up for sale on e-Bay re various vessels. Now most often the plans are physically of a giant size & clearly most difficult to scan. And often, therefore, the listing image leaves something to be desired from the perspective of display on this site. But a deck plan did come up for sale on e-Bay featuring Finland & Kroonland on one side of the page & Manchuria on the other size. It was of excellent size & detail for display here - & I show you accordingly the Finland & Kroonland side of that page. The e-bay item? Long gone, alas! I can no longer check back to see if the listing might have provided an approximate date for the plan.

And an image which is more recent, as this page was updated in early Dec. 2007. An image sold in the middle of Oct. 2007 for GBP 9.99, via e-Bay. I do not think there is much doubt that the vessel is the Kroonland. Indeed the vendor, ('unioncastle48' - whom we thank!), indicated that his item was an 'Original Real Photo Postcard of the Red Star Liner SS Kroonland in the Culebra Cut of the Panama Canal on February 2nd 1915 on her South American Cruise.' I have added contrast to the listing image for better display on this page. A most interesting image that I am glad to be able to present on this page.

And another e-Bay image which is 'history', as this page is updated. Of the vessel moored probably at Hoboken, New Jersey, after repatriating troops from Europe. See the buntings at right. The webmaster is not skilled in the modification of images. His attempt to further improve the image was not a success!

In Nov. 2007, a postcard was sold on e-Bay which depicted 'Vigia', Kroonland's ship's dog. While the card was not dated, it was part of a collection dating from the 1915 to 1919 period. The card is, of course, long gone from e-Bay. My surprise was to later learn that there is a page in 'WarBook of the USS Kroonland "Empress of the Seas" 1918 1919' devoted to 'Vigia', which, it would seem was the ship's mascot during the voyages which repatriated thousands of U.S. servicemen to the United States after WW1. An e-Bay listing of that volume, referred to at the top of page 76, included the following words 'WONDERFUL PAGE DEVOTED TO THE SHIP'S MASCOT-VIGIA - BORN IN ANTWERP IN 1916'. I may well be misinterpreting those words but maybe 'Vigia' was aboard Kroonland for a very long time indeed! And was befriended & patted by thousands of returning U.S. soldiers. Below, at left, is a part only of the postcard, & at right is an image that appears on the 'WarBook' page I referred to. Can anybody provide a scan of that whole page & the related text?

Another copy of that 'Vigia' postcard was sold on Aug. 16, 2008. Via e-Bay. For U.S. $19.99.

I now know that 'Vigia' appears on page 74 of the volume & thanks to the kindness of Thomas McGee I can now show you that page. 

A very fine image indeed, showing workers loading bags of coffee beans aboard Kroonland at Sao Paolo's (Santos) port (Brazil) on Jul. 19, 1927. An e-Bay item in Apl. 2008 Cropped & modified for better presentation on this page. I have not sought the approval of the vendor, 'ydra2000' of Greece, whose store link I provide, for the inclusion of this item on this non-profit & informational page. I trust that will be in order.

A concert programme, dating, as you can see, from May 29, 1920. Image kindly provided by Tom Schmitz of Luxembourg, whose grand-aunt was then emigrating to the U.S. aboard the vessel. Thanks Tom!

Now I thought that I had mentioned in these pages a model of the vessel available a couple of times in 2008 via e-Bay. Most recently in Sep. 2008. The model, which did not attain its minimum bid, was of the vessel as a passenger liner on one side & as a troop carrier on the other. As the vendor stated, I built this from scratch .... I have her in her peacetime livery on the port side as she appeared in 1902 and her starboard side is painted in the dazzle camouflage she wore in 1918 when serving as a troopship in World War One. Listed with no less than 24 images of the model.

The model was again listed on e-Bay, & sold on Nov. 30, 2008 for U.S. $380. Next is a quickly prepared composite image of the model, a composite image which I suspect could be improved upon had I more time to devote to the task.

This page will, hopefully, track additional data about the Kroonland as it comes to hand, most especially should it relate to the Volturno tragedy.

If any visitor can clarify (or correct) or provide more information about any of these matters, I would truly welcome their help.

The other pages devoted to the Kroonland, can be found here: Pages 75, 76, 77 & 79.

May I suggest that you navigate the site via the index on page 01 PRIOR PAGE / NEXT PAGE

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