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A continuation of page 201, where many images related to Sunderland trams were presented.

To save repeating the comment many times, I often do not present the entire available image - rather such portion of it which is, to me at least, the most visually interesting. In many cases a larger image is available by clicking the image. The images are in time sequence.

All of the images on this page (except No. 1) appear thanks to the kindness of both Malcolm Fraser & the Sunderland Antiquarian Society. The images are included - along with more than 2,000 other images - in 'Streets of Old Sunderland', a CD available for purchase at the Society's offices.

1) The striking cover of a 16 page booklet about the history of public transport in Sunderland - entitled 'Sunderland Transport - The First Hundred Years' - published, in 1979, by the 'Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive' ('Executive'), of Newcastle upon Tyne. The cover features an 1879 image of a Sunderland Tramways Company horse tram - at the Roker terminus at the south end of Roker Terrace.

Clicking the image will take you to a page from which all the other pages of the booklet can be accessed.

2) An 1881 image showing horse tram No. 21 at right. At left is Sunderland Tramways Company steam tram engine No. 2.

3) A famous image indeed. The opening of the Sunderland Electric Tramway on August 15th 1900.

4) Wheat Sheaf Corner in October 1900. Tram No. 3 is leaving for Christ Church while Tram No. 10 is about to leave for Roker.

5) Sunderland Corporation Tramways Tram No. 32, passes the Town Hall on Fawcett Street in 1901.

6) Sunderland Corporation Tramways Tram No. 3 at the Sea Lane terminus in c. 1903.

7) A lovely 1905 postcard image. Modified by the webmaster to a black & white. Ex eBay.

8) Sunderland District Tramways Car No. 12 passing through Tunstall Village in a c. 1910 image.

9) A c.1910 image showing Sunderland Corporation Tramways Tram No. 26 at Southwick terminus for 'Villette Road via Christ Church'.

10) An interesting 1918 image of Sunderland Corporation Tramways drivers and conductresses - at the Wheat Sheaf depot yard.

11) Bridge Street in 1938. With Sunderland Corporation Transport Tram No. 64 in front at left.

12) A modest accident on Bridge Street in August 1949. Tram No. 50 derailed, after being clipped by an Economic bus - on August 20, 1949.

13) The Hylton Road depot when newly opened in 1903 - and also in 1950. At right Sunderland Corporation Transport Tram No. 69 is shown with Tram No. 26 behind. In an image taken on May 28, 1950. Larger versions of the two images can be seen here and here.

14) A beautiful image taken on Sunday, Nov. 30, 1952 - of Tram No. 38 en route to the Wheat Sheaf having just left the Grangetown terminus. With an interesting wall of posters at left featuring Wall's Ice Cream, Cadbury's Chocolate, Lifebuoy Soap, Andrews Liver Salts, Capstan Cigarettes & others.

15) Sunderland Corporation Transport Tram No. 71 at the Circle terminus in High Street West in 1953.

May I suggest that you navigate the site via the index on page 001.PRIOR PAGE / NEXT PAGE

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