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This is Datapage 41 re Auguste (or August) Friedrich (or Frederic) Albrecht (or Albert) Schenck.

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This page is unusual in the history of this website, which provides biographical material re Albert Schenck & presents images of those of his works that have come to the webmaster's attention in now many, many, years. Unusual in what regard? Unusual because it presents two original artworks by Schenck that were, when this page was first written, available for purchase. Whose existence came to the webmaster's attention via Carole Presberg, of Woolgather Farm, Massachusetts, who used to breed Border Collies & kindly was in touch.

One of the two works, the first shown below, bears the artist's signature. The second work, which surely to the webmaster at least clearly looks like to be a Schenck work, seems not to bear any signature.

Both works, owned by a lady in Connecticut, were acquired when a house was purchased complete with its contents. And these paintings were included in those contents.

The webmaster has not seen the works & even if he had seen them would not have the necessary qualifications to confirm their authenticity or value. But that said, the works surely are totally consistent with other Schenck works featured on this site, both in style & in content. The works are included here because the webmaster believes them to be true Schencks. By this time, the shepherd so frequently seen in his works & indeed the very sheep that Schenck features also have become familiar 'friends' to the webmaster, as have the distinctive haystacks which he also often features.

The webmaster's role in this matter is simply to show the works via this page. Should you have an interest in acquiring one or other of the works, you might write to the webmaster who undertakes to forward your message to the owner for her response. That is my initial approach to the situation, at least, where providing exact data as to the identity of the vendor, & her location, might prove to be ill advised. The above text was first written many years ago now, as this page is amended in Apl. 2019. The paintings were likely sold in the interval but I do not know that to be so.


This work is about 24 inches wide, framed with a name plate, larger on the exterior dimensions, of course, if you include the frame. The complete & very large image that was received by the webmaster can be seen here. Two images were, in fact, received, & the second image is below. That original of the second image can be seen here, also a giant image.

Schenck work. A mountain scene of title unknown. See text.

Schenck work. A mountain scene of title unknown. See text.


This work is, I am advised, 4 ft. 2 in. in width & 5 ft. in height, with its frame. Three images were received re this work. All three images are below & I present them all in full-screen width, which means that the displayed images are very deep indeed. So you must scroll to see the entire image in each case.

The original images that I received can be viewed here:- 1, 2 & 3.

Schenck work. Shepherd and his flock - of title unknown. See text.

Schenck work. Shepherd and his flock - of title unknown. See text.

Schenck work. Shepherd and his flock - of title unknown. See text.

If you can add to the webmaster's knowledge as to these particular works, or indeed about any Schenck work, do please be in touch.

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