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This is Datapage 11 re Auguste (or August) Friedrich (or Frederic) Albrecht (or Albert) Schenck.

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Schenck work of unknown title and date

In Jul. 2003, Sue, a U.S. visitor to the site told me that her family had recently inherited a Schenck original painting of unknown title. It was, I am advised, brought to the United States from Germany by her grandparents, presumably in the early 20th century, & has stayed in the family's possession ever since.

The painting & frame is said to be in excellent shape in every way. As you can see, indeed, at left. And the work has recently been professionally cleaned.

The work is signed at bottom left of the work, the signature being better seen in the larger image of the work, below. Sue, we thank you!


A very beautiful Schenck work, that was sold at auction in Germany, I thought, on Jun. 11, 2005. For EUR 3,500 ~ U.S. $4,200 or thereabouts at the time. But maybe that information is incorrect because the work seemed still to be listed with a price of EUR 2,800 in Jan. 2006.

Schenck work of unknown title and date

The auction house was 'Auctionhaus von Zengen', of Stiftsstraße 2-4, 53225 Bonn - Beuel. The front door of the auction site is here. The very large page which used to list the Schenck work (item # 1678) is now long gone.

The work would seem to have no known title or date. It is however an oil on canvas of 90 cm. by 186 cm. in size, & is apparently signed by the artist at bottom right.

The descriptive words with the listing translate it would seem to 'shepherd with flock and sheepdog in an evening snow flurry', but I will amend that translation if any visitor can improve upon my WWW translation. Those descriptive words as listed are here.

The item was brought to my attention by Sue from the U.S., but not the same Sue as is referred to above. Rather Sue Harpell of Edgecomb, Maine, whom we thank!

More when I get more! And in Apr. 2007, I do have a little more.

Linda Walsh, a friend indeed of this site, has kindly indicated that a Schenck work was in a Nov. 2006 auction sale by Finarte-Semenzato at their Milan, Italy, facilities. And when I saw the detail description (with image) that they provided, it would appear to be the very same work that is illustrated above. Now 'Finarte Semenzato' entitle the work 'La Bufera' which means, as I understand it 'the storm' or 'the tempest'. Which description would apply, alas, to most of Schenck's works, & is, I suspect, a descriptive phrase rather than an actual title. There is a difference in the dimensions, however - 92 x 145 cm. per Finarte-Semenzato, but 90 x 186 cm. in my words above. None the less, I believe it is the very same work, which, it would seem(?), did not sell in Nov. 2006 at an estimated value of EUR 8,000/12,000.

The is a giant difference, however. The image that 'Finarte Semenzato' have provided is large & very fine. And here it is. I trust that the use of the image may be permitted on this non-profit & informational site. But I will (with sorrow) remove it, should 'Finarte Semenzato' so request.


This work is included on this particular page, in early Sep. 2016, because of certain similarities with the work included immediately above - re the dog at left & re the shepherd. We thank Eric Raunig for kindly drawing the work to the attention of the webmaster.

Schenck work of unknown title and date

A small portion of the work is shown enlarged at left.

The work appears on the website of 'Lempertz 1845' of Cologne, Berlin & Brussels, on this particular page. It was sold at a Lempertz auction held at Cologne, Germany, on Sep. 25, 2013 - sold for €2,440. You are invited to view current 'Lempertz' auctions by clicking here.

The work is stated to be an oil on canvas, 60 x 90 cm. in size, & is signed by the artist at the lower right corner. The work was referred to as 'Flock of sheep in the snow'.

Can you tell us anything additional about the work?

Schenck work. See text.

A large image of the work, the source indeed of the image above, is available with at the Lempertz page above & is also available here.

Maybe YOU could provide new data or could provide a clue as to where new data about the above works (or indeed any other Schenck work) might be found. I would truly welcome your input.

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