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This is Datapage 09 re Auguste (or August) Friedrich (or Frederic) Albrecht (or Albert) Schenck.

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From time to time, Schenck works or prints are offered for sale via e-Bay. And when they are so offered, the Webmaster is delighted to find new data - an image of a work previously unknown to him, perhaps, or a print similarly unknown. Often just a few words are mentioned that add to my limited data about the artist and his work.

The work that appears on this page today was sold in late Jul. 2003 via e-Bay, sold by a vendor based in Stuttgart, Germany. I did write to the vendor at the time, seeking permission to use his images on this site, perhaps after the sale was concluded. Maybe language was a problem, since I possess no ability whatsoever in German. Regardless, I did not receive a reply & five months later, decided to place the work in these pages ~ in the interest of enlarging the body of knowledge available via the WWW about this fine artist. I trust my use of the data and images may be forgiven. And I sincerely thank the vendor.

Schenck signature

The vendor entitled the work in his English words Sheeps and Shepherd in Winterstorm which I have modified by removing one letter above. He described it as being an oil on canvas, of 39.4 x 31.5 inches in size, signed at lower left (image at left). No data appeared as to the dating of the work.

You may well be interested in knowing that the work did sell via e-Bay, at U.S. $2,035.

Now the vendor provided 6 images with his listing. Included was an image of most of the centre portion of the work. I present just a portion of that image. The white areas at top left & at right are caused by flash reflection, I believe.

More when I get more! Maybe YOU could provide new data or could provide a clue as to where new data about this work (or indeed any other Schenck work) might be found. I would truly welcome your input.

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