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A little index of Albert Schenck works. But this page is very much in course of preparation.

Visitors who simply wish to learn what I know about the work entitled 'Found' or 'Shepherd's Call' can go directly to page 08. The work is, in fact, listed at the foot of this page but not as a Schenck work. Because I do not think that it is.

Now providing an index of this artist's works is not easy because of the language issue. So I will try to list each name that a visitor might know mainly in the English or French language. While the main Index is mainly in English, if my wording is correct a non English-speaking visitor should be able to find whatever they are seeking, if, that is, anything about it is on site. If YOU could add any data to this list or help in any way, do drop me a line. If we can establish a few more years for the works we could rearrange the list in a time sequence. I have put them in alphabetical sequence as best I can today.

The titles are a problem however. Because a number of them seem likely not to be the true titles of the work but rather descriptive words of the subject matter of the painting. And so many of the artist's works are so very similar in subject. But we must do what we can.


#   Title Year Site Image Page Ref. The original?
1   A Bit of Auvergne, or
A Corner of Auvergne
1877   Unknown
2 A drover with sheep in a landscape   39 Unknown
3 After the Storm 1869? 29 Unknown.
    Agony - see 'Anguish'      
4 A Herd of Goats in Distress   29 Unknown
5 A musical interlude during the harvest   34 Unknown
6 Anguish c1878 03 National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
    Après la Pluie - Montagnes de l' Auvergne - see 'After the Storm'      
7 A Private View 1882 33 A print, an e-Bay item in Jan. 2012
8 A shepherd and his flock amongst heather   27 At auction Mar. 07, 2006, Bonhams, Knightsbridge, London, but did not sell.
9 A shepherd and his flock caught in a driving snowstorm   35 Unknown
10 A shepherd and his flock caught in a wintry squall - note the title does not seem to match the image   Gabrius image Unknown. Image used to be at Gabrius Data Bank
11 A shepherd and his flock in a storm   35 Unknown
12 A shepherdess with her flock   37 Unknown
    A Stubble Field see 'In the Stubble Fields'      
13 Au bord de la mer 1864 25 Unknown
14   Au pâturage 1870   Was sold on June 19, 2005
15 Autour de l'auge c1868 22 Available at Lirolay via Abe Books. A print, I think.
16 Bedenkliche Kritiker (in English perhaps 'Doubtful art critics') 1882? 33 A print, an e-Bay item in May 2008
17 Berger et moutons dans la neige   14 Was offered for sale at a 'Tajan' sale in Paris in April 1999
18   Cattle     Unknown
19   Chacun pour soi     Unknown. An old link to a University of Chicago page, no longer works
20 Chèvres sur les sommets enneigés   13 Unknown - Sold at auction in 1999
21 Coastal Flock 1865 13 Was for Sale by Cincinnati Art Galleries, 225 East Sixth St., Cincinnati, Ohio
22 Cows in a mountain landscape   34 Unknown
23   Daims Dans La Neige 1866 Text Musée des beaux-arts, Lille, France
24   Dans les vallons 1866 Text Unknown
25 Donkey surprised by a Wolf   43 The work is in the collection of Museums Sheffield. Here
26   Effet de neige     Was at one time in an art gallery in Lille, France. Still?
27   Fleurs de bruyère 1876?   Unknown
28   Flocons de neige 1876?   Unknown
29   Gathered in Snowstorm      
30   Geese 1881   Unknown
31 Geese at a Haystack   42 Sold in Sep. 2016 for U.S. $1,500. Here
32 Head of a horse   31 Unknown
33   In the Dale      
34 In the Stubble Fields, or
In the Stubble-Fields
1875 07 Unknown
35 La Meule du Voisin 1878 21 A private collector in Korea
36 L' Échir 1880 12 Ville de Écouen, north of Paris, France
37 Le Coup de vent 1875? 33 Unknown
38 Le Rapel (Souvenir de l'Auvergne) 1884? 10 Glückstadt, Holstein, Germany - in the Town Hall
    Le Reveil des Moutons - see 'The Awakening'      
39 Le troupeau de moutons   17 Unknown
40 Le troupeau de moutons surpris par la tempete de neige   14 Was offered for sale at a 'Tajan' sale in Paris in April 1999
41 Les Moutons 1864 36 Unknown
42 Lost, or
Lost in the Storm, or
Lost: Souvenir of Auvergne
1873 06  The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, N.Y.
43 Lost on the Mountain   10 Unknown
44   Moutons attaqués par des aigles     Was at one time in an art gallery in Perigueux, France. Still?
45   Moutons En Écosse     Sold on Dec. 04, 2004 by Osenat Jean-Pierre of Fontainebleau, France
46   Moutons en pâturage en Bretagne.     Was at one time in an art gallery in Bremen, Germany.
    Perdus - see 'Lost'      
47 Pigeons et Laboureurs   42 A print that was offered by e-Bay vendor 'prints-4-all', in Jul. 2015.
48 Playing in the Snow   19 Sold at auction in 1999 by Sotheby's, London
    Repose on the Sea-shore or Repose on the Seashore - See 'Au bord de la mer'      
49   Return to the Park 1877   Unknown
50 Sheep and Shepherd in Winterstorm   09 Original sold via e-Bay on Jul. 31, 2003
51 Schaefer mit seiner herde und hund in winterlandschaft   Gabrius image Unknown. Image used to be at Gabrius Data Bank
    Schafe im Schneesturm - see 'Sheep in a Blizzard (1)'      
52   Sheep     Unknown
53 Sheep and lambs on a hillside   38 Sold? At a 'Tennants' auction in 2007
54 Sheep in a Blizzard (1) c1850 15 Unknown
55 Sheep in a Blizzard (2)   35 Unknown
56 Sheep in a snowstorm   35 Unknown
57   Sheep in a Storm      
58 Sheep in from the cold 1868 34 Unknown
59   Sheep in Snow-drift : Mountains of Auvergne, France.     Unknown
60 Sheep in Snowstorm 1876? 26 A private owner in the U.S.
61   Sheep in the Pyrenees   Text  
62 Sheep on a Snowy Mountain   15 Sold at auction in 2003?
63 Shepherdess seated on rocks   38 Sold? At a 'Tennants' auction in 2007
    Snowstorm in the Auvergne Mountains - see 'L'Echir'      
64   Snow-Storm in the Pyrenees     Unknown
65   Sunrise in a Snowstorm     Unknown
66   Sur les montagnes 1866 Text Unknown
67 The Awakening 1865 33 Musée des beaux-arts, Bordeaux, France
68 The Barn   40 Unknown
69 The Blizzard   35 Unknown
70 The Coming Storm   21 Unknown
71   The Flock   Text Would be good to even see it!
72   The Last Hour   Text Would be good to see this work also!
    The Neighbouring Mill - See 'La Meule du Voisin' - if I am correct!      
    The Neighbour's Haystack (webmaster's translation) See 'La Meule du Voisin'      
73 The Orphan 1889? 03 Unknown
    The Return to the Park - see 'Return to the Park'      
74 The Shepherd with his Flock   26 Sold Sep. 27, 2006 at Doyle New York auction
    Un champ de chaume - see 'In the Stubble Fields' above      
75   Une réunion d'amis   Link Unknown
76 Work of Unknown Title (1)   11 A private owner in the U.S.
77 Work of Unknown Title (2)   11 I thought sold at auction in Germany in Jun. 2005. But maybe not. Nor sold at an auction in Milan in 2006?
78 Work of Unknown Title (3)   11 Sold at a 'Lempertz' auction in Cologne, Germany on Sep. 25, 2013.
79 Work of Unknown Title (4)   12 Sold at auction in 2002
80 Work of Unknown Title (5)   18 Was available at the Charles Foley Gallery in Columbus, Ohio
81 Work of Unknown Title (6)   18 Sold at auction in 2005
82 Work of Unknown Title (7)   19 Original sold via e-Bay on June 8, 2005
83 Work of Unknown Title (8)
Artist sketch of goats
  20 Sold at auction in Boston, March 4, 2005
84 Work of Unknown Title (9)   24 A private owner in San Diego, California, U.S.A.
85 Work of Unknown Title (10)   24 Was sold via e-Bay in October 2006.
86 Work of Unknown Title (11) 1880 27 Was for sale via e-Bay in October 2006.
87 Work of Unknown Title (12)   28 A private owner in the U.S.
88 Work of Unknown Title (13)   28 A private owner in France.
89 Work of Unknown Title (14)   30 Sold via e-Bay in August 2007 - to a private owner in the U.S.
90 Work of Unknown Title (15)   30 Offered for sale in Nov. 2007 by "Van Ham", of Cologne, Germany.
91 Work of Unknown Title (16)   31 Unknown
92 Work of Unknown Title (17)   32 For sale in Feb. 2008 by Three Rivers of Washington, PA.
93 Work of Unknown Title (18)   32 Auctioned at a sale in June 2001, in Germany, most probably.
94 Work of Unknown Title (19)   41 Available for purchase as this page was updated in Jan. 2010.
95 Work of Unknown Title (20)   41 Available for purchase as this page was updated in Jan. 2010.
96 Work of Unknown Title (21)
A portrait of a wolf.
  17 Was available for purchase via e-Bay back in Oct. 2010.
97 Work of Unknown Title (22)
A portrait of a bull.
  44 Available for purchase in Apl. 2019 via of  Houston, Texas.
98 Work of Unknown Title (23)
A portrait of a bull.
  44 Available for purchase via of Houston, Texas.
99 Work of Unknown Title (24)
A landscape.
  45 Available for purchase via of Houston, Texas.
100 Work of Unknown Title (25)
A landscape.
  45 Available for purchase via of Houston, Texas.


101 Found, or
Shepherd's Call
  08 Unknown
102   Other works attributed to Schenck   16 Unknown

It would seem that a work entitled "Sheep in a Snowstorm" was sold at an auction sale in New York, held on March 26/27, 1902. At the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery of James P. Silo. Per a New York Times archive item. The work was part of a collection owned by 'Prinz Brothers'. It sold at the time for $1,350 or maybe for $1,300. But with the title alone, it is impossible for the webmaster to identify today which exact work it, in fact, was. There are so many with a similar title/description.

The webmaster only knows of this work from a New York Times Archive item. It would seem that a sale was conducted in New York, in very early March 1881, of the art collection of S. A. Coale, Jr., of St. Louis. On March 2nd, 1881, on the second day of the sale, a work by A. F. A. Schenck was sold, described with these words:- 'Schenck's magnificent "Sheep on the Pyrenees" representing sheep seeking shelter from a snow storm, received a hearty welcome when put up, and was sold for $1,850.00. A considerable sum of money in 1881, - the 4th highest price attained in the sale. But we have no image of it!

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THE WORDS OF EMILE ZOLA A WWW page, available here, sets out in French the words of Emile Zola, written re the Paris Salon of 1866. Chapter XXI, about 2/3 down the page. What follows is, at left, the text of Emile Zola's words in French, and beside that text, the webmaster's probably poor effort at a translation into English. Done using WWW translation sites. In both cases with the artwork titles placed in bold text by the webmaster. Corrections in the translation would be welcomed.

For reasons I cannot explain, the French text is not now displaying correctly (the accents) on my computer screen. Hopefully it does display correctly on yours.

Il y a quelque temps, nous allions visiter avec quelques amis le château d'Écouen, curieux de voir une des oeuvres les plus renommées de cette architecture renaissance que nous avions admirée sur parole dés notre première jeunesse. Avant l'heure où devait s'ouvrir le château, devenu maison d'éducation pour les jeunes filles de la Légion d'honneur, nous fûmes introduit dans l'atelier d'un artiste qui nous était inconnu autrement que de réputation: M. Schenck. On voyait là des études d'animaux, saisissantes par la naiveté de l'observation et l'énergie du caractère, plus deux tableaux dont l'un représentait une troupe de chevreuils, Sur les montagnes, - c'est le titre, - et l'autre un troupeau de moutons à haute laine, Dans les vallons. L'absence du peintre nous eût permis de critiquer a notre aise; mais nous n'avions que du bien à penser et à dire de ses toiles. Cependant, au sortir de l'atelier, je me disais à moi (50) même: Il est possible que ce qui nous paraît être si vrai n e soit qu'une heureuse vraisemblance. Pour apprécier, dans une peinture d'animaux, la justesse des proportions, les allures, les physionomies, les toisons, les pelages, les menus accidents de lainé emmêlée ou de laine crottée, il serait bon d'avoir la nature sous les yeux. Au moment où cette réflexion nous venait, on poussa devant nous la clôture d'une étable où M. Schenck nourrit quelques-uns de ses modèles. C'était une rude épreuve qu'un tel rapprochement pour l'oeuvre du peintre: il en triompha. Le spectacle de l'étable était la contre-épreuve du tableau.


Some time ago, we were going to visit with some friends the castle of Écouen, curious to see what we have understood since childhood to be one of the most renowned examples of renaissance architecture. Before the chateau opened, we had the opportunity to visit the studio of an artist known to us only by reputation: Mr. Schenck. We saw there two animal studies, and were amazed by the charming simplicity and energy of composition of two oil paintings one of which represented a herd of roe deer, 'On the mountains', - is its title, - and the other a herd of sheep with long wool, entitled 'In the small valleys'. The absence of the painter had enabled us to critique the works at our leisure; but we had only good things to say about them. On leaving the studio I thought to myself that to paint animals in that way, with such accuracy of proportion, and with the detail of the fleeces so perfectly rendered one would need to paint from real nature. When this thought came to us, an animal pushed aside the fence of a cattle shed where Mr. Schenck maintains some of his models. The works were hard tests of the skill of the painter, but he succeeded brilliantly. The setting of the cattle shed was the counterpoint of the painting.