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I return first to my basic subject - the Western Wall or Wailing Wall - here is a composite image that comprises two fine works by Ephraim (or Efraim) Mose (or Moses?) Lilien, a brilliant Austrian-Jewish artist, etcher & illustrator who lived from 1874 to 1925. Born in Galicia, I read, he studied at the Art School in Cracow, lived later in Munich and Berlin & died in Brauschweig. I think that means Braunschweig, West Germany. He became famous in particular for his extraordinary etchings & illustrations on biblical themes. Search under 'Ephraim Lilien' as I did & you will find many examples of his work. On the left, then, is 'The Wailing Wall', c.a. 1908-1919 (can anybody please clarify the meaning of the Hebrew wall texts?) & at right 'An Arab Porter' (no date, not even an approximate one, for that work yet). I found a thumbnail of his Western Wall work earlier & wanted to include it on these pages but was mislead by an incorrect spelling of the artist's name. The purpose of these pages is to inform, rather than provide images for use elsewhere, though that is fine also. So I have added into the image at top right, Ephraim Lilien's signature as an artist. If any visitor, a student perhaps, would like that image without the signature, just ask me (link above). I try to use only fine images. So if anyone has a more detailed image of his work, at left, I would sure like to hear from you!

And another composite image of the wonderful Dome of the Rock. The base for my presentation is a very fine 19th century albumen by Zangaki, said to be signed in the negative (but that I could not see on screen). This particular image is quite splendid & is one of two images, both 8 5/8 x 11 inches in size & previously available on e-Bay with a very modest price indeed - an opening bid requested of U.S. $49.95. The second was unsigned however. I would love to feature in some way that second image, with its detail of the facade of the Dome of the Rock, since it is very fine also. But it was not scanned straight & when I tried to straighten it, I lost too much detail. The image is long gone! To that I have added a charming 'Tuck Oilette' postcard, probably from the 1920s, & part of a 1000 Rial Iranian banknote dating from 1982. All of those images came from e-Bay. Bottom left is a very lovely old image, but I am struggling with where I found it - and I inadvertently destroyed the original larger image in preparing my composite (silly me!) I hope to find it again in my WWW travels & credit the source. But until I do, can anybody help? And if wherever I found the original would prefer I not use the image here, I will gladly remove it & put another image in its spot.

With pleasure, I next show you, with two images in fact, an albumen by renowned photographer Bonfils ~ of worshippers at the Western Wall, believed to be c. 1875. I have seen this image a couple of times for sale on e-Bay, but show you here a truly superb example which did not attain its reserve price. The highest bid, in Apr. 2004 was U.S. $180.00. What a fine image! Entitled '245. Mur des Juifs, un vendredi. - The Jews wailing place, a Friday' ~ 8 1/2 x 11 inches in size. A beautiful image indeed!

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