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This page, as with page 1, was created to contain background data about the Volvo automobile. It is really a personal page that interests me, so perhaps it might interest you also. And now there are pages 3 & 4. When will it end!

Need to contact the webmaster? Comments/corrections in any of the material which follows, however tiny, would be most welcome.

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And now another composite Volvo image, based upon an official Volvo image of the Volvo C70 Cross Country. The image is, in fact, an 'image map', so click the particular area of the image to go to the source of the, generally much bigger, original, where still available. A lot of the sources are no more, however. Featured are a racing S40, a most distinguished S70, a section of a Volvo advertisement from the 60s, & a racing red 544.

And another splendid composite Volvo 'image map' image, which I think is my best effort yet!

It is, of course, based upon the Volvo 544. As with the image map above, you can click the particular area of the image to go to the source of the original. Most of the images originate with Dutchboy whose fine site contains lots of interesting Volvo material. He would welcome your visit, I am sure.

The fine image at top right in the image below I will feature more prominently in these pages when time permits. I regret that I am unable to provide the name of the artist - perhaps you may be better able to read the signature on the artwork than I was. June Ca..... perhaps, painted in 1972? While it is a beautiful artwork, no Volvo 544 that I ever knew would have needed a push with so little snow on the ground! But I have certainly had to physically push Volvo's in many other sets of circumstances! Since all of the above was written, sources have been lost including the source of that interesting artwork. So I present the fine image on this page. It is also available here. I will remove it, of course, at the request of the copyright holder.

And yet another thumbnail composite image. I'll have to figure out where it all came from, if I can. I know that the ad of the stacked Volvos (I well remember that ad!) came from here. And that the high mileage Volvo badge came from here. And what a lovely image of the racing red Volvo 544 (above also) ~ just as I remember it in full cry! The site from which that came is long gone. The Grenada postage stamp came from here. I had difficulty in finding that source again. Wouldn't it be great if when you see an image you like & save it, it could have attached to it in some way & saved also, the URL where it came from. That would be very handy indeed! The other stamp came from a site that no longer seems to be around. But is it in fact a Volvo? I am not sure & cannot read the text on the stamp when enlarged.

A Volvo story that amused the Webmaster and may amuse you too. From Mads Jensen of Odense, Denmark, with some slight modification. Thank you Mads!

Tiger Woods was en route in a hired Volvo, having taken part in a charity golf classic. He stopped to refuel at a country gas station, drove onto the forecourt, and got out of the car. As the attendant approached, Tiger dropped his keys. As he bent to pick them up, two golf tees fell out of his shirt pocket. Attendant: "What´s dem, Tiger?" (said with a really thick accent). Tiger: "They´re tees, man." Attendant: "What´s dem for?" Tiger: "To put my balls on when I´m driving." Attendant: "Jaysus, those boys at Volvo think of everything!"

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