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This page (there are now pages 2, 3 & 4 also) was created to contain background data about the Volvo automobile. It is NOT intended to be a definitive source of Volvo data. It is really a personal page ~ just what I found of interest in a few hours on the WWW - info that would have overloaded my Volvo "Lake" applet pages, available here & here. If it interests me, perhaps it might interest you also.

Need to contact the webmaster? Comments/corrections in any of the material which follows, however tiny, would be most welcome.

On an earlier page I mentioned a gentleman that had, I thought, over 1 million kilometers on his Volvo. How wrong I was! A page I visited, available here, tells me that Irv Gordon, of East Patchogue, New York had, as this was written, on Oct. 26, 2001, 1,969,450 miles on his 1966 Volvo P1800. Miles not kilometers! I gather he has the highest certified mileage record (awarded Dec. 21, 1998) in the 'Guiness Book of Records'. And Irv is still driving it today (Sep. 2009). And yes, he did experience the road salt of winter driving. Now an announcement dated Feb. 6, 2002 used to say that Irv would hit his 2,000,000th mile on Mar. 27, 2002. I am puzzled how they would know on Feb. 6, 2002 that the 2,000,000th mile would be hit on a specified future date. In Sep. 2009, as these pages must move to a new location, the latest mileage recorded is 2,609,791. On Jan. 26, 2008. I could see no more recent mileage number which is a shame. Here is a list of high mileage Volvos. While Irv is at the top of the list he has some competition apparently! Though the closest is about 1 million miles behind!

It is interesting that when you do a little research, you find things you never knew. I never knew, as an example, that there is a badge available for high mileage Volvos. The gem, I did find, years ago, was an autographed image of Irv & his 1966 P1800, which since it was so interesting, I would have liked to display here. But I could only provide a link, & now that is gone. And this page has 3 or so images of Irv & his P1800.

Some links. There is a Volvo Museum site but I could spot no on-line data of historical or graphic content. I used to credit 'Brett Kelley' the source of the fine Volvo animation seen to the left. And invited visitors to check out Brett's images of Bob Kelly's 1962 Jensen P1800 on his 'Pictures of Volvos' page and see one of his fine images. All seems to be gone however! And concise histories of the Volvo 444 & 544 models have both gone, probably long since. And for lots more, you can visit the 'Volvo Lovers' Webring'. It used to have 391 sites, but I cannot spot a current number. But a lot of them have bad links. That's life I guess! And a site that years ago had some wonderful old Volvo images & I mean really old! Perhaps by the time you visit, the old images will be restored. A great watercolour (low on page) by artist Neil Harpe, you would enjoy seeing, I know.

Below is a composite image that I have created re the Volvo from images I found in my search. The base image is of a Volvo V70 model. That is Irv Gordon and his famous 1966 P1800 at top right. Also at the top, a couple of images of the Volvo 544 very similar, except for colour, to the car my brother and his wife 'Leadfoot' used to rally years ago. And the others are assorted images that appealed to me. A grey P122 just like the one I used to have (but mine was red). Some other interesting images, some of which were on multiple sites. A couple of police Volvos, (from a site now 'off the air' it would seem), the first Volvo truck. I hope that nobody objects!

And another composite image that pleases me & I hope will please you also. Only one of my earlier three source links still works - here. And visit here for some old Volvo advertisements ~ I previously indicated that in fact there were many pages of them! Indeed with an index here.

And now a composite Volvo image, which used to be an image map to permit access to the image sources. But since none of the links any longer work it is now just an image.

Does anyone have a good image of the old Volvo insignia ~ i.e. the insignia in the above animation at top left? I did find the fine yellow image in the image map above, gratefully, but thought I would find the insignia a thousand times over.

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