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We start off this page with a composite image 'medley' - mostly of unknown origin, alas. At left is most of an image of the Pantheon by Canaletto (Giovanni Antonio Canal, (1697-1768), called Canaletto, probable to distinguish him from his father). I purposely call it an image because I am not sure that what I saw was the complete work. And now I cannot even find that image again having found it originally by a Google image search. It would be great to find, some day, the complete work in better quality. A biography of the artist is here, should you be interested. The night shot at right is from a similarly lost source. The architectural drawing came, I believe, from a print for sale on e-Bay some years ago now. In fact, the only image of known or linkable origin is the tiny aerial photograph, & that comes courtesy of Rome Flying Tours. So often it seems that images one finds by a search, may well have gone AWOL next time one searches - for a whole host of reasons, I'm sure.

The next image is really nothing to do with the Pantheon, of course, being an engraving of the interior of St. Peter's in Rome. I liked the print when I saw it in Volume V of Ridpath's 'History of the World', one of 9 volumes published by The Jones Brothers Publishing Company of Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1912 - & thought that you might like to see it also even though it is "off subject".

Getting back to the Pantheon, I am pleased, next to be able to show you almost all of a coloured lithograph said to date from 1882. It is another fine print from martin2001, which sold for U.S. $14.49 in May 2003. I had to cut a bit off both top & bottom so the result would fit a single screen. But I cut nothing that you or I would consider to be important to the appreciation of the image.

I have said before in these pages that while I am not a researcher, I do try to have data correctly on site. The two artists whose work appears on this page, Canaletto at top, & the artist who created the image next below, saw the asses' ears very differently, if you look at the images closely. To me that is a puzzle. I have to wonder why that is so.

More when I have more!

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