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First I present a fine Zangaki (a limited amount of data about Zangaki, is on that linked page) albumen image of Egypt. I am not aware of the meaning of the word "Moucharabie" & am therefore not absolutely sure of the exact whereabouts in Egypt though it is surely in the old city of Cairo. A visitor may well be able to advise me when I say that the image is entitled "Maison Arabe et Moucharabie". It was sold on e-Bay, in Jan. 2003 for U.S. $49.99 - for two fine images in fact. A very reasonable price, to be sure. I trust I may be forgiven for using an e-Bay image in this way. My usage of it is honourable, I believe. This albumen in fact is on this old Cairo image archive page where it is said to be 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches in size & dated to ca. 1870.

First, then is that superb Zangaki albumen image.

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