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For many years, the webmaster was unable to locate this work, though he well knew that it existed. It appeared as a colour plate in the Dec. 1913 issue of Boy's Own Paper and in the Boy's Own Paper Annual # 36 re 1913/14. Copies of Boy's Own Paper Annuals dated in the 1910s seem to come up for sale on e-Bay only most rarely.

But now, thanks to Geoffrey Barber of Griffith, New South Wales, Australia, I can now present not only the image but also the text which accompanied it. Geoffrey had earlier provided a scan of 'The Motor Scout', from the same BOP Annual. That scan now appears on site page 35. Geoffrey, we thank you again!

It would appear that the artist visited the Aran Isles, located in Galway Bay off the west coast of Ireland probably in 1912. You can see where those islands are from the small map on site page 56, which provides the first of two pages about his visit to those islands as per articles that appeared in Boy's Own Paper issues of Aug. and Sep. 1915.

Other Thomas Hemy works that resulted from that trip can be seen on site page 17.

If YOU could add any more data about this work, do, please, write to me.

Riders to the Sea by Thomas M. M. Hemy, 1914 most probably

The text which accompanied Riders to the Sea in the Boy's Own Paper Annual re 1913/14.

The above text is not exactly as it appeared in BOP. There was more blank space at top and bottom between the text and the decorative edges. I removed that excess space so you can view it all at a glance without needing to scroll.

The webmaster is always happy to find information related to the subject matter of his various pages. If YOU could add any data or help in any way, do drop me a line.

Thomas Hemy datapages 01, 02 & 03 are on site plus all of the other image pages available through the index on page 05.

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