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SUNDERLAND (1883) or

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The webmaster found this image on the website. It would seem that '' and their other sites in other languages, have data available re 24 sales of Thomas Hemy works. If you follow that link you can see this work. Through this page you can register & gain access to more of their auction & price data. A fee is of course required to view any more than limited data about the work.

I presume that '' provide this & two other Thomas Hemy images to further interest in the artist & then an income stream to the company. But if '' would prefer that this image to be removed from these pages, I will of course do so.

The work would seem to have been sold at auction on Mar. 9, 2005. At Sotheby's at London, Olympia. A watercolour of 9.6 x 14 inches in size (24.5 x 35.5 cm.). Signed. Of date unknown. Which is a puzzle.

This site used to tell us that the work sold for GBP 1,800 or approximately U.S. $3,310. Thanks,! That sale value of GBP 1,800 may well not include a buyer's premium of 20%.

Wilson's Timber Yard, North Quay, Sunderland by Thomas M. Hemy, date unknown

There are aspects of the work which merit mention.

The Wear at Dawn, Deptford, an 1883 watercolour by Thomas M. Hemy

On Aug. 14, 2005, BBC News advised (article no longer available) that a Thomas M. Hemy 1883 watercolour work entitled 'The Wear at Dawn, Deptford' had been bought by Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, in Sunderland, U.K., & had gone on public display. It was indicated that the painting was paid for with help from a government-backed grant fund which supports acquisitions of art, literature and history.

A thumbnail image of the work was provided, the thumbnail which you can see at left above.

I think that you will agree that the works are the same, & that Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens must have been the purchaser of the work at the Sotheby's auction. The thumbnail does not include image portions at left and right of the work. Perhaps it was as a result of research by the museum that the date of the work could be established. The title is a puzzle though!

Per Alex Thirlaway, curatorial assistant at Sunderland Museum: 'Visitors to the museum will see that the painting shows the river crowded with boats but there are no figures visible. This is because it shows the river shortly after dawn - it is like a snapshot of the moment before the river bursts into frantic life.'

'' in fact has two more Thomas Hemy images available for general viewing. Here.

David Hoey has been in touch (thanks David!) with an early image of Wilson's timber yard, which was located on the north bank of the river just to the east of the bridges. The photo was taken from the south bank, of course. I have enlarged (maybe over enlarged) David's image & include it next. It gives us an excellent idea of what the yard actually used to look like.

Wilson's Timber Yard, Sunderland

If YOU could add any data re the subject matter of this page, or indeed add anything re the artist generally, I invite you to be in touch. Your contribution would be much appreciated.

Thomas M. M. Hemy datapages 01, 02 & 03 are now on site. Plus all of the other image pages, accessible though the index on page 05.

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