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i) CRICKET AT RUGBY (c. 1887?)
OLD ENGLAND (c. 1909)

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On site page 03, you will learn from the artist's own words that he 'painted Rugby, Eton, Harrow, the great national schools of England. He specifically mentions doing a drawing (just one is mentioned) at Rugby. Could this be it? Hemy would have created it, I presume, as a black & white print. And an engraver, rather than the artist, would then have engraved it. It is available today as a restrike etching, & hand coloured, via many WWW sites & particularly from EasyArt (no longer in late 2019, it would seem).

Restrike etchings are, per an EasyArt site page, 'prints made by trained printmakers using original Victorian plates, then hand-painted by skilled watercolourists.'

I am unable to figure out exactly where the image that follows came from. Probably not from a WWW art store site, since it is quite large in size & larger that such a store would wish to feature. A web-search (Hemy + Cricket + Rugby) has not helped me relocate the likely source.

Cricket at Rugby by Thomas M. M. Hemy c.1887 perhaps

A print of the work, stated to be engraved in the U.K. by G.E., is available via e-Bay in Nov. 2019. Here.


I do not really know if the work that follows is truly the Thomas Hemy work entitled 'Phoenicians Visiting Old England'. I know that the 1908/09 Boy's Own Paper Annual (Volume 31) included a work of that name. The image I show next appeared as part of an e-Bay listing for that particular BOP volume & I think that it probably is the Thomas Hemy work. But I am not sure that I am correct. Can anybody advise.

Phoenicians Visiting Old England (maybe) by Thomas M. M. Hemy c.1908 or 1909 perhaps

It must indeed be Hemy's work! In late Aug. 2010, William Bellerby, of U.K.,  was in touch re an oil painting, 15 x 11 1/2 inches in size (17 x 13 1/2 inches framed). Signed & dated at bottom left 'Florence E. Linton 2/6/1910'. With 'Thomas M. Hemy 1909' recorded on the rear of the framed work. I presume that Florence Linton would have seen the Hemy work - the original maybe or possibly the print as it appeared in Boy's Own Paper. And liking it, she painted her best rendition of it. As you can next see.

I note that in early Sep. 2010, the work was put up for sale via e-Bay. Here. Do drop by William's sale listing!

A 1910 oil painting by Florence E. Hinton, a reproduction of 'Phoenicians Visiting Old England' by Thomas M. M. Hemy.

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Thomas Hemy datapages 01, 02 & 03 are on site plus all of the other image pages available through the index on page 05.

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