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This work is a bit of a puzzle to the Webmaster, a puzzle that is now partially solved.

Ted Hiland of the Toronto Public Library kindly made me aware that a Thomas M. M. Hemy work entitled 'After Trafalgar' appears in the 1911/12 Annual edition of the Boy's Own Paper. That being so, I was surprised to find the work which first follows, published 7 or 8 years earlier, & with a name so very similar.

It is, I now know, not the same work as was published in BOP in 1911/1912 (lower on page). But it is very similar in content.

The first images that I now provide, re 'After Trafalgar - Her Last Fight', comes to us from Tas Richardson of Linden, Alberta, Canada. We thank you, Tas! The work appeared in the 1903/04 Boy's Own Paper Annual, specifically on the cover of the Jun. 4, 1904 edition of BOP underneath the masthead. An unexpected find indeed!

The cover of that BOP Annual is at left.

The shape of the image is rather difficult for the computer screen. So I have split the BOP page into two pieces & provide first the visually interesting masthead & then the image which appeared beneath it - & a much larger version of the image here should you wish to see it. The words under the image read After Trafalgar.- Her Last Fight. (Drawn for the "Boy's Own Paper" by THOMAS M. HEMY.) A copy of the cover page of that particular issue of Boys Own Paper was for sale on e-Bay in Oct. 2005. It had one bid of GBP 4.95, or approximately U.S. 8.77, when I saw it. But what it finally sold? That I do not know.

Boys Own Paper masthead June 1904

After Trafalgar - Her Last Fight by 
Thomas M. Hemy

The next image I provide, entitled 'After Trafalgar', comes to us from Marion of Essex, U.K. Thank you, Marion! The work appeared in the 1911/12 Boy's Own Paper Annual, but I am not aware of the specific BOP issue which contained it.

The work is very similar to the image above, but reversed in direction & clearly different. I provide it as best I can. Not one of his better works, I guess!

The cover of the 1911/12 BOP Annual is at left.

After Trafalgar by 
Thomas M. Hemy

A copy of the BOP page was available via e-Bay in Mar. & Apr. 2006, but did not sell. The listing did not, alas, help me identify which particular BOP issue contained the 'After Trafalgar' image.

More about the above works if I find out any more!

Thomas M. M. Hemy datapages 01, 02 & 03 are now on site. Plus all of the other image pages, accessible though the index on page 05.

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