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And now, I am delighted to be able to provide an extensive article which came to me thanks to Norma Mae Hemy, also an artist, of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. Norma, we thank you so very much. Norma believes the Mar. 8, 1890 article is from a Newcastle, England newspaper (the Graphic perhaps?). The drawing of the artist, which accompanied the article, appears on Page 01.

Should you read the extensive article on site page 03, you will learn that the artist "painted Rugby, Eton, Harrow, the great national schools of England." And read also Thomas Hemy's own words about those works. He specifically mentions his painting of 'The Eton Wall Game'. Well here it is, on the left below, available for purchase from EasyArt (the source, in fact, of both fine images below - search for 'Hemy' Entire Range). The right image is of the Harrow School Cloisters.

And the Eton Wall Game? I have read that it is a cross between soccer & rugby, and has been played at Eton College & nowhere else in the world for almost 300 years. The first recorded game was in 1776. It is played by two teams of 10 players, in a playing area about five metres wide & about 110 metres long, bounded on one side by a high wall. The objective is to get the ball to the end of the wall & score a goal. Exceptionally exhausting to play, it is however said to be far more skilful than might appear to the uninitiated. 'The skill consists in the remorseless application of pressure and leverage as one advances inch by inch through a seemingly impenetrable mass of opponents'. It is most unlikely that you will one day see the Wall Game in the Olympic Games or on television. According to the Daily Telegraph, "it is generally considered to be the world's worst spectator sport as most of the action takes place within the scrum, or 'bully', when all that can be seen are the player's legs and backs for long periods of time". The big game of the school year is played on St. Andrew's Day. No one has scored a goal since 1909! But what a splendid tradition!

Should you wish to learn more about the Eton Wall Game, I have spotted that the 1913/1914 Boys Own Paper Annual, Volume 36, had an article on the subject, of at least three pages in length. From an e-Bay item in Feb. 2006 which in fact had a giant image available of the first two pages of the article. Someday, perhaps, I will find a space to get the text of those two pages on site, though it is not very easy to read via the image that was provided. Or better, from the BOP volume or the article should they ever come to hand. Out of curiosity!

Finding new data re the artist is quite difficult. But e-Bay often comes to the rescue! In this case, it has provided a 1903 used postcard, at left below, postmarked Jan. 22, 1903 at Pittsburgh, PA. The vendor stated that the work is entitled 'In The Harbour' and that the postcard was 'published' by Tm M. Hemy. A Tuck's postcard from their 'MARINE' series # 715, I now learn. Maybe, however, 'Tom M. Hemy' rather than 'Tm M. Hemy'? From a 2007 e-Bay listing of a card posted in Jun. 1903. And e-Bay has provided another two postcards also - the best images I have. The small image is of 'A Friendly Hail' while the large image at right is of 'In A Calm', described as being a Tuck 'Marine' No. 717 card & dating from Dec. 1901. All clearly part of an extensive series of Tuck 'Marine' art postcards.

In The Harbour Hemy PostcardA Friendly Hail early 1900s Postcard

This may not be the best place on site, but with time limited, I advise here a list of where Thomas Hemy exhibited his works. The data is thanks to an e-Bay listing in Apr. 2007 by Sygun Museum of North Wales, which listing contained the data. I thank them! Here is the list.


  • Royal Society of Artists, Birmingham, 6 times
  • Dudley Gallery, twice
  • Dowdeswell Gallery, once
  • Grosvenor Gallery, 4 times
  • Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts, 6 times
  • Walker Gallery, Liverpool, 13 times
  • Manchester City Art Gallery, 11 times
  • The Royal Academy, 22 times
  • Royal Society of British Artists, twice
  • Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours, 15 times
  • Royal Institute of Oil Painters, 9 times

Thomas M. M. Hemy datapages 01, 02 & 03 are now on site. Plus all of the other image pages, accessible though the index on page 05. PRIOR PAGE / NEXT PAGE

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