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When this site was first created, back in 2000/1, I seemed to find images I had not seen before each time I visited Philip Greenspun's site
~ his site was so very extensive. The site is today, in 2009, not as extensive as it was, but I am glad to see that George's pages are still available.

George was a beautiful Samoyed dog & he was Philip's very special friend & constant companion. Who would not want to give him a hug! You can see the original of this image on George's very own page.

Alas George died at the young age of seven. You can read the sad tale of his passing right here. As a family, we too have similar memories of the passing of our three dogs. So we can relate to Philip's words as so many dog owners can, I am sure. And ponder why nature has chosen to deal such wonderful companions such incredibly short life spans.

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