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As time passes by, more and more material comes to the webmaster's attention about the 1914 sea battle between Carmania & Cap Trafalgar. This page, as it is commenced, will cover that battle in prints & in artwork. It hopefully will increase in size & content as time passes by.

The first such item is a print of a work by Charles Dixon, R.I., signed at bottom left & dated 1916. It comes from a source quite unknown. The webmaster bought the print via e-Bay in November 2005 & all the item description said as to its origin was that it was a 'First World War antique black and white book plate published c. 1916-18 of glorious acts of heroism during the Great War'. I hoped that when the item later arrived in the mail it would indicate somewhere the name of the book in which it was originally published. But it does not. It does have on its rear another WW1 print of a work by G. D. Rowlandson - of Private B. R. Scheil, of the 1/8th Battalion of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment capturing a German patroller. That '1/8th' is not a typo. That is exactly what it says! But alas there are no words that indicate the true origin of the page.

Andrew Webb has been in touch (thanks Andrew!) to suggest that the print likely came from a volume entitled 'Deeds That Thrilled the Empire'. Per Book-Finder the full title may well be 'Deeds That Thrilled the Empire: True Stories of the Most Glorious Acts of Heroism of the Empire's Soldiers and Sailors During the Great War'. Republished a number of times in the early 2000s, it would seem, but no reference at Book-Finder (when this page was updated) to confirm the date of first publication & the name of its author.

The Carmania print is entitled 'THE SCENE AMONGST THE GUNNERS OF THE "CARMANIA" DURING THE ACTION WITH THE "CAP TRAFALGAR."' You can surely read that title below but may not easily be able to read the lower case wording under the print that says 'The non-combatant members of the "Carmania's" crew also distinguished themselves during the action with the "Cap Trafalgar." Though running considerable risk from shells which burst about the upper works of the ship, two stewards went from one gun's crew to another with buckets of limejuice and water for the refreshment of the men who were working in the sweltering heat of a tropical sun. Together with others of the crew they were awarded the D.S.M.' The print is 8 3/4" x almost 6" on a page sized 10 1/2" x 8 1/8".

The print was available on e-Bay again in Aug. 2006 and in Mar. 2007 (both now long gone). And was available in Apr. 2008 also.


A fine print of Carmania (at left) battling Cap Trafalgar (with a terminal list), in Sep. 1914. This particular print was available here via e-Bay in late Nov. 2014. It may well still be available for purchase. The vendor described the item as having been 'carefully removed from a volume published in 1916'. It would seem that that volume was, in fact 'The Times History of the War'. I am not aware of the name of the artist. Do drop by that e-Bay listing. 


A fine Charles Dixon R.I. print of Carmania (at right) battling Cap Trafalgar in Sep. 1914. This particular print is a 'Giclee' print, available via e-Bay in Aug. 2014 from giant e-Bay vendor 'woodhaven-historic'. We thank them for their fine listing image, which image which can be seen here when this page is amended. Now ... the print is available in a number of sizes so do search e-Bay for "Carmania" & "Cap Trafalgar" to find the many other print sizes that the vendor makes available. And do not fail to see the print image as listed in its large & uncropped size.


This is probably a good place to mention a limited edition run of only 1150 12"x7" black and white prints plus 50 artist proofs. Probably long since sold out or maybe nearly so. Was available from only a few print dealers (I searched for 'Berryman Carmania').

The artwork of prolific marine artist Ivan Berryman.

A print of the Carmania / Cap Trafalgar engagement off Trinidad Island in the South Atlantic on Sep. 14, 1914. 12" x 7" plus text beneath image.

I saw a reference to the original acrylic painting, 16" x 10", being sold, long since surely, for £250. A print was available on e-Bay in late Aug. 2005. And was available again in Nov. 2005, but did not sell it would appear.


I must say that I am not familiar with an artist named Kajmald Farley. His work, 16 x 20 inches in size, which next appears below, was sold for U.S. $100 on e-Bay in Jun. 2006. I worked a bit with the listing images to create what I here present, but, the result would seem to be a good representation of the complete work.

I do hope that it is in order to show the work on this non-profit and informational site. If not, but with regret, I will remove it upon the request of 'newtyu' the vendor, whose store is here. Do drop by! Can anybody provide information about the artist, whose signature would seem to be here.


In about 1915, the Liverpool Daily Post printed and published a small booklet of 6 'water colour facsimiles'. The lace-bound booklet was entitled 'War on the Waters', and had an introduction by Fred Jane of Janes Fighting Ships, which is interesting.

Each of the prints was of image size of 12 3/4 x 8 1/4 inches. Including one entitled "Well done, Carmania" (September 20th 1914) with this brief explanation:

'During a fight lasting an hour and forty minutes off the East Coast of South America the British Auxiliary cruiser "Carmania" sank the German "Cap Trafalgar" disguised as a Castle Liner. The Germans made the mistake of aiming at the upper works of the British Ship, whilst nearly all the British shots struck below the water line.'

The item was sold by via e-Bay in Sep. 2005. By katybuchanan whom I thank. For many years I was not able to provide the name of the watercolour artist. But now, thanks to a guestbook message from Maryann of New Zealand, I can advise it was Sam J. M. Brown, whose signature appears bottom left on each print.


A wonderful watercolour image was available at the website of the J. Russell Jinishian Gallery, Inc. of Fairfield, Connecticut. The link to the image there is, however, no longer operational & presumably the work has since been sold. By Scottish born artist Ian Marshall & one of his works being exhibited & then for sale.

The work was one of 51 which were to be presented in a book entitled 'Cruisers and Hunting Warfare, La Guerre de Course', to be published in 2006.

It would be wonderful to show here the full size image of the 14" x 21" work, which was for sale at U.S. $3,200. I do show a thumbnail version of the image, at left, & will gladly remove it should its inclusion here cause any concern.

Entitled 'CAP TRAFALGAR & SMS EBER, Trinidade Island, off Brazil, 1914' - Plate #36 apparently. A truly fine work! And maybe purchase the book, at your local bookstore, presuming, that is, that it was in fact later published. In May, 2008 I tried to track that book title, but it would seem it was not recorded at 'Book-Finder'. Possibly it was later published with a different name. Yes it was! Published by Mystic Seaport Museum in 2007 as Cruisers and "La Guerre de Course". ISBN 0939511207.

Here is that image, which I will remove (with regret) upon appropriate request. Is it not superb!

ILLUSTRATIONS BY W. L. (William Lionel) WYLLIE (Jul. 6, 1851- Apr. 6, 1931)

W. L. Wyllie was a distinguished artist indeed, a marine & coastal painter, a water colourist, etcher, drypoint artist & writer. He came from a family of artists - his father, his brother & his step brother were all artists of note. My purpose here is limited, however, i.e. to focus not on the artist but rather upon the little I know about his works which relate to the Carmania/Cap Trafalgar 1914 sea battle.

In 1918, a modest 168 page volume entitled 'Sea Fights of the Great War' authored by W. L. Wyllie, R. A. & M. F. Wren was published by Cassell's. You can see its cover below. A copy of it sold in early May 2006 via e-Bay for GBP 10.50 or approximately U.S. $19.52. The volume perhaps had as a sub-title 'Naval incidents during the first nine months.' It contained, it would seem, 24 colour prints & 26 black and white plates. Two at least of the colour plates covered the Carmania battle which is the subject of these pages. Another copy sold in early Aug. 2006 for GBP 29.99 or approximately U.S. $57.25. Yet another copy did not sell in September 2006 for U.S. $18.95.

My data is limited and it would be good if, in the future, both works could be shown here in good size & quality. Can anybody help in that regard - with scans of the pages in question? Both were, I believe 7 x 4  inches in size as published in that volume. The latest sale offering, in September 2006, seems to be of a not excessive price in view of the August 2006 sale. But the webmaster, at his point in life, find it hard to justify probably Canadian $30 of landed cost for just two modest images. Hopefully those images will surface in the future from some kindly site visitor, for inclusion on this page. It has happened before!

Should you wish to learn more about the artist, there is biographical data available here & here. And this National Maritime Museum web site has many hundreds of his works on line, but not, it would seem, these particular works. But on this National Maritime Museum page, you can view another Wyllie work dating from 1923, also of the Carmania/Cap Trafalgar sea battle. Which work will hopefully also, some day, grace these pages. The image appears on the Museum page courtesy of Liz Dixon. But the site's copyright rules seem not to permit showing the image here, even when this is a non-profit & informational site. And as I reread the page, the work would seem, in fact, to be by Charles Dixon.

Anyway next is a composite image compiled from an ancient e-Bay item where the Wyllie/Wren volume was sold. With thumbnails of the two Wyllie works in question. And the book's cover.

As you can just about read, the image at right was entitled 'Carmania engages Cap Trafalgar'. Which is interesting because a late Dec. 2005 e-Bay item offered what clearly was the very same work, with the quite different title of 'The Merchant Navy in War'. It may well be larger than the 'Sea Fights of the Great War' prints however, being said to be 12 x 10 inches in size. But that could very well be the full mounted size rather than the print size alone. It was described as being an antique framed print & 'by courtesy of Lt Colonel Harold Wyllie O.B.E'. And was also said to be 'From the original picture by W. L. Wyllie R.A.' Now you know as much as the webmaster does!

A truly splendid illustration by 'Wyllie' was published in 'The Illustrated War News' of May 5, 1915. We thank giant e-Bay vendor 'york' for their fine listing image, an image which can be seen here, in late Dec. 2014, as this page is amended. (The item was sold via a best offer). Do see the image at that link in its larger size. And do view also the enlargement of a portion of the work. The image appears next. It shows Carmania at left with Cap Trafalgar in the right distance - lobbing shells at one another.


An e-Bay item in Sep. 2006 listed a 48 page paperback, entitled 'British Heroes of the War' - date of publication not stated but early surely in the course of WW1. One of a series. This was No. 4. And included amongst the heroes covered was Captain Noel Grant of the Carmania. It included an artwork of the engagement of Carmania with Cap Trafalgar. Thanks to Mike Morris of Bedfordshire, U.K., that image appears next. The artist? The paperback was old, the paper quality poor & the image somewhat faded. Mike thinks that it reads 'Frank Pembet' or maybe 'Frank Peybet', but we are not sure since the signature is indistinct. Perhaps other works by that artist will surface to be able to identify the artist correctly. A fine addition to this page. Mike, we thank you!

I have tried to find the artist via the WWW. There was a Frank Pember at about the right period. But the last letter surely looks like a 'T'.


I have long sought some German content in these pages. An e-Bay item which was available as a 'Buy-It-Now' item in October 2006, provided a German image of the Cap Trafalgar sinking. The image's origin was not stated. So I cannot tell you in which publication the image appeared nor the name of the artist. Should I include the image here? I have not sought permission to use this image in these pages and would (with regret) remove it upon the request of 'z375' the e-Bay 'Power Seller' vendor from Germany (Roland Fuchsle of Augsburg). Hopefully however, inclusion of the image here may have assisted the vendor with his sale. (the e-Bay listing is now long gone). The webmaster hopes that may prove to be the case. I 'tidied up' the image for inclusion here and straightened it to make it more perfectly horizontal.

The words under the image ('Der Untergang des Hilfskreusers S.M.S., "Cap Trafalgar" im Kampfe mit dem englischen Hilfskreuser "Carmonia" am 14, September 1914 bei der Insel Trinidad (Brasilien).') seem to translate into English as something like: 'The downfall of the Armed Merchant Cruiser S.M.S. Cap Trafalgar in the fight with the English cruiser Carmonia on September 14, 1914 off the Island of Trinidad (Brazil).'


The webmaster has, alas, no knowledge whatsoever of the German language. But a volume that was sold via e-Bay in Jun. 2006, (for EUR 116 or approximately U.S. $146.35) entitled 'Die deutsche Flotte in großer Zeit' by Admiral Scheer and Prof. Willy Stöwer, published in 1926 by Georg Westermann / Braunschweig / Hamburg / Berlin, may very well contain, amongst its Stöwer works two re the Carmania and Cap Trafalgar. It may be that those two works are entitled:

1) S.M.S. "Eber" und "Cap Trafalgar"
2) Hilfskreuzer "Cap Trafalgar" verläßt abgeblendet den Hafen von Montevideo am 22. August 1914.

It would be good to have both of those works grace this page. Next is what a typical image page from that volume seems to look like. And the first page. I have seen some of the images listed elsewhere, but I am unable to specifically identify the two works I refer to above.

If YOU have any Carmania / Cap Trafalgar Willy Stöwer images available to you or have, indeed, any new data about the Volturno or Cap Trafalgar or Carmania, or in any way related to any of those vessels, I would welcome your dropping me a line.


As this page was updated in Sep. 2007, a fine oil painting, by Odin Rosenvinge, was available for sale. An 18.1" x 23" oil on board, signed lower left, ex the estate of 'Ken Schultz'. For sale, on Sep. 9, 2007, by 'Philip Weiss Auctions' of 1 Neil Court, Oceanside, NY, United States 11572. (Tel. (516) 594-0731).

While the work depicts the 1914 sea battle, the painting may well be of a later date. See the brief biographical details available here for why I say that.

It is a beautiful work indeed! And a pleasure to be able to record on this page. Carmania of course is in the foreground. With Cap Trafalgar, in flames, in the distance at lower left.

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