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On this page I will add further Carmania related material that comes to my notice, and seems worthy of inclusion in these pages for its visual or general interest. It seems to have developed into an image page. Much of the material is ex e-Bay and I trust that I may be permitted use of such images on this non-profit & informational site.

The first such item, a Cunard Carmania passenger list from Jun. 1910, interested me primarily because James C. Barr, so prominently referenced in these Volturno pages, was then its Commander. The 12 page item sold on e-Bay in mid Mar. 2004 for U.S. $20.00. It would seem that the image is not of the Carmania, however, since the vessel depicted has rather too many funnels!

For a while, my 'next' image was a composite image of 'Hands Across The Sea'. But first a most lovely silk postcard on the same theme - a card that sold via e-Bay in early Jul. 2004 - for U.S. $19.20. The card, which bears a date of Feb. 18, 1906, appears here with the kind permission of the e-Bay vendor, Roger, (of Rrcpc123), whom I thank.

And now that composite image of four Carmania postcards. 'Hands Across The Sea' times three! With two of those cards being in silk. And a second postcard image of a very smoky Carmania!

From an e-Bay listing I learn that a gentleman named T. Stevens invented Stevengraphs 'which are pictures woven in pure silk which were manufactured during the late 19th century. Some took the form of bookmarkers while others were small scenics displayed on the wall & still others were postcards of ocean liners sold from the barber shops on these ocean going vessels to be posted from points of destination. Two types of cards were woven, one displaying the vessel itself while others called 'Hands Across the Sea' showed the flags of two nations crossed as well as two hands clasping. The name of each particular vessel appears on the bottom of the card, some with statistics & some without.' How very interesting!

And a 1913 Carmania rate card & deck plan or perhaps part of such - ex e-Bay. I cannot tell you what it sold for however. It was part of a very large lot of ocean liner memorabilia that sold for almost U.S. $2,000 in Nov. 2003.

Another interesting item, which was for sale in Jun. 2004 via e-Bay, ex Montreal, Quebec, Canada, but did not sell for a quite modest price. It is, I understand, from a brochure for a 1910 Mediterranean ship tour - 76 days out of New York for U.S. $500 on the Carmania - of a passenger named Arthur Cuthbert. An arresting image, isn't it! Could Arthur ever have imagined his image appearing here 99 years later!

It would seem that the name 'Arthur' may not be his real first name since an 'E. M. Cuthbert' wrote in 1911 a book entitled 'Our travels' - and Arthur's hatless picture is on the very last page posing with the very same set of luggage as is depicted below. No words which say what E. M. stands for. The book, a most heavy volume of 300 pages, was published in 1911 by R. G. McLean, Publishers, of Toronto, Canada. It contains hundreds of photographic images of many areas of the world, some of them most interesting images indeed.

And three passenger related items, all ex e-Bay. At left is a fine postcard image of the interior of the Carmania and I am so very glad to have found it. It is, I understand an artist's impression of the first class drawing room of the Carmania, complete with domed ceiling & grand piano, but the text would indicate that it is representative of both the Carmania and Caronia, built at about the same time. The vendor stated in his item description that such images were usually 'menu top' postcards, but that this particular one had a quite cleanly cut bottom edge. It sold for U.S. $20.50 in early Jan. 2004. And talking of menus, next to that is a 'second cabin' menu from Nov. 18th, 1906. It sold for U.S. $7.00 in Nov. 2003. And last but not least, is a most attractive Cunard luggage label. It is from the Carmania in the 1920s but depicts the Mauretania, I understand. It also sold for U.S. $7.00 - in Feb. 2004.  Enjoy! Pretty items, all of them, as I hope you agree.

Another e-Bay item, sold in Aug. 2004 for U.S. $4.00, of a postcard/log abstract of an Aug. 1930 Carmania Atlantic crossing.

And another pairing of e-Bay items, which I will gladly remove from these pages, with regret, if so requested. The first item, at left, was described as being a reproduction of a 1910 poster most likely of the Lusitania, and further described as being a 'Giclée Edition', 'Giclée' (pronounced zhee-Clay) being a French term meaning 'spray of paint.' The vendor's e-Bay shop is here. Do drop by! And at right is a Carmania menu dating from Aug. 23, 1922. The image was rotated to straighten it and reduced to fit the depth of a screen. The image of the Carmania itself, i.e. the top portion of the menu, also slightly rotated, is very fine indeed. That vendor's e-Bay shop is here and you are invited to visit. I must say that I am astonished at the size & quality of the scans that that vendor ('tobyfarm') - routinely provides. They are simply splendid & I hope & trust that the vendor's scanning efforts are repaid by an unusually high successful sale rate for his listed items. Do drop by!

And yet another pairing of e-Bay items. The first item, at left, is described as being a reproduction postcard of just 6 x 4 inches in size. I believe that I have such an item in my small postcard collection. The image at right is of the Laconia. The item was described as being '1930, Walter Thomas, New Commemorative Giclée Edition' with dimensions of 9 x 12 inches - 'made with the finest archival inks and is printed on thick matte paper.' The vendor who sold that item, a while back now, can be found here. That word 'Giclée' is explained a little higher on this page.

Dramatic images, both of them.


From a magic lantern glass slide that was sold in Jan. 2006 on e-Bay for the modest price of U.S. $3.95. I trimmed the listing image for use on this site. And trust that my use of it here will be acceptable.


A Mar. 1930 tourist third cabin deck plan of Carmania and Caronia. We thank quality e-Bay vendor 'seafareeditor' for their two fine listing images, images which can be seen here, in Aug. 2014, as this page is amended. The plan sold on Aug. 04, 2014 for U.S. $19.98. Do see the images at that link in their larger & uncropped sizes.

This is probably a good place to indicate:

a) that a photo postcard image of 13 Carmania stewards came up for sale on e-Bay in Dec. 2005. Said to be from c 1911. An interesting image but a bit distant from the subject matter of these pages. Being a 'packrat', I saved the image should anybody wish to see it.

b) that another interesting Dec. 2005 item contained an image from the 'Whitehaven News' of Thursday Sep. 20, 1923 with a photo of Whitehaven emigrants bound for the U.S. A very fine image in fact. Said to be taken in mid-Atlantic aboard Carmania. All of the emigrants were named. Again a bit distant from the objective of these pages.

Maybe you can provide additional Carmania images? Particularly some interior images? Or data?

These pages will, hopefully, continue to track data about the Carmania as it comes to hand. And hopefully data as it specifically relates to the Volturno tragedy.

If any visitor can clarify (or correct) or provide more information about any of these matters, even an incorrect link, I would truly welcome their help.

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