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This page is truly a page in progress! It was born out of the expressions of difficulty of site visitors in finding data re family members involved in the Volturno disaster of 1913. There are many gaps in the data you will find below but I trust the information I can provide will help a few families at least speed their search for family roots. However, if you can help me fill in the missing information, I would surely like to hear from you.

The search will be easiest for those who know the name of the vessel by which their ancestors were rescued. If not, there appears to be no short cut!

BUT wait! In that regard, I have received a kind message from John Peters, one of the volunteer folks at He tells me that you can go here & once there enter 2218 in the right box labeled 'roll' & 388 in the right box labeled 'frame' & then hit 'display' & you can then go page by page through all of the Ellis Island manifest pages that relate to the Volturno survivors, running from page 388 through 498, courtesy of Dr. Stephen Morse's search facility. So that IS an alternate method to try to track the Volturno survivors who were recorded by Ellis Island - maybe your family members.

And if any of the links do not work, or work incorrectly, on this or any other page, do please let me know.

The page may very well save some 'bandwidth' for the Ellis Island site! I do hope that it does.

Since this page was created, the Board of Trade Report has become available. I have modified my previously reported numbers to reflect the content of the official Report.

Vessel Name Total saved # Names Plus Other Data Comments etc.
Carmania 1        
(Fishguard)   1     Just Walter Trentepohl (page 35).
Czar 102       Not sure where to find data
(Rotterdam)   3 497 496 These via Campanello ex Rotterdam.
    9 410 409 And these also via Campanello
    30 406 405 And these via Campanello (& 404)
          Most likely the groups that follow
    19 479   To Halifax on Campanello, destined Canada
    24 478   To Halifax on Campanello, destined U.S.A.
    4 477   To Halifax on Campanello, destined U.S.A.
    3 473   Probably the Schuberts (see page 21, 3 persons). To Quebec on Canada, destined Canada, ex Liverpool
    5     Still to be located
    97     Passenger sub-total. All men. The correct number there should be. As confirmed at the Board of Trade Inquiry per site page 17.
    5     Volturno crew? I believe it is correctly five as per page 64, despite Spurgeon's words on page 43. In fact Brown, Carter, Underwood, Holl and one more - possibly Paul (the last per Jan Daamen)
Devonian 59       Not sure where to find data
(Liverpool)   4 418 417 Lines 6 through 9, Jablonecki (page 71) certainly via Uranium ex Rotterdam
    1 397 - 1 396 - 1 Line 1, certainly, via Carmania (1) ex Liverpool (Dudowitz/Budavitch) (Page 68)
    2 481 472 These certainly via Carmania (2) ex Liverpool
    27 397 396 Probably Lines 2 thru 28 via Carmania (1) ex Liverpool
    15 393 392 Probably these also via Carmania (1)
    5 473   Probably these, ex the Schuberts (3 persons). To Quebec on Canada, destined Canada, ex Liverpool
    1 428 - 7 427 - 7 Branislaw Dombrowski (Line 7) (page 68) via Olympic, (image), ex Southampton
    1     An 18 month infant delayed in Rotterdam by illness. He arrived in the U.S. in late 1913 or very early 1914. Arrival vessel not yet known. Check the 'Jablonecki' link 7 lines up.
    3     Still to be located
    59     Confirmed at the Board of Trade Inquiry per site page 17.
Grosser Kurfürst 105 29 440 439  
(New York)   19 444 443  
(lots of detail on page 72)   22 448 447  
    1 436 435  
    12 432 431  
    83     Passenger sub-total. All men. The correct number there should be. As confirmed at the Board of Trade Inquiry per site page 17.
    4 452 451 Clearly Volturno crew. Page 451 says so.
    1 456 455 Clearly Volturno crew.
    17     Volturno crew (page 72) but ex the three names that are included in manifest pages 452 & 456. But the numbers do not agree.
Kroonland 89 26 460 459  
(New York)   14 464 463  
(lots of detail on page 77)   29 469 468  
    5 489 488 Includes 3 later identified children. See link extreme left.
      389 388 Said to be duplicates, and they are indeed though the names are very strange. Patola should be Badowa or Badirowa.
    1     Still to be located.
    75     Passenger sub-total. The correct number there should be. As confirmed by the Board of Trade Inquiry Report (but not per the testimony as per site page 17.)
    14 485 484 Crew of the Volturno.
La Touraine 42       Not sure where to find data
(Le Havre)       7 418 417 Lines 1-4, & 10-12, via Uranium
(lots of detail on page 81)   26 401 400 These via La Touraine ex Le Havre
    4     Still to be located. Names are on page 81.
    2     Still to be located.
    39     Passenger number NOT confirmed at the Board of Trade Inquiry per site page 17. Supposed to be 39 passengers. Something is wrong.
    3     Crew of the Volturno. Probably stayed in Europe. Names are on page 81.
Minneapolis 29       Not sure where to find data
(Gravesend)   27 428 427 Probably these via Olympic, (image), but excluding Dombrowski (Line 7 - see Devonian above) ex Southampton
    2     Still to be located - male passengers I believe.
    29     Confirmed at the Board of Trade Inquiry per site page 17.
Narragansett 29       Not sure where to find data
(Gravesend)   27     Still to be located - passengers. Passenger number confirmed at the Board of Trade Inquiry per site page 17.
    2     Still to be located - Volturno crew? I think so. The Liverpool Echo advised that the baker and a steerage steward had been rescued.
Rappahannock 19 11 8 & 493 492 To New York aboard Florizel.
(Halifax)   8 480   Includes 7 stayed in Canada
          See also 414 and 413
    19     Looks OK! Confirmed at the Board of Trade Inquiry per site page 17.


45   29 423 421 Passenger sub-total. I think the correct number there should be. Confirmed at the Board of Trade Inquiry per site page 17
      16     Volturno crew - list from New York Times is on page 36
Unknown rescue vessel   1 418 417 Line 5 via Uranium ex Rotterdam
    14 476   To Quebec on Royal Edward, 13 destined U.S.A., 1 Canada, probably ex Avonmouth, U.K.
    2 475   To Quebec on Royal Edward, destined U.S.A.
    7 474   To Quebec on Royal Edward, destined U.S.A.
    1     A 2 1/2 year old child, sex unknown, probably landed in Europe but arrived at a Canadian port, once identified. See 21.
    1     A 15 year old boy, landed in Europe but probably arrived at a Canadian port, once identified. See 21.
    1     A father who surely arrived at a Canadian port, in December, 1913.  By which vessel? See 21.
  --- ------      
Total saved 520        
Total manifested plus Trentepohl   456     All the red numbers above

The numbers re only one of the ships seems, so far, to agree! (Rappahannock).

There are so far, as you can see above, 24 passengers ex the Volturno who arrived in the U.S. aboard the Uranium or in Canada aboard the Royal Edward where the name of the rescue vessel is not known to, or cannot be 'guesstimated' by the Webmaster. So I do not therefore know where they should correctly be placed in the above table. We will need other contemporary lists to be able to figure that out!

But I suspect that the bottom 23 of the 24 are from the Narragansett.

And Walter Trentepohl seems not to be listed with those I have so far found referenced to the Carmania.

We should keep in mind, however, that some passengers who were rescued & landed in Europe, may have decided to return to their original homes & declined to take new passage to North America. And would never therefore be listed on Ellis Island. I presume also that some of the passengers were European tourists & after their ordeal may have decided enough was enough & did not return. And other passengers were U.S. citizens. And maybe would not be listed on Ellis Island when they arrived in the U.S.? And the crew of the Volturno is a puzzle also. It would seem that many crew members were not manifested or, I should restate that, I have not yet found them to have been manifested. But maybe they were! But would they normally be manifested at all since they presumably were not immigrating to the U.S.? Lots of reasons, perhaps, for the numbers to be less than perfect.

I now know that, in fact, twenty of the survivors who were landed in Europe returned to their former homes & chose not to travel back to North America on another vessel. That information comes from a report of the American Red Cross on the relief activities conducted in 1913 & 1914 for the Volturno survivors, a report that is now on site (a large part of it at least) & accessible here. The vessels on which those 20 survivors were landed back in Europe was not stated, alas. With that data, were it available, I could significantly advance the above list.

I have a way to go yet to assemble even the correct number of ships, let alone, the correct number of passengers! The text of that Red Cross report in part reads as follows. 'There were 562 passengers on the VOLTURNO, of which 103 were lost. Of the 459 who were saved, 348 eventually came to the port of New York on fourteen different ships, and 91 others were landed in Canada. Twenty of the survivors who were landed in Europe returned to their former homes.' Of the vessels that I am aware of, only 9 are in my list (if one includes the Seydlitz, if, that is, it is correct that that vessel went on from Philadelphia to New York. It would seem that it did, judging by the Red Cross report words). I have excluded from my numbers the vessels which went to Canada & did not, to my knowledge, also visit New York. So I am missing, from a list that I thought was quite advanced, no fewer than 5 ships! And therefore the survivors that they all brought to the U.S.! I should not place 100% accuracy on that Red Cross report, but it is amazingly detailed & they were clearly intimately aware of all of the Volturno passengers even those who were lost. And so far that report does seem to be, in fact, astonishingly accurate. My nine are as follows: Campanello, Uranium, Carmania, Grosser Kurfürst, Kroonland, La Touraine, Olympic, Florizel and Seydlitz. Can anybody tell me which five vessels I am missing? Link below if you can.

If you were to try to tally up the numbers above, my list would seem to be slightly inaccurate. I seem to have 351 passenger survivors coming to New York & only 87 going to Canada. But we are getting close!


A little list that has helped me track the timings of the various vessels and therefore the survivors.

Port Name of rescue ship and date of arrival Ships leaving that port and date of departure
Fishguard Carmania, Oct 13, 1913  
Rotterdam Czar, Oct 14, 1913 Campanello, October 16, 1913
    Uranium, November 1, 1913
Liverpool Devonian, Oct 14, 1913 Carmania (1), October 18, 1913
    Canada, October 18, 1913
    Carmania (2), November 15, 1913
Le Havre La Touraine, Oct 14, 1913 La Touraine, October 18, 1913?
Gravesend Minneapolis, Oct 14, 1913  
  Narragansett, Oct 16, 1913  
Southampton   Olympic, October 15, 1913
Avonmouth   Royal Edward, October ??, 1913
Halifax Rappahannock, Oct 14, 1913 Florizel, October 15, 1913

Note re Avonmouth: The city of Bristol is inland on the Avon River in the West of England. Avonmouth is the deep water port at the mouth of the Avon River, for ships unable, because of their large size, to travel up river to Bristol itself.


I started a little list to assemble data about Volturno passengers that were lost in the disaster. A small list indeed at this moment. Just 6 names as recorded below. Since that list was commenced, I now learn that a list of passengers (but not Volturno crew) who were lost, a list originating from the general agent in New York of the Uranium Steamship Company, was published in the New York Times on Friday, Oct. 24, 1913. That list contained 102 names. The text indicated that the list may later change when 3 more vessels arrive with survivors. It also states that 30 crew were lost. I have a print of part of that list but the quality of the print is very poor indeed. I will try, in the future to include here that list, once I have rechecked the microfilm. If, in the meantime,  any visitor wants such data they might locate it through their local big city main reference library I trust. Hopefully in good legible detail.

But now that data IS on site and in good order I believe. See site page 09 for the exact texts. I think that I should somehow include that data on this page also, but have to yet figure out how to integrate it with the data I already have.

The numbers are quite confusing! I am advised that the Board of Trade provided a casualty report to Parliament in London, England, but not until 1920 because of the intervention of WW1. It advised that 134 lives were lost in the Volturno disaster, specifically 104 passengers & 30 crew. Thank you David Asprey for that most interesting data!

Even though I have difficulty in reading all of the New York Times text, I can see that there are three Kutkowski's in the list with names indicated. But there is no sign that I can see of my items 4 and 5, i.e. no Sapsen or Tourneur however spelled.

As I come across, if I do, names or data about Volturno passengers who were lost in the disaster, I will record them here. 6 passengers so far.

  Passenger Name Age and link to data within these pages
1 Kutkowsky, child (1) Age and sex unknown
2 Kutkowsky, child (2) Age and sex unknown
3 Kutkowsky, child (3) Age and sex unknown
4 Sapsen, given name unknown Girl of 14
5 Tourneur or Tourneu, Angele Girl of 3
6 Name presently unknown - a cousin to Leib and Wichna Sapsen of Russia Boy of 16

If any visitor can clarify (or correct) or provide more information about any of these matters, I would truly welcome their help.

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