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First some general links. And lower down on the page, some links to the sites of some Sunderland area historical societies which often have most extensive history & image archives.

An enormous website about WW2 merchant ships. Their convoy service, ports of call, etc. Incorporates the 'Arnold Hague' convoy data base. A site extensively accessed by this site re convoy data.
I must however recommend that you access the site no more than 12 times. Because if you do you will be considered, as is the webmaster, to be 'mining' 'convoyweb' data for profit purposes.

A splendid site (the work of Pete & Jan Owens & a host of others) that provides data re British merchant seamen for the last part of the nineteenth century. I mostly access the site to locate Official Numbers for Sunderland built vessels, or to check a known Official Number. A tiny portion of the data that is available.

Go here to search the Ellis Island immigration records for your family members. You need to register - easily accomplished.

The site of Jeff Newman, who features his wonderful ship postcard collection (now sold) in high quality images!

Links to a host of WWW available maritime data resources including 'Lloyd's Registers' from 1768 to 1945 - far from complete but a fine availability none-the-less. Also links to 'The Mercantile Navy List', newspaper archives, & much much more.
I have tried to contact the site to advise them of what is essentially a defective link, but can see no means to be in touch. A few of the volumes are imperfect.
I have one edition not covered at the link i.e. 1957-58. And soon, hopefully, will have 1966/67 also. If anyone needs access to those volumes by all means drop me a line.

The 'Miramar Ship Index' is an historical database of ships of over 100 tons including powered, naval & sail. An amazing 255,908 ships currently listed. You must be registered now to access any page. Go to Miramar (here) to log in.  


The eBay store of U.K. (Gloucestershire) vendor 'scott-base', who mainly sells images of old sailing ships & consistently provides not only good images but also summary data re a vessel's history. Few vendors choose to do that. Do drop by & see what he has for sale today.

A wonderful group that has developed on Facebook, entitled 'Sunderland in Pictures'. With contributions of images by Facebook users on all aspects of Sunderland's history, be it old or new.
You will surely find many images at the site which will interest you. Certainly I did. I clicked on 'Photos'. A number of such image will soon be featured on a proposed brand new site webpage.

An amazing resource, since 1999, for those who search for data about particular vessels or steamship lines. And a host of other maritime matters too.

The website of 'Titanic International Society', a non-profit historical organization founded in 1989 to preserve the memory & history of the Titanic.

Lots of Titanic related data on this fine site! Check out the '' site map.

Maritime History Resources

A list of maritime history resource sites, maintained by a group of Delaware students.

A 'fun' timeline of the world's largest passenger ships from 1831 to the present day.  Do drop by!

Created by 'Sarah' a student, I understand. 

And next, some links to the websites of Sunderland area historical societies, listed in alphabetical sequence. There probably are more such societies. I will add them in as I see references to their sites again.

A local history project based in Seaham, devoted to the preservation of photographs & memories of a great many communities in the North East.

Friends of Sunderland Old Parish Church

A society devoted to 'Sunderland Old Parish Church of the Holy Trinity' and of the memory of its revered Rector, Robert Gray (1787/1838).

A society devoted to the heritage, history etc. of Hetton-le-Hole & the surrounding area, including Easington Lane, Moorsley and East Rainton. With many meetings held each year.

A group, now over 25 years old, that meets at Beckwith Mews, Seaham Street, Silksworth, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. An active group - has now published no less than 4 four books on the history of Silksworth.

The oldest of the Sunderland antiquarian societies, established in 1900. Holds monthly meetings thru the season, has an extensive archive open to both members & public, publishes a giant 'Rain's Eye Plan', (also available as a CD), amongst its many publications.

Tyne Area Shipping Club

A maritime group that meets at 7.30 p.m. on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 'The Old Ship', 147 Sunderland Road, Harton Village, South Shields NE34 6NQ (across the road from St. Peter's Church).

This page was newly created in Feb. 2009. It has expanded in the interval & will surely expand more in the future.

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May I suggest that you navigate the site via the index on page 001.PRIOR PAGE / NEXT PAGE

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