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This is Datapage 29 re Auguste (or August) Friedrich (or Frederic) Albrecht (or Albert) Schenck.

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And here is yet another Schenck engraving which originates from an 'Illustrated American Newspaper and art journal' printed in 1872. Again the image comes from e-Bay which has proved to be the only site where one can find, from time to time, examples of Schenck's work. The print is entitled 'After the Storm', as you can indeed see. The engraving itself measured 7" x 9 1/4".

For your interest, a copy of this print was sold via e-Bay in Oct. 2005 for U.S. $9.99. A copy was sold in Jul. or Aug. 2006 for a 'buy it now' price of U.S. $6.99. Another copy was available in early Nov. 2006.

Now in Feb. 2006, what looks like a woodcut of the same work was sold on e-Bay - for EUR 24.99 or approximately U.S. $30.07. Described as being, if my translation is accurate 'Woodcut by Helen Boetzel after Auguste Frederic Albrecht Schenck' and 'After the rain. Mountains of the Auvergne'. But with a date of 1869. The whole page is I believe of about 21 x 30 cm.

The origin of the print above, or maybe just one of the places from which it might have come, now becomes clear. 'The Aldine', an illustrated magazine published in New York in Dec. 1872, included a less than a full page illustration - 'After the Storm / Schenck, H Boetsel' A full page was 16¼ x 11¼ inches, I am advised. A little less than half page it would seem. Now I cannot show you here the page which contains the above print. It has now long gone.

It would seem that the title of the work, in French is 'Après la Pluie - Montagnes de l' Auvergne'. The work was published with that title in 1872 in the European edition of 'L'Illustration'. As per a Feb. 2009 e-Bay item. The print itself was 19 x 25 cm. in size, it would seem.

The work was clearly also published in 'Le Monde Illustre'. As below.


The webmaster has known the name of this work from a reference to it being reproduced in the Sep. 30, 1879 edition of 'The Graphic'. The upper of two images on the page. It is possible there might be some related text.

That particular issue of 'The Graphic' was for sale in Sep. 2010 via e-Bay, but all those years ago I invited you to find it for yourself. Ancient history now, I guess. The vendor, some years prior to 2010, rejected out of hand my request to show a truly miniscule portion of a page on this site re a print that appeared in one of the vendor's listings. With the result that I would never wish to assist his/her business in any way, as a link here to the e-Bay listing would have provided. Such support was not, in my view, earned or merited, when I am delighted to feature all eBay items with accuracy & links & effectively promote an item's sale.

It would seem that the work was also published in 1872 in the European edition of 'L'Illustration'. As per a Feb. 2009 e-Bay item. With the title, in French of 'Troupeau de Chèvres en détresse - Souvenir de Mont Dore'. The print itself was 17 x 25 cm. in size, it would seem.

As I revisited this work, in early Jan. 2019, a print of it was available via e-Bay. Now long gone of course. Offered, by vendor 'jjwgcollectibles' of Florida for U.S. $98.84, a Christmas special at $30.00 less that its usual offering price of U.S. $128.84. Do drop by the item with its many images & the vendor's large store. Next is an image of the offered print, which print the vendor describes as being - 'Antique Print by Albrecht Schenck - Shepard Sheep in storm Pencil Signed? 16 x 21" Framed Ready to hang.' The work is signed at bottom left & that portion of the work can be seen here.

They are surely goats incidentally. As is more clearly visible in the following - the above image converted by the webmaster into a black & white. The prominent black section just to the right of the centre of the image looks to be a very large buck's head in profile.

In Jul. 2022, a print of the work is available via Delcampe - here - entitled as follows:- 'TROUPEAU DE CHÉVRES EN DÉTRESSE  tableau de M. Schenck.' At what would seem to be a modest price. I note that this print seems not to bear the artist's signature. The vendor dates the work as 1870, which date seems likely to be in error - see the text above.

More when I get more! Maybe YOU could provide new data or could provide a clue as to where new data might be found. I would truly welcome your input.

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