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This is Datapage 10 re Auguste (or August) Friedrich (or Frederic) Albrecht (or Albert) Schenck.

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Le Rapel 1884?

I became aware, in Mar. 2003, 10 months before this page was first created, that Le Rapel (Souvenir de l'Auvergne) has been published as a print in a Goupil book of prints, of paintings that were displayed in the Paris Salon of 1884. And until I received help, I could not even tell you what Le Rapel meant since the word 'rapel' was not in my French/English dictionary. Nor was that word in the three web based translation site databases that I visited, either! But all was not lost! Liette Cere from Northern Ontario, Canada, told me that in today's usage 'rapel' would be 'rappel', and that that word means 'recall' in English. So the work would be 'The Recall' in English.

Thank you, Liette! A thumbnail of the print is above.

And here is that print! In the larger size, the sheepdog in the far distance (top right) is more clearly visible and the reason for the naming of the work becomes clear. It was sold for U.S. $22.06 in Jan. 2004 by margart a fine art & engraving vendor on e-Bay, based in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A. Do drop by her extensive e-Bay store!

Tania Schlie, of Germany, has kindly left a message in the site guestbook to advise us that the original of this work hangs in the Town Hall of Glückstadt, Holstein, Germany, where Schenck was born. A most appropriate location, it seems to me, for a 'Schenck' work to be located. Tania tells us further that the artist's widow donated it to the city after his death probably in 1902.

More when I get more! Maybe YOU could provide new data or could provide a clue as to where new data about this work (or indeed any other Schenck work) might be found. I would truly welcome your input.


Lost on the Mountain by Albert Schenck

And, below, another beautiful 'Schenck' print of a somewhat similar subject - bought for U.S. $15, framed, at a Rosebud, Montana, estate auction. The print had no title. I now believe it to be 'Lost on the Mountain'.

A copy of it came up for sale in May 2003 on e-Bay and an image of that sale item is at left.

In Apr. 2008, thanks to Milly Sherwood, of the U.S., I was able to provide a fine image of a print of Lost on the Mountain. A fine looking work indeed!

And in Nov/Dec 2009, a print of the work was offered on e-Bay an a starting price of U.S. $49.95. It did not sell, however, at least at that time. The vendor was 'coffeegreg' of Scappoose, Oregon, but since the listing was 2 1/4 years ago, as this page is updated in Mar. 2012, it is unlikely that it is still available. The fine listing image follows, slightly sharpened. The print was stated to be 14 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches in size. Signed by Schenck, but the signature is under the frame edge & is not visible unless you take it out of its frame. A most beautiful print!

In Sep. 2014 a 'Lost on the Mountain' lithograph print was e-Bay available - here. Offered for U.S. $35.99. The vendor describes the item as 'Produced by the Baumgarth Company, from a salesman's portfolio samples. Picturing Dahl Sheep!' Described as being a 'signed-reprint of original print', 10 x 12 inches in size.

A calendar featuring 'Lost on the Mountain' by Albert Schenck

It would seem that the centre portion of this work was used for what was described as a Jan. 1948 'ink blotter/calendar' distributed for a company named Louis F. Dow Co. Just maybe from Indiana since Linton, Indiana, is the home base for ssbedwell, the e-Bay vendor. The Jan. 2004 e-Bay item that I saw said the Schenck work was entitled Lost on the Mountain.

An image of that calendar is at left.

Doug Smith, a visitor to the site from Southern Ontario, Canada, had the good fortune, a few years back now, to find a copy of the print, at a quite modest price, at a garage sale in Collingwood, Ontario. The print was framed but with broken glass. No title for the work was visible. The print was very large indeed - about 16 x 23 inches in size, apparently. Interesting!

The webmaster did buy a modest image of the work, just 6 3/4 wide by 4 3/8 inches. A part page from a book, it would seem. I now know that that book was 'The New Standard Encyclopedia, 1948 Pictorial Edition' Some day perhaps, I might scan it for this page. It will surely not, however, surpass the quality of the image above. Underneath the image are the following words.

Reproduced in full color from the original painting by August Schenck (Walker Galleries, Minneapolis).
This is one of the most famous works of this celebrated German artist. One can almost feel the cold wintry blast as it whips down the mountain side in this picture. The artist was awarded medals at Paris in 1865 and at Philadelphia in 1876. Another painting for which he is famous is called "Gathered in Snowstorm".

Can anybody add anything more?

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