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This page, as with pages 1, 2 & 4, was created to contain background data about the Volvo automobile. It is, as were the others, a personal page that interests me, so perhaps it might interest you also.

Need to contact the webmaster? Comments/corrections in any of the material which follows, however tiny, would be most welcome.

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The first image on this page is the graphic portion of a Volvo advertisement which appeared in the Life Magazine issue dated Oct. 26, 1962. The values of course are in U.S. dollars & a P1800 at that time was priced at $3,995 (all prices are suggested list in the Eastern U.S.)

And a full image of the fine Volvo 544 artwork featured on page 2. I repeat what I said there. 'I regret that I am unable to provide the name of the artist - perhaps you may be better able to read the signature on the artwork than I am. June Ca..... perhaps, painted in 1972? While it is a beautiful artwork, no Volvo 544 that I ever knew would have needed a push with so little snow on the ground! But I have certainly had to physically push Volvo's in many other sets of circumstances!' Whoever the artist was, I thank them sincerely &, as always, if that artist wishes the image removed from these pages, I will of course do so ~ but with considerable regret because the image is so very fine.

The third image on this page is another multiple image with three fine Volvo advertisements & some other Volvo related images that pleased me enough to include them.

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