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'FOUDROYANT' (1897?)

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The webmaster continues to be amazed at the willingness of people around the world to help, each in their own individual way, in the development of this truly unique website. The image which I now present comes to us thanks to the kindness of Randall Trass of Clatskanie, near Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. Randy has amazingly provided me with no less than eleven 'Thomas Hemy' images, after researching his various copies of old 'Boy's Own Annuals'.

Both of the images on this page come, I understand, from the 'Boy's Own Annual' re 1896/97, i.e. Volume 19. Firstly, I present 'Faithful unto Death', reduced in size from what Randy provided, to make it fit both your screen and mine. No date of the work is visible.

Faithful unto Death by Thomas M. M. Hemy

A copy of the print is available via e-Bay in Nov. 2019. Here.

And next, another image from that same Annual edition of 'Boy's Own Paper'. Entitled 'Nelson's Old Ship - the "Foudroyant'. I had to reduce the very large image that Randy provided to fit the screen without scrolling. A little bigger image, but still a tiny version of what Randy electronically provided, is here. But do see it in as full size as possible. The words under the print state that the drawing is:

Nelson's Old Ship - the "Foudroyant" (Drawn for the "Boy's Own Paper" by THOMAS M. HEMY") I cannot see a date.

Nelson's Old Flag Ship 
The Foudroyant by Thomas M. M. Hemy

I understand that the image was published in Boy's Own Annual dated 1897, in an article written by W. J. Gordon, entitled ‘The Foudroyant'. The article featured Nelson's old ship & included a series of illustrations of its components & contents, including the lower deck, the bookcase in Nelson's cabin, the Stern outside Nelson's cabin, the Middle Deck, the Quarter Deck, a Fighting Lantern, The Wheel & a pistol used in the action with the Guillaume Tell in 1800. And also, of course, the full-page illustration by Thomas M. Hemy that you can see above.

More about the above works if I find more to tell you!

Late in the life of the vessel, in 1892, the vessel was sold to a German ship-breaker. The British public raised a great outcry & she was then sold to Wheatley Cobb, who restored her for use as a boy's training vessel. To offset the restoration cost, he decided to exhibit her at various seaside resorts and in Jun. 1897, she was towed to Blackpool. There, on Jun. 16, 1897, she was wrecked during a violent storm - on Blackpool Sands, 'damaging Blackpool North Pier in the process'. Wikipedia states she had been 'abandoned in a dangerous place in open sea'. The wreck was broken up, with wooden parts used to make furniture & copper used to make souvenir coins & many other items.

I have added the above words really to accompany the next image, which shows the 'Foudroyant' as a wreck at Blackpool. Ex a now long expired e-Bay listing.

Nelson's Old Flag Ship 
The Foudroyant, wrecked at Blackpool on June 16, 1897

Thomas M. M. Hemy datapages 01, 02 & 03 are now on site. Plus all of the other image pages, accessible though the index on page 05. PRIOR PAGE / NEXT PAGE

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