I just had to try to display the above portion of a painting 'à la Lake Applet'. I think that while I enjoy the result (and you may too), the original painting richly deserves your attention. It was painted in 1888, so copyright is presumably not an issue. So far as I can understand, the work is by Swedish landscape artist Anshelm Leonard Schultzberg, who was born in 1862 but whose date of death is unknown. I did find some data about him here but do not, alas, understand the language in which it is written, which I presume is Swedish. The image was named 'dalarna'. Dalarna is, I learn, the name of an interior region of Sweden about 100 miles north-west of Stockholm, so I would guess that it was there that it was painted. I thank Sunet, the Swedish University Network, in whose archive I found it.

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