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Is that not a feast for the eyes! A lovely image, a Feb. 2001 'Photo of the Day' winner on the 'Steve's DigiCams' site & a winner too on the 'PowerShot User of the Week' website. The digital image, entitled 'Stroll in the Park', is the copyrighted work of Michael Stofberg who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. The original image, taken with a Canon G1 camera, can be seen here. Michael we thank you for permitting the use of your very fine image in these pages.

Michael told me, back in 2001 when this page was created, that the tortoise was then a family pet having been found in Michael's driveway by a visiting plumber. They live a great many years, (I refer to tortoises rather than plumbers!) so let us hope he (or she) is still a family pet in 2009. Michael thought it was a 'leopard' tortoise.

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